Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lynn's Birthday

Last Thursday, Andee, Lynn, Shelby and I met in Raleigh for lunch and to celebrate Lynn's birthday. Lynn and Andee have always loved their Aunt Shelby.  It was a fun day and like all fun days, went by too fast! That's Lynn in the center, Andee on the left and Shelby on the right.

Shelby had to leave us and get back home shortly after lunch to finish up three batches of jelly for the farmer's market on Saturday. She brought Lynn an assortment of jams and jellies for her birthday. After lots of hugs, laughing, and waving goodbye to Shelby, we three went on to some of our favorite thrift stores!  You just never know when you might find that treasure you have always wanted, though neither of us did!

Here, trying on Lynn's assortment of reading glasses. They keep me laughing!

Poppy had the day off work so he stayed home with Eli! As much as I adore both these big bundles of joy, I surely needed the break!

Eli watches the goats and the Guineas watch him. Still a little confused about each other...

Everything is wet and muddy here, and last night we had storms and another inch and a half of rain. Tomorrow though is supposed to be sunny and 70 warm degrees! 

Life is a little dull around here. I suppose that's why my posts are a little dull. Thank you very much for visiting. I appreciate you all so much!

Henny Penny


  1. Looks like Lynn had a wonderful birthday!! I am glad that all of you had a good time. Eli is growing and is so beautiful or Handsome since he is a boy!!

    Love you, Vicki

  2. It is good to get away for a day! Eli is growing so fast!! :)

  3. It looks like you had fun with the girls!
    How do you keep Eli so white!?

  4. Henny, Glad you had a wonderful time with your daughters! Do you think Eli thinks he is a guinea? He has really grown in the short time you have had him. Happy Spring! Terry

  5. It sounds like a wonderful visit. Not long ago I wandered through thrift stores with some playmates and had a wonderful time.
    And how on earth do you maintain Eli's cotton ball appearance with all that mud? He looks sparkling clean - and absolutely adorable!

  6. Wow, Eli is getting to be quite a lawful! I love the shot of him and the guineas. They look like they are huddling around to talk about the dog!

  7. A post talking about thrift stores, and jam and jelly, it could have been one of my posts:) A fun afternoon out with the girls! Does Eli try to chase the guineas? Looks like he is good with them from the photos.


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