Thursday, January 2, 2014

Senior Trip - 1960

It does not seem that long ago that I was riding the school bus home...seated in the back of the bus with Mary, Loretta, Audrey, and Hilda.  We had lots to talk about.   Our senior trip was coming up soon.  Our class was going to Washington, DC.  Yep, and I was going too.  Shelby had already said that she would let me borrow her camera, if I brought it back in one piece.. 

Mary, Loretta, Audrey, Hilda, and I were making lists of things we needed to pack, and deciding how much money we needed to beg from our parents.  We were seriously busy, lots to discuss on that bumpy ride home.  We were comparing our lists, talking, showing each other what we had written down, the clothes we planned to pack.  Suddenly, silly, giggling, laughter broke out amongst the girls...they were reading my list...what was so funny?   Mary said, "so you're taking hills"?  I meant heels, not hills!  I had written "hills" on my list!  Glad we were getting close to home!  Maybe all would be forgotten tomorrow morning!  I was bashful, and easily embarrassed (even at that age)! 

As I said, it doesn't seem that long ago...but it has been 53 years .  Take a look at that nice streamline Trailways bus we rode to Washington, and the cute driver.  Actually, it was Mary who thought the driver was sooo cute!  Not me!...Not my type!

Mary and me, climbing the Washington monument...

Mary, Loretta, and Audrey all buddy buddy! :)  The three of them lived close together.  They had grown up together.  By 1960 Daddy had bought the farm and moved our family to the country, away from my beloved Robbins and Elise High School.  Shelby graduated from Elise in 1957.  That meant I had to change schools and spend my last two years at West End High School...

And again, Mary, Audrey, and Loretta.  These girls were very sweet....

Audrey and Hilda...

Mary and Audrey with one of our teachers...

Is this not just like the boys...gathered around a "no smoking" sign with their cigarettes...

Now this boy was cute!  Notice the picture was cut to fit into my billfold. :)  Ronald...

West End School was fine and the people were fine.  It's just that Robbins was home, and would always be home. 

Moving to the country meant having lots of land, ponds to fish in, a garden, fields of corn, farm animals, a tractor, a big house, a country dirt road, and country folks as neighbors.  It meant riding a school bus to school and back home instead of walking with friends or having mama or daddy drive us.  For me, life was never as good after we moved from Robbins.

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Henny Penny


  1. I love to see 'old' photographs.The girls all look splendid in their outfits.Today's girls seem so slobby for the most part...PJ bottoms and hoodies etc.
    Jane x

    1. That's right! Girls dressed like girls back then. They didn't show much skin either, did they? Thank you for your comment.

  2. Dear Henny,
    Your pictures and recollections brought back some of my own, tho I was in 8th grade that year. I did have clothes like you and your friends, and it was rather an innocent time with boys, and more modest behaviour. Actually, I remember some boys in Sedona in 6th grade, who delighted in using some "blue" language and naughty jokes to embarass the girls. We would have hiked down to Oak Creek with a bunch of them, and when they started acting smart alek, we would just hi-tail it home. Isn't it funny how vivid those memories are?
    I spent New Years with my college roomate, who I lived with after college too, and another friend from that time in our lives who has reappeared with his wife in my roomates social scene. (Social scene sounds very fancy, but they ran into each other at the veterinarian's office and discovered that they had lived nearby for around 10 years !) 40 years later, it was such fun to listen to all the stories from the past and the times in between. We are so happy to be able to enjoy rekindled friendships and look forward to sharing more great meals, and tall tales. I hope some of you longtime pals are still within shouting distance.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Hey Pam! Yes, I remember the boys being that way too. Half the time I didn't know what they were talking about! :) Like you, we knew when to head home!

      Oh, it is so nice to run into a friend from the past. Shelby and I are still planning a visit back to Robbins, where we grew up. In fact, we are thinking about next Tuesday, if nothing happens!

      Happy New Year to you Pam!

      Love, Henny

  3. I enjoyed all the old photos! No Senior trip at our High School. There were about 150 kids, it would have been a real undertaking.

  4. Oh my goodness! There were 35 in my graduating class. 150!

  5. Hey Henny Penny! Love the post! You always have the sweetest photos from such a sweet time in our history! Great story too, when smoking was still cool and girls looked like... well girls are supposed to. Love ya - Terry

    1. Hey Terry! Thank you. Can you imagine girls today dressed in all those clothes! Big petticoats to make their skirts stand out! Love, Henny

      Are you working today?


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