Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Garden, such as it is

My goodness! Thank you friends for the nice comments, and so many of them, on the little horse stall/bathroom...
I replied to all your comments but then while away, got a bunch more. Thank you! 

Oh, and "thank you" to the new followers. What a surprise! I appreciate you very much!

The teeny tiny garden is beginning to look, well, kinda like a garden...
but why is it so hard to get good pictures of a garden? Looking pretty skimpy in the pictures...
this first row, as usual, is all flowers, (and grass)! There's sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, and oh shoot, what's the flower that looks a lot like red clover??? 
this is my try at a wattle fence and planted in front are half-runner green beans.
some of the tomato plants.
and at this little wattle fence are yard long green beans.
and look, every year the darned squash bugs ruin the squash and zuchinni, so I'm trying these two in large pots on a metal table against the garden fence. After taking the pictures, I added rich compost and watered them. We'll see. 

The garden has a lot of growing and filling in to do, so I won't bore you with too many pictures. Making the garden pretty is the fun part, oh and gathering a few vegetables might be fun too. :)

Do you remember Wilder, the wild rabbit? 

it's been two years since our neighbor Ann brought me the baby bunny. I raised him and then turned him loose. 

Wilder still comes back to visit. When we see him in the driveway, we carry him corn and rabbit pellets. It's simply amazing, but it is Wilder. He comes right up to my feed bucket.

Red, it was you who told me he would come back. 

Hey, I just remembered the name of the other flower seeds planted in the garden...Gomphrena. Yep, that's it!

This tri-color spirea is so pretty this year. Much prettier than the picture shows...
here's a close-up...
There's white blooms, and the almost red blooms fade to pink. 

Better get busy. Hope to be back here real soon. Hope you will come back too.



  1. I meant to leave a comment about your precious little powder room. My granddaughter would lose her mind over it! She loves horses! Your garden looks good to me. I don't do that anymore. It never works out and we have wonderful Farmer's Markets I can get fresh veggies from. Wilder! Good to see ya, little feller!

    Grace & Peace,

  2. Your gardens are always so charming, Henny. And I just might try to make a waddle fence, too. I have beans galore growing here. The tri-color spirea is so pretty. I have a few plain old white ones but they are beautiful right now. I remember you raising Wilder. I just don't recall you setting him free. That can't have been easy. I'm so happy to see he is doing well and visits you. Aren't animals wonderful. Love to all at your little farm. xo

  3. Your garden looks great! I love zinnias and cosmos. Those Spirea are so pretty!

  4. Oh, I do enjoy my visits to your teeny tiny farm.

  5. Hey hope you are doing good. I have a solution for you squash bugs sprinkle seven dust in the hole with the seeds when you plant them next year. It really works. Love you bunches

    1. Thank you Vicki. I've heard that before and didn't know whether or not to try, this year I did plant four in a row with sevin dust. If it works for you maybe it will for us. Love you!

  6. Love your garden, Henny. Looks like it's doing great. I always love the pictures of your flowers too...and how fun to have your bunny friend come back to visit!

  7. I love the photos of your garden! I love hearing about your bunny friend, too. The wattle fence looks really good. I should try one for some of my support needing veggies.

  8. Spring and summer keep us busy as so many things are developing.

  9. I hope your squash and zucchini will be safe from the dreaded bugs up on the table. Your garden is looking good. The spirea bush looks amazing with those pretty pink blooms.
    Isn't it something that Wilder remembers you and comes back to visit ( and get food).

  10. I think your garden is looking great! Your tomato plants are already so big. I like your wattle fence that you constructed, too. -Jenn

  11. I remember Wilder! I even remember Red saying he would return. I'm so glad he does come to visit and to get a snack. Everything looks just beautiful, all the flowers and vegetables too. I really like the wattle fence. I think you could do anything Henny!

  12. The photo of the spirea took me right back to my childhood as we had a huge shrub of it in the home garden. It is always a joy to wander around your garden with you, never boring. Sounds like it is going to look so pretty :)

  13. I think your garden is looking great. We had a spirea bush when I was a little girl. Mulberries too. I used to pick them and eat them right off of the bush. Yum.

  14. Hi HENNY- I Love to see your Vegetable Garden and the pretty flowers. Your Rabbit that returns from the wild is a lovely story too. Stay well there Henny & Poppy. Cheers. KEV.

  15. I'll just add my amazement to your garden Henny..!
    It looks really good, everything is coming on so
    lovely..backed up with ALL the scientific names
    you come up's a real learning curve..! :).
    And..the..(hang on).. Tri-color Spirea is lovely,
    and, the pink flowers look lovely to..! If it's
    pink..that's the one for me..! :o).

