Saturday, June 29, 2013


The poem that comes to mind this morning is the Mother Goose Rhyme...

                   Rain, rain go away,
                   Come again another day,
                   Little Johnny wants to play.

More bad storms last night.  Poppy had to work until 8:00 so there I was, alone again with severe storms headed our way.  Fortunately, a Goodwill store just opened in town...the sign in the window reads "open til 8:30 pm."  I'm getting pretty good at timing my ride to town just ahead of a storm!! :)  Not that this is a joking matter, I am seriously afraid of storms.  Walking around in Goodwill was more fun than sitting in the hospital waiting room.  Also, I paid for my visit to Goodwill with the purchase of a $1.99, one-quart saucepan...stainless steel, no less!!!  This little saucepan will replace the one that recently caught fire on the stove!!!   It was a week or so ago that  I strolled into the kitchen and my entire life flashed before my eyes!!! The contents of my favorite little stainless steel pot had cooked down to nothing but a roaring flame.  All I remember is running out the front door with the pot, and a roll of black smoke following me.   I vowed then, never again to walk out of the kitchen after putting sugar water on the stove to boil for the humming birds!!!  There was already one little saucepan buried on the property!!! :(

This rainbow was in the sky when I walked out of the Goodwill store.  What a way to end a storm!!! The colors faded somewhat before I could pay for my pot and get outside...still beautiful!!!

Speaking of fire, mama used to say, "three moves equals a burn", meaning, I suppose, damage done to furniture and household goods caused by moving too many times!!! Mama used to talk about some family way back, years ago, that moved so many times, when the chickens saw them hooking up the wagon, they would go ahead and lay down and cross their legs.  Asking mama what this meant, she said, "people used to tie their chicken's legs together so they would be easier to move" .  Who knew!!!

Mama had many many funny old sayings.  Mama was 90 years old when she died in 2007.  She would definitely make you laugh and then she would get tickled and laugh too!   Daddy was only 61 when he died in 1976.  My best memories of daddy are from my childhood.  Daddy must have been is his early 20's in this picture...he looks so young, and handsome!!!  I don't think I would want to go out fishing in that boat he's standing in.  He looks pretty proud of that boat.  I wonder if he built it!! 

Hope you all have a good weekend!! Looks like we are in for a wet weekend, and a wet week ahead!! That's okay though....I am very happy and very thankful for all that we have!!!

Henny Penny


  1. I really enjoyed reading this. :) Your mama sounds like a wonderful woman and your daddy sure was a handsome man.

    1. Thank you very much...I appreciate your looking at my blog. I do talk about mama and daddy a lot in my post. I sure miss them. Hope you'll come back.

      Henny Penny

  2. Oh mama, I loved reading about grandma and pawpaw. I miss them both. This --> "The contents of my favorite little stainless steel pot had cooked down to nothing but a roaring flame." is hilarious!! I am glad you are okay. Reminds me of when someone asked me if I liked potpourri, and Thomas said, "Yeah, she does, because she likes for the house to smell like we just had a fire." Love you!!! Your gur.

  3. Oh Lynn, I remember when Thomas said that about the potpourri. I have laughed about this all day!



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