Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Tin Roof

What could be more country than an old fashioned tin roof on a house???   With all the heavy rain we had this past spring, the roof over our small front porch had started to leak.  It was driving Poppy crazy!!!  We didn't replace all the shingles on the house, but we do now have a tin roof over the porch.  Can't wait for the next big rain.  I love the sound of rain on a tin roof...I want to sit in the swing and listen...as long as there is no lightening with the rain!!! :)

 I've simply got to clean and wax that old cupboard and table  on the porch.  I bought Murphy Oil Soap and Johnson's paste wax, but other stuff to do keeps coming up.  In an earlier post, I talked about my cousin Pat and her husband giving me this beautiful old cupboard.  The cupboard was build by a doctor back in the Civil War days.  I also mentioned that Pat is my first and second cousin...her mother and my mother were sisters.  Her dad and my dad were first cousins.  The old cupboard again...

Anyway, Pat is a registered nurse...a retired registered nurse!  A beautiful retired registered nurse!!  Remember when nurses wore all white and those little white nurse's caps?  I loved that pure clean look.  This is Pat in her white...Isn't she pretty...

Growing up, our families were very close.  Almost every summer we traveled together to Folly Beach, South Carolina for two happy, fun filled weeks.   Even though Pat and I are the same age, she and my sister Shelby were closer.  But, I loved her too !!!  I was too busy playing dolls, while they were a little more interested in boys and grown up things!!!  I remember one summer, back in the 1950's when  Shelby and Pat were spending a week together.  They embroidered names and stuff all over their matching, long, men's type, white shirts.  It was super cool!!!  They wrote boys names, names of friends, and cute sayings all over their shirts and then embroidered them in different colors.  All that was done by hand too!!!  No machine embroidery!!!  I remember Pat had embroidered, "stop, look, and listen, but don't touch" on a chest pocket and they thought that was so funny!!!  Gosh!!  Then we all had to grow up...and apart.  Sad how time flies.

This is Aunt Agathel, Pat's mom...(probably in the 1940's)

This is my mom...(also 1940's)

Back to cousin Pat...she is also an artist.  You may have noticed this painting of "Bickett", our sweet, biting cat.   The picture hangs on the wall in our little dining area...well Pat painted this picture!!!  She surely did!  Bickett was younger at the time, and curled up between the arm of the sofa and a pillow...

Suppose I've gone on enough.  Thank you for looking at my blog.

Henny Penny


  1. I love the way you have chairs hanging on your porch ! it looks lovely where you live.
    Doesn't Lynn look like her Grandmother ?

    1. Hey Wean, Thank you! My porch needs to be cleaned!!! We live on a dirt path and dust settles on everything. Lynn does look a lot like my mother and has a sweet personality like my mother had.


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