Friday, July 17, 2015

Housework, chickens, and meeting Miss Ann

The older I get the more I hate cleaning house. Seriously, What's happened to me! Things are nice and tidy here now except for that dreaded, dragging out the vacuum cleaner. Don't know which is worse, dusting or vacuuming. Probably dusting. 

However, guess what I accomplished this morning! Got the living room windows and screens washed. Clear bright shiny windows are beautiful! Kind of like the pond when it clears up after being muddy all winter.

When I think of all that needs to be cleaned in this house, I get overwhelmed. If I try to get one of those dreaded jobs done every day, it 's not nearly so bad.

Late this afternoon around the edge of dark I plan to hide and watch for that tiny baby chick to climb that high ladder. It's a mystery to me how he gets five feet up and into that box on the back of the chicken house. For the last three nights that baby has been with its mama up in the box. It is surely a mystery!

Update on Jewel's baby that hatched back in the month of May. Look how she has grown...and thankfully it is a hen, not another rooster.

And now would you like to meet Miss Ann modeling her 1920's inspired flapper style dress?

Actually this picture was taken in May at their son's wedding. The event was held in their yard...just down the path. In case you are wondering about the expression on Ann's face...when asked to pose with her husband for a picture she hesitated and asked, do I have to? It's very cute, rolling her eyes that way. Looks like Fred thought it was funny.

Miss Ann is the neighbor who recently gifted me with a stack of lovely fabrics. And that's not all! When Ann decided she no longer wanted to deal with chickens, her husband Fred caught and brought their entire flock to me. Oh, and remember the many many truck loads of pine straw that I spread in the yard last winter...all that straw came from their yard...raked and hauled free of charge...and unloaded at my doorsteps. Yep, that's our neighbors.

Here with their son, the handsome groom, Trevor. Sorry I didn't borrow a picture of the bride. She was beautiful. 

Since Miss Ann is mentioned occasionally on my blog, I thought you might like to meet her. So now you know.

Good grief! The day will be gone! I am getting busy, right now! 



  1. Always nice to put a face to a name, so it was lovely to meet Miss Ann they really are good neighbours.

  2. I am with you on the housework front, dusting seems such a waste of time. I am sure that it just moves from one surface to another.

  3. Oh boy, it is hard to stay in and clean house on these beautiful days. I guess I am lucky our temporary home is tiny and cleans up quickly. Now, I am just picturing you hiding in the bushes watching for the chick to head to bed. lol Nice to meet your very sweet neighbour. Deb

  4. What a lovely lady your Miss Ann is! And such a wonderful neighbor! Truly a gift. I love to clean house! I'm pretty sure I'm weird because I also love to dry the laundry using the clothesline and then ironing all that laundry! My problem is, I don't have enough of it to do. Since there is only my Mister and I, the house stays clean, the laundry only takes three hours on a Monday morning, my windows are clean, the yard is mowed...I think, just maybe, that is some of what is causing my discontent, these days! I don't have enough to keep my mind from wandering! LoL

    Thanks for stopping by my new blog!

    Grace & Peace.

  5. Too bad Mrs. G, the reader above, couldn't drop by your place for a visit. That would be a match made in heaven!
    Can't wait to find out how Teeny Tiny Chick gets up that ladder. Maybe she rides up on Mama's back!

  6. Sounds like you have some lovely neighbors... Good neighbors are a great thing to have for sure! I am with you on the house cleaning, odd because when I was younger I loved to clean house. No really just loved to do it... Now its so far on the bottom of list of things I like to do its not even on the list LOL... Can't wait to hear how that baby chick is getting up that ladder! For two gals that don't like to clean house we surely don't have the dog for that :O)... these GPs add a lot to the house work for sure. But who can resist them, they are such wonderful boys our Keeper and Eli.. :O)

  7. Tickled to get a glimpse of the famous Miss Ann. I remember all that material she brought you (lucky!). We have a wonderful neighbor, Melanie, who just brought us a bag of cherry tomatoes this evening. She waters our plants when we're away too. We are all blessed.

  8. I don't like housework either. Fortunately I have a helper. My husband and I do it together once a week. He vacuums.
    Howdy, Miss Ann. Pleased to meet you.

  9. I think of housework as a necessary thing and try to do some every day. I set myself a certain goal and get it done as quickly as I can so I can relax and enjoy the rest of the day. Of course I don't have all the animals/ fowl to care for that you have so of course your work load is greater. Speaking of fowl I sure hope you get to see how chickie gets up that ladder!!

  10. I delay vacuuming as long as possible. You have all kinds of excuses with all the chores you have to do.

  11. I don't hate house cleaning....but it's always at the bottom of the list. I love how nice it is to look through clean sparkly windows! Nice to meet Miss Ann, and I hope you have solved the chick mystery:)

  12. I've never been crazy about housework, that's why I had a job for many years, so I could avoid it. But as I've gotten older I hate it. You're right, dusting is worse than vacuuming. And like you I tackle one awful job a day, the house is too big to do all at once. Today it's bathroom, God help me, we have 4 of them, only 3 are used regularly.

  13. How nice to have wonderful neighbors! I think you should ignore the dusting for least until's too hot. (HA HA that's my excuse,even though the a/c is blasting a cold front in my house!)

  14. So nice to meet the generous Miss Ann. I can't wait to hear how the mystery of the ladder-climbing baby chick is solved! I don't seem to mind cleaning as much when I do a little every day. I used to clean my house all at one go and then be done for the week but I like doing a room or two at a time better now. It doesn't seem like such a big deal, more of just a routine.

  15. Nice to see Miss Ann! Isn't it wonderful to have good neighbors! I am about to the point that I need to do one large project everyday or I will be way behind:)

  16. It is nice to have great neighbors!! I hope you get to see the baby chick go up the ladder.

    Love you


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