Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Catching up

 Dear friends,

I've had the hardest time posting lately, in fact, these spring pictures were taken three or four days ago and you know how spring colors change every day.

Thank goodness for spring! and didn't it arrive at just the right time?

We are staying home except for going to the grocery store or to pick up prescriptions, and speaking of prescriptions, my doctor has prescribed 600 mg Ibuprofen, three times a day, for my sciatic nerve pain. The Ibuprofen has helped so much! The MRI has been postponed until things settle down a bit. 

Back to more pleasant things...

Springtime! Once things start turning green I can't bear to mow, or to cut down even the tiniest weed...
 well, not until it gets too snaky looking to walk barefoot...
there's little violets and blue bells mixed in all this grass and weeds.

It's surprising that we have any flowers left with all the wind lately! Four days straight last week the winds blew at 25 mph.

Then yesterday we had a thunderstorm with winds that actually blew half the tin roof off the chicken house. The giant snowball bush took a beating too, littering the ground with big white balls.

I'm thinking the cut-over, and no longer having a windbreak is causing a lot of this wind problem. Darn it!

around the porch the ferns are beginning to leaf out and azaleas beginning to bloom...

the wild azalea too...
and up to the garden, around the playhouse...
the red honeysuckle vine, intertwined with the chocolate vine...I love it!
Potted plants are being brought from the greenhouse, along with pots that were tucked away under the leaves in a corner of the teeny tiny garden during the cold days of winter... 
I do love bringing everything out again...and never did get around to making myself a cup of tea inside the playhouse...on the teeny tiny cook stove...hopefully, there is still time. Pretty slow-going with back problems, and there is still a little garden to be planted.

Way too many words and pictures here, but I do have a bit of good news about the "cut-over"...

Saturday morning, very early, a white van and trailer pulled over along the path. Six men got out, each one with two large canvas bags strapped to their back; the bags were filled with small pine trees.

Here's how they looked...

must have been terribly tiring. These men walked rather fast and every three wide steps would dig a shovel into the ground, drop in a young pine tree, and move on...covering this 100 acres.

Pines grow fast. Hope we are still around to see them half grown anyway.

Forgive me please for making this post too long. I will leave you with this spoiled kitty cat...
he was expecting me to scratch his fat belly, not take his picture.



  1. Yeah for replanting! Your little corner of the world has spring and some oh so pretty flowers! Stay safe!

  2. Ibuprofen..Yes! it's very good, l take two, three
    times a day, but l also take Paracetamol, l've
    had this arthritis in my neck, for twelve years,
    not life threatening, but, not good either! :(.
    And..I've just picked up my monthly prescription
    this morning..! :). Only my second visit to town
    in three weeks..! :(.

    I always go off into a world of my own, when looking
    at your home Henny..especially the surrounding trees,
    shrubs, flowers etc..I can imagine myself with a bottle
    of wine in one hand, a glass in the other..AND..Just
    wandering around at my leisure..enjoying it all..Lovely!
    Though knowing my luck..after drinking ALL the wine, l'd
    probably finish up falling in the lake/pond..HeHe! Hic! :o).

    I've been out in the garden to..cut the grass, trimmed my
    Virginia was three feet when l planted
    it covers the house..back and front..done the back, just the
    front to do, but, l have to keep on top of it..!

    Nice to see the workmen planting new young pine trees..l think
    globally, it's something countries are doing now, as so many
    trees have been cut down, and forests devastate..The only place
    l like to see trees and flowers, and that's growing out the ground
    where they belong..NOT! NOT! Cut..and put into a silly vase on a
    window sill..HeHe! So There...!!!

    Well get on..your Posts can never be long enough for me,
    l love them..sorry if my comments are short..HeHe! You know me, once
    l start, l get carried people say the further the better...!
    Hope you and your family are looking after themselves, something we
    should ALL be doing..! :). Take Care! God Bless! Keep Happy! And please
    give Smokey a tummy tickle from me..He's a poser, and l should know..! :o).
    πŸ’›πŸŒ±πŸŒΈπŸŒ±πŸ’œ πŸ’›πŸŒ±πŸŒΈπŸŒ±πŸ’œ πŸ’›πŸŒ±πŸŒΈπŸŒ±πŸ’œ πŸ’›πŸŒ±πŸŒΈπŸŒ±πŸ’œ πŸ’›πŸŒ±πŸŒΈπŸŒ±πŸ’œ

