Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Gardening and sewing, sort of

Thought I had better check in before you forget me.

The weather here has been hot and humid and we've had thunderstorms. In fact, sometime during the night we had a storm, not severe, but lots of rain! 2 1/2 inches! and just yesterday we were bragging about how dark and pretty the pond was looking. This morning...muddy again! 

My little gathering yesterday...

Friends, I have gone absolutely crazy over jumper aprons! If you go to http://www.pinterest.com/diegartenfrau/aprons-i-like/ and scroll down to the blue checked with the ruffle and big gathering pocket...be still my heart!!! I've simply got to make myself one!

Last Saturday, I talked Poppy into riding to Henderson with me. We can go in Lowes and look at ceiling fans, and we can look for two new chairs for the pier, I said. "Well", he said, "it's too wet to do anything outside and we do need a new fan for the bedroom".  So, if we're going, "can I also look at the fabric in Walmart", I asked. :)

Here's what I found...

if the jumper apron turns out pretty, I will post pictures. Now to find time to sew!

don't know yet what to make with the black cotton fabric with dresses...Did you ever see the bumper sticker that reads, "The one who dies with the most fabric wins". What is it about fabric!

Back to the teeny tiny garden...
Still waiting for the the bell peppers to turn orange.
We have four "orange" bell pepper plants, four green, four banana pepper plants, and four Jalapeno. Wish these would turn orange, darn it!!

Here it is 8:40 and I really want to cut out that new apron tonight. Hope to be back soon.


To my new follower...thank you very much. 


  1. Jumper aprons!!!!!


    Please, one in the black cotton with dresses fabric????????


    My bumper sticker might read.... "The one with the most aprons, made by Henny Penny, wins!" -gigggles-

    Luna Crone

  2. You pond "turned over" again. I went to the web site- there were several blue checked aprons with ruffles- if you are talking about the one with the floral gathering pocket- I saw that one- I bet there is a yard of fabric in the pocket alone! We got some unexpected rain also-but, the sun is out and it is real humid here. I hate Summer!! I tell everyone "I can put on enough clothes to keep warm, I can't take off enough to be cool and DECENT!!" Keep sewing and gathering your produce- keep an eye on your peppers.
    My children and grandchildren just gave me an Accuquilt Studio 2 -I'm going to make a serious "hole" in my fabric stash.:-)

  3. I looked. It is gorgeous.

    And being long like that, it makes another "dress" layer, over the other layers of dress and petticoats, etc.

    Oh to dress like this!!!!! But I am too short and too round. -pout-

    But not you. You are tall and not round. Do make one!!!!! :-))) And dress and petticoats, too.

    I am now getting off the computer. LOL

    Luna Crone

  4. I'm so impressed by the veggies you've already harvested from your garden! And I'm always impressed by your sewing too!
    You never said... did you get a ceiling fan for the bedroom? With the hot weather coming you'll appreciate one I'm sure.

  5. Hi Henny: Your aprons are always so cute. I'm sure with the nice weather now it is precious time spent sewing. It seems like we are so busy all day with gardens and just making things the way we want that you are done in by evening. Your garden harvest is very impressive. We have a while yet to be eating from ours. So far the tomatoes and beans are growing, nothing else. That big bowl of beans would be amazing; a little butter, salt and lots of pepper. Yum! Always glad to see you posting. Give Smokey a hug for me. Deb

  6. I look at the aprons. They are all so pretty but I find that I rarely use an apron, these days. I don't cook like I used to so I only pull one out if I am frying something. Your peppers look so nice! I'm still waiting on my to do something! Loads of squash and zucchini but nothing else is producing yet.

    Grace & Peace,

  7. There were definitely a lot of aprons on that page. I think I prefer to look at yours. :)
    The good thing about bell peppers is they are good at all stages and yours look great! I have never had a bell pepper turn out that nice. I really like your garden, Henny.
    God bless. :)

  8. I still think it's neat that the only difference in bell peppers is how long they mature on the vine

  9. That's an impressive crop you picked already.
    Have fun with your apron making!

  10. I do love the aprons and your new fabrics. My mom worked in a fabric shop when I was a child and I have always loved/collected fabric! lol Your garden veggies look so good to me. Especially the bell peppers. Wishing you a delightful day.

