Monday, November 10, 2014

All kinds of stuff!

Late yesterday Poppy said he would like to have a wing dinner from KFC for supper. I, trying not to sound too happy, volunteered to go get him one! That meant no cooking for me! There was an extra bonus in it for me too. The sky! I got to see this beautiful sky on the way in to town.

To add to the beauty of this view, there were geese flying in a V shape in front of the red clouds, that I somehow didn't get in the picture. It's amazing how quickly the colors fade and the clouds change.

Have I mentioned that Poppy is on vacation this week?

Yep, another deer hunting week, even though the hunting is not very profitable this season. In fact, we aren't seeing any deer. There is a disease called EHD, epizootic hemorrhage killing the deer. As of October 1st, sixty cases have been reported here in Franklin County. The disease causes the deer to run a high fever and lose their appetites which sends them looking for water. Remember the post I did about the deer at the birdbath? We thought it was tame. It must have been sick and thirsty. Poor deer. We have also found a dead deer near the pond. There is a rumor around that ninety eight deer were recently found dead in the Tar River, which runs through town. But you know how people stretch things. Sure hope the disease doesn't kill all the deer.

Mr. Eli got another ten dollar bone yesterday and guess who is helping him eat it...

Sweet Eli doesn't seem to mind sharing...

Well I am done and done with picking peppers. After picking the last of the peppers, one more time, I pulled up the plants, to make sure. I pickled one jar and strung the others up to dry. You would think there was a row of peppers in the garden, but not so. All these peppers have come from two plants.

I've given away one bunch and added the newly strung peppers...

Okay, I am jumping from one thing to another here. Thank you if you have managed to still be here. Guess I need to start supper. No KFC tonight.

Hope to return soon.



  1. Eli and Smokey are so good for one another!
    Love that sky...such beauty for free..and I love those peppers hanging to dry!
    Jane x

  2. Your peppers are so pretty hanging up! Two plants..awesome! Good thing Eli shares his bone. It is deer hunting up here too, that is sad about the disease in the deer in your area. I wonder if it is spread like Chronic Wasting when they bunch up into herds. We have lots of deer in our area and as far as I know only two bucks have been taken:)

  3. ha ha all I could think of was... pick a pack of pickled peppers

  4. The sky pictures are just beautiful.

    That bone looks bigger than Smokey.

    The chillies make a lovely decoration----the red and green even look Christmasy.

  5. Ah. I remember the Tar River. Never fished it, though.
    Your peppers look great hanging there!
    Hope your husband gets a good deer.
    Cameras never see as much as the eye does. Lovely sky anyway. Thanks for sharing! ♥

  6. I hope that all of the deer have not died. Frank has gotten 3 so far this year. I love the peppers. I will have to grow some next year and try that. I love how it looks hanging on the strings to dry. I am getting the Christmas fever. I am wanting to start making so crafts soon. Talk to you later.
    Love Vicki

  7. Awesome looking peppers for this time of year.

  8. Beautiful sky pictures and love the peppers hanging to dry. Wow, I have never heard of this disease killing the deer, hope it is not too bad.

  9. That sunset sky is just amazing! And your peppers look so pretty, hanging to dry.

  10. I have been doing a little catching up on life on your little farm. I always love visiting you.

  11. Those pictures of the sky are gorgeous. We live in suburbia and have way too many deer. They all seem healthy and there's no hunting allowed so the numbers just keep growing. They're a real problem, not the least of which is that they go out into the roads and get hit. It's really dangerous for man and beast. I saw a dead one near the house last week and today my son said he almost hit one that ran in front of his car. I would gladly let someone hunt in my yard. We had a big buck and at least 6 other deer out back a couple of days ago. A year or two ago I heard a noise and looked out and counted 15 of them running like a stampede through my yard out toward the street.


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