Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Baby Guineas

Oh my!  If you have ever tried to catch a guinea, then you can imagine how hard it would be to catch a mother guinea with five babies.  I did just that!   In fact, I even coaxed the papa guinea into the pen...

Just this past Monday, Poppy said, "there is a guinea setting on eggs in a brush pile near the edge of the woods...the best thing we can do is break up the nest.  It is too late in the season for baby guineas".  They have a hard enough time surviving in warm weather.  Winter is just around the corner and guineas make terrible mothers...they lose their babies by roaming so far from home.  They lose their babies in tall grass and to predators.  Well, we didn't get around to breaking up the nest, thankfully!   Anyway, I happened to look out the kitchen window and there was the mama guinea with five babies!!   I ran outside just as Weetie, our dog, picked up one of the tiny babies.  I yelled, and she dropped it!  I ran to the shed, got a cage, put hay in the bottom, and believe it or not, caught the five babies without being attacked by the parents!   This is rare!  I have been attacked by a guinea before!  Thinking, if I could get the babies to the pen, the mother would follow me.  However, when I turned to pick up the cage, every baby had escaped through the holes in the wire cage.  Once again I caught all five and carried them to the pen in my hands...with mama and papa close behind!

I am still not believing all this happened the way it did.  Guineas are strange characters!!  Maybe that's why I love them so!

Thank you looking at my blog!

Henny Penny


  1. Henny Penny, good morning! I love this - an action packed guinea round-up! I am in awe, no kidding. We had guineas when I was a teenager and I remember running from them more than to them.. but I loved those gad-abouts! I love to hear them honking at me and honking when I tried to sneak in the house at night. They are great watch dogs! I love the little babies they are probably maybe little baby noises! You are the bomb to have caught them all! You deserve a dinner our or whatever your heart's desire for that hard work! Love Ya - Terry

  2. Hey Terri! It was a job! I feel like I've been beaten, even today! Guineas are funny! I still haven't talked to Dan about a donkey...guess I am waiting for just the right time! Love, Henny

  3. Oh, what Terry said! An action packed guinea round-up! Yes, please!! :D Good job! I love you, Mama. You are the best mama in the world. XOXO Your gur.


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