Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hardly the "big one"!

After all my complaining and poking fun at the weather people...we got about three inches of snow!

What gets me all riled up is how the weather people start predicting this huge snow storm, way in advance.  The "big one" is coming!  Get prepared!  Schools  and businesses go ahead and start closing!

 We rarely get a big snow event in this part of North Carolina, so everybody gets excited, especially the children.  The few sleds and shovels and boots available in local hardware stores sell out immediately!

Then when the snow doesn't arrive, the weather people begin playing it down. Well now it looks like this may be just a freezing rain event.  Maybe sleet and a few snow flurries mixed in.

Sometime during the night it did finally snow and by daylight we had about three inches. 

A few pictures taken while out feeding the animals this morning. I can always count on Poppy to throw himself into, well, leaves, snow.  Poppy's snow angel...

Were his feet a little too heavy?

From the back porch...

These were taken through the living room window screen and also the screen on the back porch.

Henny Penny


  1. I laughed at your two snow posts! It's like that around here if snow is predicted. It gets all blown out of proportion, and sometimes too, it comes to absolutely nothing. Seems kind of odd though, on our news they were showing snow in Atlanta Georgia, while here in our part of Canada, our early Spring is over and we are back to our regularly scheduled rain.
    Do the deer do a lot of damage to your plants, and if you have a vegetable garden, do you have to fence it off from them?

  2. Dear Henny,
    *laughing* You and Poppy have got quite the thing going there. The fun-loving spirit of your camp transmits nicely to your blog.

    We sometimes talk about how maybe, just maybe, we could do the weather forecast ourselves and hit it right at least half of the time.

    Seeing deer out of your window like that is pretty special. What a treat.


    You make my day!!

  3. Well I thought they weather people were gong to be right this time. Not too bad and certainly not bad enough for all the fuss they make.

    Your deer herd looks a lot like mine, except I live in the middle of town and you live in the country. Not fair!

    Victoria in Indiana

  4. Darn! I was going to enjoy giving you snowplowing lessons!
    Jane x

  5. It's the same way here in Seattle when snow is predicted. It doesn't take much to shut things down in our hilly city.

  6. Even here in Massachusetts the weather people get a bit too wrought up over coming storms. Our school systems have been fooled more than once by a storm that fizzled to a couple of inches. (Great snow angel)

  7. Nice snow angel! And the dog wonders what in the world? The bird seed robbers showed up, they cn clear out a feeder in a minute! Enjoy your snow, I bet it will melt fast:)

  8. Every animal is looking for food and water.

    Great shots.

    Stay warm and safe.

  9. You hear that kind of nonsense where you live too? We live in Atlantic Canada and are used to crazy winter weather, but the weather station dramatizes every 'event'. We just ignore them for the most part and listen the weather report on the call-in number in town. I like the snow angel. What a good sport Poppy is! :-) And the deer are beautiful. You must have a tall fence around the garden plot.


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