Saturday, July 16, 2016

Not hardly worth posting! :)

Another nail biter!
Oh no! It's thundering again!

Glad Poppy is home and I'm not alone. My intent was to get Bun Bun and Fiona in their cages before today's storms rolled in. This storm slipped up on us.

a pond or a golf course?

It's the pond! The county extension agent did come out and look at the pond. It's planktonic algae, he said. We learned too that if a pond needs lime, it will not respond well to fertilizer, and Poppy fertilized the pond early this spring. We need to spray the pond with an algaecide and when the algae is gone, add lime. Sounds like work to me.

Never finished this post yesterday as the thunder and lightening continued until late. I talked Poppy into going with me to put the bunnies in their cages. I felt like lightening might not strike me if he was with me. :(

and a kitty cat picture...
Smokey, sound asleep in the teeny tiny sewing room. If you are wondering about the ugly quilt, well that was my first try at making a quilt. I used Poppy's worn out flannel shirts, jeans, work pants, and cheap muslin. Poppy and I were living in an apartment while the cabin was being built in the late 1980's. I sewed it together by hand and it has actually held up through many washings.

Gosh, can I get any more boring! Hope you will come back. 



  1. That nail-biting photo is pretty cute. Give that Smokey a tickle on his tummy for me. :)

  2. Your post made me smile! Have a great weekend

  3. Oh, we always come back to see how things are going for all of you guys. Hope you aren't experiencing all those thunderstorms along the east coast.

  4. We just had a thunder storm roll in and away just a little while ago. I sat out on the porch and watched. Even saw a rainbow.
    Love the first picture of the kitty. : )

  5. Ooh dear Henny, removing the algae sounds like a lot of work !
    We seem to be getting daily thunderstorms, humidity and heat brewing all day long.
    Sweet Smokey, he knows where to snuggle down, and stay safe :)

  6. Was that kitty biting her nails from being frightened by the storm? Sorry you are having so many problems right now with your pond. That is amazing that you sewed that quilt by hand. Nancy

  7. I think the quilt is quite fine as it is.
    So glad you are all safe. Two people were killed by lightning here in Louisiana over the last couple storms.
    Be safe and God bless!

  8. Your life is so different from mine that I never find your posts boring. I love that quilt. It reminds me of the quilts my grandma and mother-in-law made. They made quilts from whatever scraps they had or could get from cutting up old clothes. I have a quilt my mother -in-law made with scraps from clothes she made for my husband when he was a boy, my son who is now 40 and even for me when I was a LOT younger. She never had a daughter and loved to make clothes. I'm glad Poppy went with you to make you feel safe out in the weather. Good luck with your pond. I've never heard of fertilizing a pond, just plants in the ground.

  9. Not boring at all! I think your first quilt is lovely - made up of fabrics that are homey and well loved. In the past, most quilts were made of discarded clothing. The Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt that my Gr Gr Grandmother quilted is like that. I imagine if those fabrics could talk, what stories they would tell!

  10. I'm the biggest chicken on the planet about lightening.
    And as Melanie and Peg say, the quilt is like the ones from the past. My grandmother's quilts - I only have one, and it's gorgeous - had memories. Not like the ones of today all made with artfully matching fabric bought new at the store.

  11. Anyone who finishes a quilt impresses me! I love other crafts but sewing all those tiny pieces together is not for me. That's okay because it just makes me appreciate others' work all the more. It's going be to be a stormy week here. Maybe up your way, too. Be brave, Henny!

  12. It is amazing that you sewed that quilt by hand. I think it is just fine looking. I did not know that ponds are fertilized. I suppose that it for the plants that grow in it such as water lilies? I used to be afraid of thunder and lightning until I had my child and then I grew to be brave for her. She is now almost 60 years old and not afraid of storms.

    Shirley H.

  13. Aw! The kitties are so cute and cuddly looking!

  14. Golly, I had no idea about keeping a pond. Interesting. Please keep us posted.
    Do you have fish in the pond?

    I love the kitties.
    We are in for a heat wave in Wisconsin...90+ degrees. Hot for Wisconsin!

  15. I thought your first quilt was quite charming and obviously holds lots of memories. Cute photos of the cats. Take care.

  16. We have some trouble with algae and moss but never tried anything to stop it. Afraid it would affect the fish.

  17. That quilt reminded me of the quilts my mom used to make. They were meant to be used and washed over and over again.
    You sure are having more than your share of storms this summer.
    I was also wondering if you had fish in your pond.

  18. Never boring to me. Loved the handmade quilt story.


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