Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cleaning mood

We all know about Lynn's "standing and staring" club, of which I am a major member!!!  I have spent most of today standing and staring, shuffling and moving stuff around, arranging and rearranging!!!  I have made a drastic change in my tiny little dining area and can't decide if I like the new look or hate it.  Your thoughts will be most appreciated...

Before: I really do like the warm, soft, cozy look of curtains...

After:  I also like the light shinning through and the openness of the roll-up bamboo shades...

For sure, more dusting will be required.  Nothing shows up dust like the sun!!  Why did I start all this???  Seems like Poppy just left for work and here it is 3:00.  Have a feeling the curtains will be going back up as I am just drawn to the cozy feel...HELP!!!

Thankfully, there is something started for supper.  I picked beans yesterday and snapped them last night...a dutch oven full.  Corn on the cob, sliced tomatoes, and some cornbread to go with the beans may be it for tonight!!! 

Deviled tomatoes and cornbread...well you just can't beat it.  All these tomatoes are getting ripe at the same time!!!  Here's how mama used to make deviled tomatoes: (I don't have exact measurements)

In a cast iron frying pan, cut up and stew 5 or 6 (?) tomatoes.  Season with 1 to 2 Tbls. of fat back grease. Add small pod of hot pepper, cut up.  Simmer until it thickens a little.  Very good over cornbread or rice.  Mama used to fry the best cornbread patties...thin and crispy and lacy looking around the edges... 

Best get going.  I still have some outside things to do and it is now 3:35!!!  Thanks for the help!! :)



  1. Ha! Hi there! I like your rearranging! I need to start cleaning something big here, like windows...I just get lazier each year.

    I love your cabin. That is my husband's dream of course, and what I like, is that is is beautifully made of natural wood which always looks good! And the colors are rich.

    1. Hey Andrea,

      We have enjoyed the natural wood in the cabin but sometimes I feel like I would love to paint everything. I love your beautiful, clean white. You have a beautiful home.


  2. Good morning Henny! I love the new look, I like the other too, but this a great look for summer and fall and then you put the curtains back up in the b-r-r months. I wish I use that look but I live on a city street. Looks great! That dinner sounds good, I will be there directly! I have never had deviled tomatoes, but I have put that recipe in my head and will try it! Well, at least you are the member of a club, standing and staring is as good as any...Love Terry

  3. Thank you, Terry! You're right, I could keep the shades for now and use the curtains this winter. You tickle me. Come to think of it, standing and staring is the only club I've ever belonged to, (since the Brownies).


  4. Dear Henny,
    Your decorating instincts are right on target! Clean and bright makes everything right. In the warmer months, a more minimal look, when the snow flies, cozy it up again. Versatility is the key.
    I was doing some rearranging myself and happened upon some curtains I couldn't decide on a while back. Upon closer inspection, the fabric was appealing to me all over again. They are now freshly washed and pressed and adorning our main level windows on the northern exposure. I love how the light plays through them.
    Your deviled tomatoes sound good. Mmmm. Your dinner sounds like the vegetable platter from Cracker Barrel.


  5. Dear Jen,

    Thank you! Good to hear from you!! Your curtains sound beautiful! I love that warm, happy feeling when you find the look you really like. If I change something and there is a little question mark, I am not happy until I change it back...


  6. Dear Henny Penny,

    I thought you'd appreciate an official visit from the PRESIDENT of the standing and staring club. You have done an excellent job of standing and staring. You not only stood and stared before you took down the curtains, but you continued to stand and stare after it was all done! Some people don't understand how to take it this far.

    I like both, by the way, and I like the idea of changing with the seasons.

    Love from your gur,

  7. Lynn, you are so funny!!! I needed this laugh this morning!! I Love you!!



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