Thursday, August 15, 2013

76 in August!

What a gorgeous day we have here!!! 76 degrees and low humidity, in August, in North Carolina!!!  I've been outside, up at the garden and greenhouse, in fact, I've let the day get away from me.  Feeling a bit hungry I peeped in at the clock and darn's 2:00!!! 

Sorry about the suet cake...but it looks like Mr. Oak is growing a beard and eyebrows...can you see them?

Poppy noticed it yesterday...a dark spot over each eye and a beard.  He even has rosy cheeks!   Back away and it is even more evident.  We will keep an eye on this fellow.  He stands looking at the kitchen window.

Mr. Duck, Mrs. Duck, and "Shelby" were kept busy at the feed cups so "Theodore" could eat in peace...I really don't want to change Fiona's name!

Later, back at the pond...

The herb garden is beginning to look a bit better...some of the seeds are sprouting...Basil and Parsley.  Not the best looking fence I've ever seen.  It should keep the hens out.  It is probably too late in the season to be starting these herbs...but we'll see.

Chives and Parsley in pots...looks like the chickens have pecked on these chives, "good grief"!!

It is very dry here now...after all that rain, day after bone dry.  I rescued three tomato hornworms up in the garden today. :)  Is it the Braconid Wasp that lays eggs on this poor worm...I can't stand to see that...

I hope to see these become hummingbird moths.  Am I right about this??

Not much of a post, I know.  Thank you if you've stayed this long!

Henny Penny


  1. Dear Henn, first of all, Happy Sunday to you.. Love your post of all the ducks, including Fiona, he would indeed probably be the first female Fiona. Ha! It actually is drying up here too, very overcast, but we having some rain today due to a tropical thingee. I don't know about horn worms turning into moths, but I would be real interested to know about that. My friend is canning October beans and peaches today, so I need to scoot over there and see if I can catch the leftovers...Love Ya, Terry

    1. Dear Terry, it's always good to hear from you. We did get a little rain today! I didn't can anything this year, not even green beans. The beans I cooked had tough strings, which I've never seen before. Guess I can blame that on the weather too! :) Love, Henny

  2. Dear Henny,
    Love Mr. Oak tree's face. My neighbors had a faces on a couple of their trees. When the kids were small we always would look for them when we went by their house.
    I finally saw a hummingbird outside. We usually have two or three, but I hadn't seen any this year, due to the colder temps. It is h-o-t this week!
    Before you know it, all the kids will be back in routine and we'll be picking pumpkins and apples, frying up fritters and making pies. Each season has a loveliness all it's own. I love them all, except the hottest part of summer, not so much.

    Have a good afternoon,

    1. Dear Jen, I love the change of the seasons too. Picking pumpkins and apples sounds good to me! We have been feeding the hummingbirds all summer, but now the yellow jackets are taking over and driving the hummingbirds away. We put up a yellow jacket trap today. Maybe that will help! Love, Henny


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