    Still early over here, though the suns out, first
    of any rain yesterday, for over a week, much needed,
    sunny over the weekend, few light showers, and since
    they've lifted some of the Lockdown, people flocking
    to the seaside..not me, don't do seaside..lets hope
    the government have made the right decision on this,
    l don't think so, and, kids going back to school...
    I don't think so, though the decision has been left
    finally to the parents..! I'm not going back to
    school..HeHe! I'm to old anyway..! :o). Bless!x

    1. Thank you Willie. Sorry to be late replying. You probably won't see this. Hope to have lots of pink flowers in the garden this summer.

    2. Look forward to the pink flowers..Lovely! :).
      And, yes, l do go back to just few posts, every
      day, yours and Julie's to name but two, as l like
      reading other comments, and pick up on a few Blogs
      l don't follow as such, but, still interest me to
      Have a great weekend...! 🍆🍇🍈🍉

  16. Oh, Henny, I love to see veggies growing! Summer must be on the way. And of course, Wilder coming back. Wonderful.
    I have a rabbit that loves to come out in the evening to eat apple peel I toss out on the grass. If she can get to it
    before the deer herd gets here. I tried a squash plant 2 years ago in a bucket, but I never got squash. I hope your plants do better than that. I have a lone potato growing on the patio this year, and lantana for the humming birds.
    Both things seem to be deer resistant. Thanks for the garden tour. I needed that, and it is pouring up here today.

  17. That is so sweet that Wilder is coming back. We have a mourning dove chick that we helped along this early spring. We named him Bird, he is visiting us daily on our front deck. I have sunflower seeds for him. He comes and eats them.
    xx oo

  18. Your garden is looking so seeing it. Neat about the bunny...but wild animals do have such a good memory...or even tame ones let loose. While we were gone, someone or dogs one somehow got our bunny's cage open and she was just gone. We figured the dogs had gotten her. A while later, a neighbor came down and told Roger there is a bunny that is acting strange...does not act wild. It was under a car...Roger went down and said something to her...called her Bailey...and here she came to him.

    The girls could have her loose in the yard and if something scared her, she ran to one of them and jumped in their lap and buried her face against them.

  19. Oh my! Wilder is so dear! I wonder what he'd tell us about his wild life if we could speak bunny.

  20. Oh how funny the Wilder ... apparently he always misses you and he knows thanks for taking care of you since he was little.

    Say hello to Wilder and have a nice weekend.
    Greetings from Indonesia.

  21. The Garden on Henny Penny Lane is looking quite fine, I think! Someone has been working hard to have it in such fine shape. I love the wattle fence, and keep thinking I might give one a try. If your plan to raise squash in tubs works, I will do the same, for I have almost given up on it because of bugs. Sweet little Wilder will never forget your kindness!

  22. I've had some catching up to do! I love the barn bathroom. I'm sure I've commented on the mules before because that's a beautiful print. Who would've known the toilet seat would offer the final special touch! I like it. Wilder is so sweet. The last couple of days I've spotted 2 wild rabbits, and although I'm aware they're around the city, I got so excited. It felt like a blessing to encounter them. Equally a blessing, the blue heron we've spotted in flight at least 5 times the last week! We laugh because we think: OMG, pelican-- no, crane! Stork? No...Heron!! They're out of this world to watch them in the sky. So big. Great work on the wattle fence-- have you found any of the leek seed you so wanted? God bless you!

    1. Thank you Pilar. That's funny about seeing the blue heron. They are so pretty. We have them here at the pond. Poppy scares them away because of all the fish they eat. I still love them and don't tell him when I see one. :) No, I haven't found any leek seeds. Probably need to order them online. I'll do the! Thank you. I appreciate your visit and comment.

  23. Gomphrena makes lovely little dried flowers. You’ll have to try drying some! It’s so wonderful that Wilder remembers you, comes to visit, and knows the feed bucket. I wonder if she/he had baby bunnies this year.

  24. Hi Henny :) I love the Wilder comes back to visit! I kind of miss our little squirrels that we saved last summer in Quebec. They came back all of the time to see us, I hope they're doing okay! Your garden looks great. Do you mulch everywhere after the plants start to come up? I love the wattle fence, I'm totally stealing that idea lol! Btw, good luck with your squash. This will be my first year planting them. I'm going to keep row covers on them at night...I read somewhere that it could help with the squash bugs, but I guess time will tell!

  25. I have planted squash in pots the last two years and they did well. I heard not to put mulch around them because the bugs like it. I planted later too. Your tomatoes look so good. Pretty garden and protected well with a fence. I am hoping to do something like that for next year to keep deer out. Beautiful spirea.
    Lucky you with the Heron, they eat snakes, gophers, ground hogs. We do not have water and I thought it strange to see one here at my house. Near our water slash or small creek that dries up in the summer. I was so happy as I know they help get rid of varmints that eat my plants.

  26. That shower curtain is cool! Never saw one like it before.

    So cute the bunny comes back to visit! WOW! 😊

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