Saturday, July 23, 2016

Another slack attempt at catching up

Good gracious! Did I not say, about a week ago, that 'tomorrow' there should be something worth posting seeing as how Shelby and I were planning to meet in Wake Forest?

We did meet, right there in the parking lot of a nice Goodwill store. It was fun. We talked and laughed, founds some things to buy, and had our usual lunch of a "Happy Meal" from McDonald's. Yep, we believe in going all out for lunch. 

Shelby loves Jan Karon, so when she spotted these books on a shelf in Goodwill, well she had to buy them and, of course, give them to me. Shelby has all of Jan Karon's books and says I should not read these until I've read the second book in the Jan Karon Mitford series. You may remember, I read the first one last winter and absolutely fell in love with the people of Mitford. Why, I toyed with the idea of leaving here and moving to Mitford. I wanted to meet Father Tim and some of the others. :)

Might show you too, the tomatoes Shelby picked and brought me...from their garden! These have been soooo delicious! I've had a tomato sandwich for lunch every day since Tuesday. Only one tomato left! 

So far there has not been even one ripe tomato in the teeny tiny garden...lots of green ones though, and plenty of green beans...

Got these snapped and cooked yesterday, so this morning when our friend Nellie stopped by, I gave her half the potful. Poppy says we would never have eaten that big dutch oven full of beans. Nellie is always so appreciative. Makes you love doing things for her, and look what she brought me...

a sweet little bouquet of flowers she picked. We sat under a shade tree in the front yard for an hour or so talking, and Poppy too.

Let me tell you, one of the cats, don't know which one, has turned this vase of flowers over twice already! Twice!! I have the tablecloth in the dryer as we speak!

Guess that's about it for today. I'll be around to visit and catch up.



  1. Those tomatoes look so good. We only have one red one so far in the garden and about a hundred green ones. We've been enjoying yellow & green beans all week and just delivered a pile to my sister. Nothing better. I hope your feeling better now. Summer is no time for a sore back and especially when someone works as hard as you do. Audrey says it was Smokey 'cause "grey cats rock."

  2. Your tomatoes look delicious! Ours here are not quite ready. Love the bouquet she picked for you. What a kind thing to do. When we had cats we could never have a vase full of flowers. They always ended up tipped over. I love the Father Tim books too.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. It's too hot to think so if you made it to Wake Forest to meet your sister, went shopping, picked beans, you're doing well.

  4. Our tomatoes are a long way off from ripening here.
    I have not read Jan Karon. I will have to check into it.

  5. These days we're living in are enough to make you want to move to Mitford.

  6. Thank you!! I love the Mitford series and had forgotten about them.
    And I have a bad case of tomato envy. All my plants have produced is three cherries.

  7. Got a chuckle about the knocked over vase. I bet you have your suspicions about who the guilty party might be!

  8. I love the Mitford series! Read the whole series, couldn't put it down...and even bought the cookbook!! I never did make the marmalade cake, though! :)

    1. If you had made the cake, I would have become an instant friend!

  9. Not one tomato even turning orange here. Don't know why not; we've had lots of sunshine. Your beans sure are doing great. It was nice of you to share with Nellie and sweet of her to bring you flowers. Kindness makes the world go round.

  10. Wow! Such beautiful love apples! (Isn't that what they were called in Larkrise to Candleford?)

  11. Sounds like a lovely day. Wow those tomatoes look soooo good. No ripe ones here yet either.
    I've been meaning to start the Mitford series but haven't yet. I've heard so many good reports about the books.

  12. I felt the same way -- I wanted to move to Mitford, too. Love those books and just wish there were more of them to read. Your garden must be doing well, and your bouquet is so pretty.

  13. The tomatoes look beautiful, ours are a long way off yet. Sounds like a fun meet with Shelby. Take care.

  14. Your veggies look YUMMY ! Yup if it is really busy we don't have time to post as much or if there isn't much going on we still don't post much lol oh well that's blogging for ya lol ! Thanks for sharing . have a good day !

  15. Hi,
    I also love Mitford. :-)The tomatoes look yummy.
    How is your pond doing?
    Love, Carla

  16. My grandfather would have loved those tomatoes :)


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