Monday, October 14, 2013


We could sure use a day of sunshine along about now!   This will be the eighth day of thick clouds and rain.  Not even a peep of sun.  I need the sunshine!!  With every cloudy, rainy, misty day, I feel gloomier and gloomier. 

There are lots of Camellia blooms.  The bushes look healthier now that there are less trees and more sun in the back yard...sun when it's not raining!

Speaking of rain, that rope is still hanging in that tree waiting for me to finish building the swing.  Just this morning the weatherman said it will be Wednesday before we see the that means Wednesday before I can work on the swing again!

Shelby and I... you remember Shelby, my sister, the farmer.  We were talking yesterday about the swing.  Shelby said there were two things she really wanted when she and her husband moved to the farm...a tree house and a rope swing on a tree limb.  She still has neither, like me!  But listen, Shelby has a loft in their big tall barn...a loft!!!  If only I had a loft full of sweet smelling hay!!!  That's where I would spend most of my days!  This is not Shelby's loft, but a neat one I found on line...

Oh, the memories Shelby and I have of playing and laughing, and jumping from the hay loft at our Aunt Macy's.  Aunt Macy and Uncle Vester had lots of children to play with and the hay loft was our favorite place.

Imagine spending the night in this barn full of hay...

I found this on line and it is a place where you can actually France!!

Back in the 50's...and living in Robbins, Shelby built each of us a simple tree house.  We called them tree "houses" but it was more like a flat wooden floor nailed onto a forked limb.  You need a large tree with several forked limbs, and there was just such a tree in our back yard.  Shelby built three flat tree houses in that one tree.  My house was on the bottom, Jackie's was second, and Shelby's was highest.  She built it by starting at the narrow end nailing boards to the limbs and working her way out .  Just a flat simple tree house.  We spent many a day playing in that tree...especially Shelby!  Shelby loved to read and what better place to read than up in a tree, on one of mama's good quilts. Many times we forgot and left a quilt up in the tree house and it would get rained on.

Here it is, bedtime Monday I will stop here.  Hope to be back soon!

Henny Penny


  1. Cute post - makes me homesick for the countryside !
    I had a barn full of hay - once upon a time.
    Your stories are enchanting, you should put them all in a book !

  2. Henny Penny, please save me some camellia seeds! I find them here at work but I take them home to dry and the critters eat 'em. Ha! We are starting to get rain here too, a little too much. Love, Terry

    1. Terry, I will save and send you some seeds. I've never looked for camellia seeds, but I will do that. :) Love, Henny


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