Friday, July 31, 2015

Hot, dusty, and dry...but a cool pond

I've been outside pouring buckets of water on the poor wilted plants. It is so very hot and dry here.

Again last night there was a chance of a thunderstorm or a shower of rain, but for some unknown reason when the clouds get to Franklin County they split and go on either side of us. I'm sure Poppy will say it's something I've done. 

This Poplar tree is losing it's leaves, looking a little like fall with all the yellow and brown. It may just be this hot dry weather. Surely I can't start raking in July! Good Grief!

Poppy has mowed since this picture was taken last week. Even today the grass is beginning to turn brown.

 So the rain stops and with no muddy water running down the side road, the pond has cleared up. Guess we can't have it all. 

It looks nice and cool anyway.

I told Poppy just this morning, there would be no complaining from me about the cold weather this winter.

I kind of enjoyed building that big snowman last winter and I'm certainly looking forward to playing with Eli in the snow. Let's just see if I make it through January and February without a complaint.

Better start supper. Hope you all enjoy the weekend.



  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Yeah... just send those big ol rat snake over here. We'll take 'em. I am not exactly happy with them because they do eat baby birds and bird eggs, but they also also eat the rats and mice so they're good guys. Your photos are beautiful. We have had a lot of rain this year and this is the first year in a very long time our cottonwood tree still has its leaves heading into August.

  2. Looks beautifully lush and green compared to where I live. Dry is very relative I think ;-) One tree in small small garden has been shedding leaves all summer as if it were fall. It looks rather bedraggled right now though I have given it water whenever I water the other plants in the garden. Enjoy sitting by your lake It looks lovelyx

  3. I echo Joyful, that grass looks so lush, and I know you said it is turning brown now, but ours has been brown for weeks. Your pond looks lovely, are you able to swim in it, or are there leeches or other such lovely creatures?

  4. Your place is still beautiful even with a dry spell. I'm already getting out my Fall décor as I am done with Summer.

  5. I am with you... I am ready for cooler weather!

  6. Isn't that they way it always is: we fuss about the cold in January and February and then by July and August we are fussing yet again but about how darn hot it is! It's just hard to be satisfied with the status quo sometimes.

    But I do agree that it has been terribly hot. We've had temps close to 90 and the humidity has been horrible. A little better yesterday and today so that is a help.

    Your pond looks beautiful and I also wondered, as did Karen, whether you swim in it or not. Sure looks like it would make for a cool dip.

  7. I am so ready for cooler weather! I wish we had a pond close to our house but we really don't have a good place for one. Thanks for the kind words about Christmas. I miss family and get togethers. Time has changed everything. Was just talking today about cousin time! I had some really great times with my cousins and children growing up now days hardly ever see their cousins. Oh well.

    I love you to the moon and back!

  8. I love the two chairs at the end of the dock. I wonder if you ever have time to go sit in them! Tomorrow is August and still more hot weather . I'm sure we're all just hoping for some rain and and some cooler temps.

  9. This year most lawns around here went brown in June. Trees and shrubs that have not been watered are dying. We are used to summer drought, and everyone with vegetable or flower gardens has hoses and sprinklers, or installed watering systems. In our neighborhood, most everyone but us has let their yard go brown. Water restrictions are coming, so we will need to cut back too.
    I sure hope this summer is an exception, and not the new rule.

  10. One of the benefits of living in Wales is the rainfall, even in a long dry spell there is water in the ground and the rivers and streams continue to flow. It is raining here now after a week of hot sunny days, although I was planning on a day out I will be happy to sew, I have always got something indoors to keep me busy.

  11. Your pond looks good enough to swim in, but if your ponds are like ours they're full of snakes and oh Lordy I hate water snakes.

  12. Haha. I always want to bottle the summer heat for winter, and vice versa!
    I'd take a cool pond any day, and go fishing!
    Have a blessed weekend. ♥

  13. We had a mini heat wave and then it has been a mediocre summer, so I can only dream of better climes. Eli looks settled on the lawn.

  14. Hi Henny Penny! While it's been a very busy and exciting year for me, it's also prevented me from finding the time to visit my favorite online people. I interacted with one of Lynn's Facebook posts yesterday and then wondered how her sweet momma was doing. What a wonderful day to drop by your place. I've enjoyed visiting you in the past from my N. Texas home... longing for the same lush greenery that surrounds your home from your beautiful pictures. It's was a little scary to move states away, but I'm so tremendously excited to share your beautiful state and be back in the Appalachian mts again. I don't think they could chase me out with a stick! :) The humidity does make it seem hotter than it is, and a little challenging to get used to, but I'm sure my body will acclimate in time. Building snowmen... something I haven't done since I was a child up north. I'm sooo looking forward to snow in the winter. You're pond is so lovely. I hope it won't be too awful long before I can find the a beautiful location like yours to set my roots deep. So glad you're doing well. Hugs... Tammy


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