Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A shot and a storm!

Weetie checking out our new swimming pool on the pond...

Quite a trip it was get that injection. With my back hurting and my nerves on edge, you see, I have a fear of needles, my blood pressure went up. Got the injection anyway, but while I nervously waited, stretched out on the table, this loud pounding rushing sound filled the room. Rain! It was rain! Pouring rain! A thunderstorm even! We were on the third floor. Oh great! hope lightening doesn't run in on any of this equipment!

On and on this storm went and was still going full blast at 5:05 pm as Poppy ran through the pouring rain to bring the truck to the front entrance to pick me up.

Here's the rest of the story! Poppy said, hold on, we're getting out of this traffic and ahead of this storm, which was moving northeast, toward our county.  What's the fastest way he asked, that will take us by Johnny's Barbecue. We'll have a barbecue plate for supper tonight. Well, Hold on I did! 

We pulled in the driveway at home with our plates, just about the same time the thunder and the lightening and the rain pulled in. This was one black threatening scary looking cloud.  Wind and rain and that streaking kind of lightening that ends in a pop of thunder that makes your hair stand on end!

The wind lifted the umbrella straight up and out.

and the chairs blew uphill and scattered, one more farther up at a tree.

camera lens are fogging up, but the arbor almost blew over.

and the poor, poor Stargazer

and if you noticed all the green on the pond, it's algae. Awful Algae! Our county extension agent is coming out this week. He thinks it is environmental...all the rain and run-off we've had.

these two seem a little concerned about swimming in such water

In no way am I saying this was a severe storm. Severe storms take lives and destroy homes. What we had was just a scary thunderstorm with high winds!!

happy the wind left the sunflowers standing and the garden intact.

and a sweet picture...
this little bee held on tight through the wind and rain.

If you're still here, thank you. Sometimes I don't know when to hush and end things.



  1. We had one of those gulley-washer rains last week, blew the birdhouses off the trees !
    Once my patio umbrella was lifted out of the stand, flew over the house and land at the foot of my neighbor's house like a giant arrow with a canopy on the end.
    I've seen the algae on the news in Florida, and my brother says it's in our local village pond in England.
    I'm sorry your flowers took a beating.
    Hope the shot gives you some relief, try and take it easy Henny !

  2. I sure hope you get relief with the shot like you did the first one. That's quite and experience for you to go through to get it. That's a shame about that stargazer lily. Don't try to clean up everything by yourself!! Take care of yourself.

  3. Wow that is quite a story! So sorry your beautiful Stargazer Lily blew over. You are being drenched in rain and we have received hardly any for two months. Crazy!
    Hope you back feels better.

  4. Oh yes, I hang in there. Love your posts. Glad everyone and thing was ok.

  5. Wow! That was a powerful storm in my book! Glad you are safe and I hope pain free for a while, Henny!

  6. I don't like needles either. Not super scared but I don't volunteer for them

  7. Those storms with so much wind, thunder, and lightening keep you on your toes wondering if something bad is going to happen whether it does or not. We used to have those a lot in Texas but in Oregon we have very little thunder or lightening but the most beautiful rainbows I've ever seen. It seems I remember after those blusterous storms are past the air smells fresh and clean. Now about this needle phobia. If it's going in your back you don't see it do you? I guess it's just the thought of it.

  8. Well, I hope the storm at least took your mind off your shot!
    That was a doozy.

  9. I like the term you use, "Pop of thunder!" Sounds neat.

  10. We just had a storm blow through here. Not as bad as yours but it did blow a couple of my potted plants over. My sunflowers are tall but near a fence and not blooming yet and they look to be okay. I hate storms also! Nancy

  11. What an experience that was!! Good thing Poppy was there to bring the truck around, pick up supper, and bring you home safe and sound. Being alone in a storm like that would be doubly scary.
    Isn't it amazing that the little bee could hang on in the storm?

  12. It is your blog. You never need to hush. I hate needles, too!
    So glad to hear you are okay! Enjoy the rest of your week. Hope the water goes down, soon.

  13. It must be a strong wind. It has damages many things.

  14. Glad there was some good in your day. Great pictures. Hope the shot is kicking in.

  15. Hope you are feeling better and the shot is helping with the pain. Thank goodness, the storm wasn't too bad although bad enough it seems. Take care.

  16. I'm glad you got home before the worst of the storm hit your home. Those kind of storms can sure leave a mess. I hope the injection helped.

  17. Golly, that sounds like a wowser of a thunderstorm. Good that you all came through with just overturned things but no trees down on top of the house. It's amazing that the umbrella managed to get through it with no rips or tears.

    Hope the injection does the trick again.

  18. Oh Henny...these summer storms are a bit frightening :o\

  19. You beat the storm home AND got barbecue -- that Poppy is quite the driver! I hope the shot helps and you are dancing in the puddles this morning. :-)

  20. Wow you had some winds with that storm. Hope you have a nice sunny day today. : )

  21. Hope the shot makes your back better. Good thing you got home to be with the animals before the storm hit.

  22. I don't know what' s happening around the world at the moment, we have had so much rain!! Hope you feel more comfortable soon. X

  23. Hi,
    I am glad you are safe.
    We had a storm roll in too. We had a few down trees in town and lots of debris.
    North of us got hit bad. A major flood and one person killed.
    Storms can be very scary. I glad you are safe.

  24. Goodness gracious that was some humdinger of a big storm!! Dang!! I would've been thinking the exact SAME thing---"he's poking needles in and what if the power goes out??!" ha ha ha LOL Well, glad y'all got home safely and with yummy supper in hand....but wow what a mess. Poor flowers.....poor animals. We were all just admiring your stargazer lily!! Thanks for stopping in to see me....and thanks for all the sweet compliments on my "gypsy style" wardrobe. I just wear what makes me happy! Take care of your back!


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