Sunday, November 2, 2014

A blustery day at the market

A dry towel! Thank you, Eli!

We got our first taste of winter yesterday! Yes we did! Where was I? Out in the wet, windy, wide open Western Wake Farmer's Market with lots of other shivering, chilled to the bone vendors. Wind, rain, falling temperatures, everything the weatherman predicted, and more. Vendor tents bounced in the wind unable to blow away because of the water filled jugs that hung from each corner. Two boat anchors and two milk jugs barely held down my tent. Not even one picture do I have to show you. I was too busy warming my hands in my pockets, wiping my cold runny nose, and keeping the bonnets from blowing off the table.

Poppy called it a wasted day. Not me. Shelby and Jimmy always make any day fun. We don't see enough of family anymore. Shelby and I are the only two left in our family and Jimmy is just the best brother-in-law ever! Shelby and I talked about old times. We talked about mama. We laughed, we visited other vendor's booths. Shelby traded an apple pie for vegetables...kale, eggplant, and broccoli. We bought a large coffee to warm us which by the way was the best cup of coffee I have ever put to my lips. I selected the "dark, ghoulish, halloween blend"...really good!

It was probably going on 2:00 when I got home yesterday. There was no coming in the house, curling up with a warm dry blanket and relaxing. No sirree! I unloaded the car, changed into old jeans, got my feed bucket and headed right back out into the cold wind to the animals. The baby guineas were my biggest worry, but they were all fine. After feeding and giving them clean water, I found a piece of plywood which I stood up to make another windbreak. Their corner of the dog lot is now enclosed on three sides...toasty warm what with the heat lamp and their mama to snuggle under too.  I continued on with the chickens, goats, ducks, Bun Bun, the cats, Weetie, Smokey, all needing attention, and of course Eli needed to be hugged and walked. Just finishing up and stepping back up on the porch, Poppy pulled into the driveway. Thoughts of cooking supper sent burning red flashes through my mind! Crap! 

Plundering through the cabinets with my cold, numb fingers, I pulled out everything needed to make a big pot of chili beans...Good hot chili using...

    1 lb. Hamburger
    1 onion cut up
    bell pepper cut up
    1 can diced tomatoes
    1 can tomato sauce
    2 cans pinto beans
    1 can (almost) water
    2 heaping T chili powder
    1 tsp. cumin
    salt & pepper
    and one chopped, long hot red pepper like 

(This was my last pickings from the 
    teeny tiny garden last week) 

Brown hamburger, add peppers and onions browning a little longer. Add other ingredients. Simmer couple hours or longer.

Putting chili on to cook did warm me up some so I kept up the pace and began unpacking the damp bonnets, aprons, and dolls. Did I mention the only sales yesterday were one small doll, one bonnet, and one girl's apron. Yep, I made $28.00. 

Shelby had two pieces of her chocolate fudge cake left. She sent these to Poppy...

Speaking of Poppy, look who has become all buddy buddy with him...

Thank you for putting up with my rambling on and on about nothing. Hope to be back soon.

Henny Penny


  1. poor you. while we are inside enjoying the new cold weather we forget others have to work out in it to take care of the grounds and animals. hope dinner was good, it sounded so.

  2. I love hearing about your day. And your chili sounds much like mine, except I'm a big wus when it comes to hot chilies.
    So Smokey's turned into a guy's cat!

  3. Good gracious! What a Saturday you put in. I hope today you are sitting with your feet up and resting or better yet taking a nice long afternoon nap.

  4. What a shame, the weather spoils a lot of fairs this time of year. Dinner sounded wonderful.

  5. I hope you sold some of your sweet things! Smokey looks quite at home on the ATV. He seems to know how to win hearts.

  6. Oh my sounds cold and fun! We had chili beans at our house today and they sure were good. Nothing like chili to warm you up. You know thinking about it the older I get the more friends get on my nerves to. Maybe that is why I don't have any close friends anymore. I need to get my hormones under control I think that is more my issue than anything. Getting older is hard in so many ways. Thanks for all the encouraging words that you always give me and I love you!!

  7. You are such a busy lady my friend, mouths to feed, and chores to tend, endless boxes to tick.
    I love the picture of Eli carrying the towel, he'd make a fine butler :)
    Sorry your weather was such a misery, but at least you had fun with your family, so I would choose that kind of day anyday !
    Look at that little Smokey, he's really turned into your husband's buddy.
    Chili is the same recipe as mine, we've eaten on a pot for three days

  8. It sounds like a cold front moved through your area. It's not nice when you have to be outdoors trying to sell things.

  9. Your Saturday sounds like mine! Cold at my farmers market too. Foggy to start, then just cloudy, then a cold breeze picked up. The promised sunshine showed up right at 1pm, as the market was closing. Thank goodness my sales were pretty good, and I too had someone to chat to. The vendor next to me sold various flour mixes, gluten free mixes, and we had a right old chin wag together:) As much as I was an animal person like you still are, I appreciate now not having all that to do when I come home.


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