Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Still waiting on Fall

Oh my! Three days go by like a flash! Life is busy!

For a month now I've been saying it looks like fall. Actually, it is just now looking like fall. Around our house anyway. The leaves have been slow changing and haven't been as pretty as in years past.

These are from the yard this morning. Still lots of green.

I love being outside this time of the year. It always reminds me of a time back in the 1950's. I was probably eleven years old. It was a cool Fall day. Cool enough for a sweater.  It was Saturday and Mama was busy cleaning house and fussing about the mess things were in. Shelby was helping her, and probably getting blamed for everything. Sorry about that Shelby. :(

At the first opportunity, I slipped out the back door and went around the house to the side where the sun was warm and the wind couldn't hit me. I sat down in the warm leaves and leaned up against the house. That was the perfect feeling. Perfect! I could sit for hours day dreaming or making stick dolls and playing with acorns and the little worms that live in acorns. Shelby eventually saw me sitting out there in the sun and told Mama. 

Looks like a squirrel sat here...

The big Mimosa tree on the hill by the pond has lost most of it's leaves...

Better get busy. Got people coming to buy the dog box listed on Craigslist and the two deer feeders. Business is booming here! :) 

Thank you for visiting. Not much of a post here. 



  1. So glad you managed to sell some of your things. Beautiful Autumnal photos.

  2. That third picture alone was worth the visit to your blog today. What colors!

  3. Lovely grounds you have. Selling on Craigslist always seems harder than buying. Glad you got some things sold. yay.

  4. You remind me of times I snuggled out of the wind and in the direct sunlight. It was a great time for a kid.

  5. Oh do I remember slipping out the back door lol. I was little in the 50's and playing with sticks and the smell of leaves...ahh best times were simple times. Your trees look pretty. We had a very colorful Fall here in WI. Glad you made some sales!


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