Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good Neighbors

My neighbor Miss Ann, enjoys writing poems about the country life, and chickens.  Miss Ann wrote these especially for "Henny Penny Lane"...


Dawn comes creeping up to start the day.
The golden rooster sits on the bale of hay.

Wait just a minute, Mother Nature,
 "I will start the day"!

He stretches out his neck and crows and crows and crows,
 While sitting on the new bale of hay.

Nothing is like a big golden rooster sitting on a bale of hay,
To wake up a new day!

                            "Each Morning"

As I lie in my bed
 I smell the delights of the day.

I want to stay in my bed, oh my!
I hear the calls of the day.

I brew the coffee
and take out my favorite speckled cup.

I gulp down the dark hot liquid,
But only one cup!

I put on my old green boots.  The hens are awake. 
I hear the cackles and squawks.

"Fill the basket with all you can", they told the lady in the green boots.  So she does, and heads to the coop.  She collects the eggs, two dozen in all.

Now I will get my favorite cup, fill it with the strong brew.  The lady sips her brew, "good job girls, two dozen in all"!

                         "The Gossiping Hens"

Three busy hens are out walking, cackling, and squawking.
 Just a talking!

"Have you seen that new red rooster"?
"Oh yes", said the middle hen!

The first hen said, "yes, he sits on the hay and crows,
 He makes the day begin".

The hen on the end says,
"He makes this hen's head just spin"!

Once upon a time Ann and her husband had chickens of their own.  Deciding to get out of the chicken and egg business, they gave  Poppy and me their hens!!!  In fact, these two fat hens came from Ann.  I named them "Ruby" and "Rachael"...

Thank you!!!

Henny Penny

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  1. Miss Ann, I love your poems. They tell beautiful stories.



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