  11. Those fabrics were wonderful, the black with the dresses was a real thrill, stunning. I am also impressed with your little garden, you are now been rewarded for your hard work with all the produce.

  12. Luna Crone is funny! I'm round, too! I think we can still wear jumper aprons if we so desire! I agree! They are very fun!
    Yes, there are so many pretty fabrics AND yarn! Must use self control ๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Cute apron! Oh your garden looks wonderful!

  14. Your produce is looking amazing and I love the fabric and the apron pattern. I went to that site and saw the blue and white checked apron . . . I hope that you make it and that you model it for us:) Also I have a question: I looked for that pattern on line and found that it is a PDF pattern. Is that what yours is? Do you have a problem taping them together and getting a good pattern? I never done that before.
    Have a wonderful day, I hope you have time for sewing.
    Connie :)

  15. Hey Connie. I did download the pattern. Me!!! and I don't even know what PDF stands. After printing all 52 pages and running the printer out of ink, I read the you don't have to print all the pages. Anyhow, I did the test page and then printed it all. I actually enjoyed putting the pieces together and it worked out fine. There were a few lines that didn't match up perfectly but I made it work. It may have been our printer. This pattern looks shorter that the blue checked apron in the picture. I want to try making and adding a ruffle all around. Hope you will make one too. With your talent, it will turn out beautiful...then maybe you can help me. :) Thank you Connie!

  16. I've seen your aprons in your Etsy shop, Henny. They remind me of the aprons my Mom used to wear when I was growing up. She's in Heaven now, probably cooking & baking for all her loved ones and wearing her apron while doing so. I'm anxious to see the jumper apron you make. Oh, and I love your garden, pets and adore your beautiful log home. I've always wanted to live in one but the closest I came is a cedar-sided home my hubby & I have now. We own 29-acres in the country and have loved it all the years we've lived here. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog.

  17. That's quite a good haul from your garden, looks delicious!
    I've never seen that type of apron. Looking forward to seeing yours!
    Have a good evening!

  18. Your garden is doing great and it all looks so good and healthy.
    So far I just have rhubarb and asparagus but the others things are coming along.
    We just put up a new ceiling fan in our bedroom!

  19. Once again your garden amazes me! I think the black with dresses fabric would make a classy looking apron! And I think I'd win the most fabric award, around here we joke about it making good insulation. I have bought very little the last few years at an actual fabric store, the vast majority is coming from thrift stores and garage sales.

  20. That's quite a lot you've gathered, far more than two people can eat at one setting . Your garden always produces abundantly.
    Pretty fabric, I can understand the need for more and more, I mean how does a person choose a favorite ?

  21. I am impressed with your garden haul. I'm still waiting for my first tomato or cucumber to show up.
    I hope you share your apron here. I'm not a seamstress, but do enjoy marveling at the talents of others :).

  22. I like that gingham apron too! In fact all the aprons on that page are delightful! Your peppers are looking great! :)

  23. I like the gathering apron at the top. too cute.

  24. Howdy, hope y'all are doing fine! wow, your garden is doing great, so many things to pick already! Your beans are amazing and so much bigger than ours! We are picking "maters" now though, excited about that!

  25. Oh, I used to be a very good seamstress, but not anymore. It's like anything else you have to use it, or you loose it, LOL. When I was young I made all of my clothes and sewed for other ladies too, but I haven't done that in years. Now I quilt and make a few other things, but showing you how to do something, I am afraid it would be the other way around . . . you are a wonderful seamstress and you do beautiful work. I'm looking forward to seeing your apron.

  26. My bumper sticker would say, the one with the most YARN wins! Nice haul from the garden. We are enjoying sampling our seven different heirloom tomato plants, except that since they all look so different I can't see when they are at their optimum ripeness. Maybe after a few more I'll get it right!

  27. Anything to get some fabric!!!! LOL


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