Sunday, October 6, 2013

Needing Rain

Up the dusty brick path...we need rain terribly bad!!  Tropical storm Karen is supposed to bring us rain on Monday, but now that has weakened.  It is very dry and dusty here.  That reminds me of mama.  A few years back we had a really bad drought.  We went all summer without rain.  The pond was so low that on the more shallow end, we could walk from one side of the pond to the other side on dry cracked ground.  We were afraid the fish would die.  Anyway, Mama was here for a visit and when I worried over and talked about the dry weather, and us getting no rain, mama would say, "Oh, it will rain again, it always does".  And it did, and the pond filled again.

Recently I read a quote by Phillips Brooks that reminds

me of mama...

"No man or woman can be strong, gentle, pure, and good, without the world being better for it, and without someone being helped and comforted by the very existence of that goodness."  

I've been cleaning up around the greenhouse...the Hostas are yellow and pretty much done for the year.  The pots of roses have been moved into the tiny greenhouse for the winter.  The deer won't leave the roses alone.  Maybe their leaves will come back and there will be a few  blooms to enjoy this winter.  Lots of dry brown leaves falling now because of the dry weather.  Hard to believe spring and summer have come and gone and it's time to put things away for the winter.

The larger roses I brought inside the garden fence.  These should be okay through the winter...

A month or so ago when I planted a few things in the herb garden, even though it was late in the season, it actually looks pretty good.  Two Dill plants have volunteered and come up.  The Thyme has come out and the Basil is thriving.  Tiny but fun!

Not much of a post.  Thank you for stopping by.  By the way...Poppy looked at the rope, looked at the tree limb and said, "Mel, you can't put a swing there"!  So, while he is at work, I'm going outside with my new rope...try to throw the rope over that 20' high limb and prove "Mr. Poppy" wrong!!!  Please wish me would be nice to be right for once! :)

Henny Penny

A fine rope...don't you think! 



  1. Good Monday morning, Henny! We got buckets of rain, I wish I could mail you some, maybe you are getting a little ... can't wait to see if you get the swing or not, that is indeed mighty fine rope! Maybe Poppy will change his mind and help you make a swing, 20 feet is not too much.... maybe...I love your greenhouse and the saving of the roses from deer. Some places around here have trouble with deer - I went to look at a couch out near the SC line and there were deer all in the yards...but I have trouble with bears getting in everything. Yes, indeed, bears are coming out everywhere. I love your posts, no matter how long or short! I think the herb garden did pretty good considering no rain. I am going to plant some kale here, but I don't know how well it will do. Keep us updated about the swing. Love, Terry

    1. Good morning Terry! We woke up to a sprinkle of rain this morning. Now the weather people say we may get more rain and thunderstorms by lunchtime, maybe even a tornado...good grief!!! I've got the car backed up to the door, just in case I have to run! :) Oh Terry, all I need is to see a bear getting into stuff around here! I can't imagine! There are a lot more bear sightings around now, even here, occasionally. Hope you have a good day! Love, Henny

  2. Henny Penny, We finally got so rain today. I hope it is raining at your house to. I hope that you have a swing hanging from the true soon! I still remember swinging in the monkey swing at grandmas! It was so much fun and I always wanted one of my own at my house. Maybe I should get out and look around my yard for a nice tree limb to hang a swing on. Frank probably would not go for it either. I wish I had a greenhouse, it is on the list of things to get when we get totally adjusted to me being home and having to pay for insurance. We want a green house and honey bees. Hopefully next year. We also want to plant some grapevines, we have the place picked out. Oh well, I better go, love your blog and I LOVE YOU!!!

  3. Dear Vicki...I LOVE YOU more!! :) We are supposed to get some rain and storms today. They keep changing the forecast. I worked and worked on hanging that swing yesterday and finally got one end of the rope around the tree limb. I must have climbed that ladder 10 times!! Good thing I'm on arthritis medication now! I couldn't have done that 2 weeks ago! I finally gave up and Dan said he would help me! I love your and Frankie's home and yard. Yours looks like a real farm! The area you live in is pretty and country too. Start looking for that tree limb for a swing!!! Love, Aunt Henny

  4. Dear Henny,
    L.O.V.E. the pic of the rooster at the top of this post. He looks like he could be in the dictionary next to the definition of 'cock of the walk'! Haha.

    I need to get my little green house taken down. It is getting cold at night and will soon be below freezing. Why is it so much more fun to put these things up than take them down? All those vacationing houseplants will now need to be wiped off and brought back in. It's a bit like you with your lacy curtains. I like my plants in the house and it feels 'bare' in here without them.

    I hope you get some rain soon. Do you remember the hymn, 'There shall be showers of blessings, oh that today they may fall'? That is my wish for you, that showers of blessings would fall, in the form of rain and every other good thing the Father sees fit for you.


    1. Dear Jen,

      Thank you. It sure is more fun to put up and fix up things, than to take down and put away! We certainly did get that needed rain today. Everything looks fresh and green again. I do remember and love that hymn. Thank you, Jen.



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