Sunday, July 2, 2017

Another little update

Poppy, thought he might get a nap on the back porch...

Looks like we need to trade in the old cast iron bed for a double size.

Does anybody know how long it takes for green bell peppers to turn orange?

these peppers were so crowded and so packed on four plants, there was no room for the smaller peppers to grow, so we went ahead and picked them green. I've frozen three quart bags, eaten a few, given a few away, and still the plants are covered. I really wanted orange peppers!

 Seems like just overnight the eggplants started growing...

Eggplants are beautiful!

and the Sun Gold tomatoes are amazing, both in taste and abundance. Nellie stopped by yesterday and we gave her a sack full. I love these little tomatoes!!

the okra has just started to come in...not quite enough to fry yet.

and plenty of sweet banana peppers.  We've had only one ripe large tomato. Sure hope we get more.

I can always count on old sweet Smokey to keep me company at the garden. 

he saw that big lizard who lives in the teeny tiny garden.

Okay, it's time for a change, time for something new and interesting. Posting about the garden is getting old. Maybe  I will come up with something new in the sewing room tonight.

Be back soon, hopefully.



  1. Henny Penny, I can't believe the things that grow in your garden. Green peppers and Egg Plant and Okra
    ( must admit I wouldn't have a clue what to do with Okra) but all the have a fantastic garden!!
    How are your bunnies? You haven't mentioned them for a while. I hope they're okay. And Weetie, how's he doing? Eli is his old cuddly self. Don't know how Poppy can take a nap in summer with a fur blanket over him!

  2. I like your garden posts as you grow many different things.

  3. diane in northern wisJuly 2, 2017 at 6:50 PM

    Gosh doesn't matter what you post's always enjoyable! I love seeing all the goodies ripening in your garden. Make me wish I lived next door to you folks! It all looks so beautiful and delicious. Love that Smokey too and your big white sweetie dog of course! Can't wait to see what you come up with in your sewing room. Love your blog! Have a Happy 4th!!!

  4. I love seeing your garden posts Henny. You can literally plant anything, and it will thrive and prosper.
    What an abundance of vegetables you have already enjoyed, everything so colorful and shiny, no worm holes, or Japanese Beetles like we are fighting right now.
    Sweet Eli and Smokey, they love their home and Poppy, and of course their mama, they have the perfect life.
    Happy July 4th to you both, hope it's a grand one !

  5. I never get tired of seeing your beautiful crops! Or Eli and Smokey.

  6. Boy, I could make a wonderful veggie lasagna with your harvest. I have only eaten a few yellow beans from mine so far. We really need more sun now. It's so nice to see Smokey again. He is a fine looking cat. Audrey says 'Grey's Rule'. :) I hope you continue to post whatever suits your fancy. I enjoy reading 'the life of Henny'. Give Eli a big hug for me.

  7. It's not getting old. I enjoy your posts and as far as the peppers go, I just leave mine on as long as possible and they eventually turn red or orange. They taste a lot better as they get more sun. Thanks for your blg!

  8. It's not getting old. I enjoy your posts and as far as the peppers go, I just leave mine on as long as possible and they eventually turn red or orange. They taste a lot better as they get more sun. Thanks for your blg!

  9. I love all your posts Henny! You sure are getting some good looking treats from your garden! I love banana peppers and I haven't had fried okra since I was a kid.

    Have a good holiday Henny!

  10. A fantastic harvest, we are way behind as the dratted sun will not stay longer than 4 days before skulking off and leaving us with cold grey days.

  11. I never tire of visiting your garden and it is always a real delight to see Eli.

  12. Hi Henny! The garden is NOT getting old at all! I love it!

  13. If you keep a notepad of ideas for things to post about in the future, would you add a post about how you freeze peppers? I don't have much luck freezing them and would like to know how you do it. Wondering if Smokey got the lizard for you or if Smokey left it alone. The lizard is your insect killer, right?

  14. We pick the green peppers, bring them in and the house is so hot they start turning red in a couple of days. You have an amazing amount of food coming from you garden. You need to have all of us over for a feed.

  15. It is garden time!!!!! And it lasts just a short time. Don't worry about "new"... Till growing season is over. :-)

    Oh you mulch so wonderfully, around your plants!!!!

    Eggplant means Eggplant Parmeson, around here. My husband makes it yummmmmy.

    Wishing you a Very Happy 4th of July!!!
    Luna Crone

  16. Those are some big eggplants

  17. Your garden is just wonderful! Everything looks so pretty and its nice to have enough to give away.

  18. I can't believe how much your garden is producing this early in the summer!! Wow, Henny, you sure do have a green thumb!

  19. Smokey is so handsome. I looked up this info for you about the peppers.
    Harvested peppers that have just begun to change color will often continue to ripen when kept in a warm room indoors for up to 3 days. If they haven’t yet begun to change color, but are full size (or nearly so), you can eat them green. In any case, signs of softening or shriveling, and promptly refrigerate those fruits. Then, be sure to use them first.

  20. Oh I love eggplant, they are so pretty and so much nicer looking home grown than in the stores.
    I think it takes about 6 weeks for the peppers to turn color.

  21. Henny, I love you blog & everything you write about (pix are great too). Did you buy seeds or plants for orange bell peppers? My peppers just stay green. Had to buy plants for yellow, orange, or red ones. Regards, Sandy in California.

    1. Sandy, I bought the plants. Maybe I needed to leave the on the kitchen counter for a few days like Blanch said in a comment above. I saved and planted some seeds from those small red, orange, and yellow peppers that come three to a pack in the grocery store. The plants are growing like crazy and have what looks like green bell peppers on them, that are getting big. I don't understand it. Thank you Sandy.

  22. It takes a while for them to turn orange. Love all the stuff you are getting out of the garden. We have lots of green beans, zucchini, and cucumbers all of my tomatoes so far have end rot. I am so upset. I am hoping they will turn around and start doing better. They are loaded in tomatoes. I write about the same old things to but that is what is going on in my life LOL.

    Love you bunches.

  23. Your garden posts would never get old to me. I am in awe of your pickings so far. Wow!. I have one sungold tomato plant and am anxiously awaiting the green ones to turn gold so that I can sample them.
    I had to smile at your husband's nap partner :).

  24. Length of time on the plant makes for Orange or red pepper, or you can just buy Orange Pepper seeds next year:)


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