Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Early "Good Morning"

This is our early morning.  Up at 4:30! 

Yesterday was sunny and warm, well actually it was hot!  I'm not complaining.  I've been waiting for this!  I made a row in the garden for potatoes but was too tired at that point to plant the potatoes.  I was tired before ever going to the garden.  I spent the morning cleaning the back porch and hauling off stuff that had collected there during the winter.

I noticed the prettiest patch of vinca in bloom.  During leaf raking season I wonder why I ever planted this.  The leaves collect there and are hard to get up.  When it blooms I remember why I planted it!

Out closing the chicken house door last night, I peeped in to see where the bantams were roosting...
One Guinea was roosting alone in the cedar tree by the chicken lot...Kind of eerie looking...
Guess I had better get busy...

Henny Penny


  1. Dear Henny Penny,
    The vinca is lovely, like a blanket left by picnicking fairies.
    I am wondering if spring will ever come here. We got snow again last night. My strawberry bed was starting to show signs of life. I hope they are okay after this most recent snow.
    Love the artsy, authentic pic of the chicken coop. You captured the evening sky very well too. The Guinea in the tree is so funny! We saw turkeys in the trees at the Arboretum. Probably a good view from up there!
    Off to the day,

    1. Dear Jen,
      What you write is so pretty. Oh my! I can't imagine snow! I hope the cold didn't hurt your strawberry bed. I've never tried to grow strawberries, but I would love to. Thank you!
      Henny Penny

  2. Hey Mama!! I love the picture of the bantams. And that guinea looks sort of sweet and lonely up there! I love the vinca. I just planted mine today -- the ones you gave me. I had so much fun with those plants!! Love you! Sandra Lynn the Big Fat Hen

  3. Oh, thank you..Thank you for stopping by.
    Henny Penny


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