Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Duck

Wish I could say this beautiful barn belongs to us, but I can't!!  Our little house is about the size of the lean-to on the back of this barn!! Poppy is off work today and had some errands to run, so I went along with him.  We made a wrong turn out on a country road and drove past this farm.  What a beautiful place!!

Thankfully, the baby duck is still with us.  She seems determined to fit in and be accepted by these older ducks.  Muscovies are territorial, and since ours have been here for over 10 years, well I've worried that the old male might kill her.  On the other hand, the old female seems to want to protect the baby.  

Thank you for helping me with some names.  I like "Fiona" and I like "Ling Ling".  She is such a brave little thing.  Hopefully, it will all work out. 

This hummingbird moth (hope I am right about this) was going from flower to flower...

I got quite a scare late this afternoon.  We had another thunderstorm with a washing rain, which added to the muddy mess in the chicken lot.  When the sun came out, I let the chickens out to free range, including those six new chickens.  Usually the first time out of the pen, chickens are cautious and afraid to go far.  But not these, they made a bee-line for the dark wet woods.  I called and threw out feed, but these chicks were free and on the move.   I had left supper cooking on the stove so I had to run back inside.  Hoping the chickens were smart enough to come back.  Besides, when I walked toward them they went farther away.  Poppy said, "before we eat, let's go try to find those chickens and get them back in the yard"  The chicks were no where to be seen.  I felt like crying, but, thought I would look again inside the chicken house.  To my surprise, there sat everyone of those chickens...on their roost!!!

Oops!! I started this post yesterday.   So far, no rain today.  It is hot and very humid!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Henny Penny


  1. Henny Penny, I love this story, it touches my heart this morning about your chickens in the house already sleep.. Miss Henny, they know their hone sweet home. Love, Terry

  2. Also on this Sunday morn, love that barn! We have had rain, rain, rain and more rain, so we have also had a rainy 4th of July, but we are lucky to live in our country no matter what.. I hope the little duck Fiona Ling Ling makes it, she is sure trying. With you cheering her on, I think she will make it! Beautiful 'maters by the way - Love Terry

    1. Dear Terry,

      I can't believe all this rain!!! "Maters" makes me laugh. There was a guy down home, many years ago (no way to type this as funny as he said it), but he was at mama's, and mama said she sure would love to have a fresh tomato. The guy said, "ain't aunt rache got'ne maters"? "Rache" being short for Rachael. You know how some of us talk down here in the south!!! Is the water gone from your basement yet? Always glad to hear from you!


    2. Hello Henny - I think we are averaging 2 inches of rain a day here, so I have some water in the basement but I am thankful it is just wet.. not inches of rain, now. I dug a really deep trench on one side of the house. I go home from home from work and mop it up or bale (is that right?) and turn the fans on and it is okay, but not great. I think that they built this house over a warm water spring. I hopefully will get to the move to the country some day!

      I love the way we talk here in the is almost a way of knowing what part of the South you are from that way. I love to say, "It's a fur piece from here" people don't know what to think!

      Blessings to you as always - Hopefully Fi-Ling-Ling is finding her way... Love to you and yours Terry


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