  3. What beautiful pictures, Henny! Yes, spring is exactly what we need during this time. Aren't you glad we can appreciate Mother Earth so much? Others can walk thru the same plot of land and only think about how much they miss leaving it and going someplace else "to get away". How very sad. Lovingly~ Andrea xoxo

  4. Henny, I am glad the ibprofen is helping for now. So you can enjoy your beautiful garden areas. Why do the storms
    always come as Spring is bringing out the best for show! Here in Ohio, it is guaranteed to storm when the peonies
    bloom! We are starting to see some flowering crabs and the forsythia is in full bloom. But stormy here today.
    Of course, Precious sends a purr from one gray kitty to Smokey. With this flu virus, you may just sit and watch the
    pine babies grow for quite some time. Lynn

  5. Oh what lovely springtime scenes you have. Can hardly believe all your flowers already! I bet is smells simply divine. So glad they replanted some trees~

  6. I'm so happy to hear they are replanting and not building up houses on your lovely country lane! I've missed seeing the spring flowers since moving to Illinois. It is still too cool here and they have not broken through yet in our area.

  7. Henny, I'm so glad that you've gotten some relief for your pain. Hurting can take the joy out of life. Your yard is just beautiful. Our redbuds just started blooming last week. My saucer magnolia was gorgeous for a few days and then we had those winds that worked their way to you. So those beautiful flowers ended up all over the yard, driveway and sidewalk by the front door. I'm glad the field across the road from you is being replanted with trees. Pine forests are beautiful, but I think of the pollen. My husband has allergies and we couldn't open our windows in the spring when we had pines in the yard. Every surface was yellow with pollen. It's a small price to pay, I guess for their beauty and contribution to the environment, including their fullness which will make a good wind-break for you. Also, when there's nothing to hold the soil in place it erodes easily and you have dust when it's dry and the wind blows. So there a many benefits to having trees. Wildlife will also have a place to live. I just love nature and can be happy looking out the windows at it for hours. Enjoy your yard, carefully!

  8. Good to see a post from you Henny. I've been wondering about you. Your flowers are beautiful and it's true, the pines grow fast so you'll be enjoying little green trees before long. Take care and I hope your pain will at least be not as bad. Do you have exercises to do to help relieve the pain?

  9. So much color and rebirth going on there at your farm, it gives us so much promise in this time of uncertainty. Kudos to the fellas that have planted the new saplings, and yes, hopefully they will grow fast.
    I'm happy to read your aches and pains are getting manageable, having suffered from back problems for many years, I completely understand your struggle.
    I could tickle that little belly all day long ...sweet boy.
    Stay well Henny !

  10. Spring looks wonderful! In a few years, maybe you will get your windbreak again.
    Glad to hear the Ibuprophen is helping.

  11. It’s good to hear from you and see the spring flowers bustin’ out all over. The azaleas are done here and the dogwoods are starting to fade. The tomato plants are blooming! They really replanted that forest quickly and it is surprising how fast those pines grow. Not fast bought to be a windbreak any time soon, though I’m afraid. I’m so glad you got some relief from your pain. Stay safe, Henny.

  12. It's so green and lush out your way with blooming flowers. Even your Honeysuckle is blooming. Mine has itty bitty leaves only so far.
    Sure glad that the area that was cut down is now being replanted. I wonder if they come and water those tiny trees when there's been no rain for a while?
    Take it easy on your back. That's a lot of Ibuprophen in a day. My DH was taking a lot too at one point a few years ago and ended up with a major intestinal bleed ( Ibuprophen thins the blood). It ended with him needing a transfusion.

  13. It looks pretty and lush around your place. Glad you are helped by the Ibuprophen. What a back breaking job planting those little trees must have been! Spoiled kitty would be so nice to give a belly rub to. Be well, stay safe and keep enjoying and sharing all that beauty around you. Hopefully you'll get to have a tea break in the play house. Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  14. I'm so glad you're getting some relief for your sciatica. I know how painful that is. I'm down today with muscle spasms in my back. Yesterday too. I made the mistake of sitting at my sewing machine for an hour yesterday and again this morning. I miss sewing SO much. I tried to break it into 15 minutes increments but it didn't help.
    I'm glad the trees are being replanted. Someday it will be wonderful across the road again. Your post was perfect. Not too many pictures or words.

  15. Hi Henny :) I'm so happy to see that they are replanting across the road! Your flowers are so beautiful and thank you for sharing that bright lovely moment with me as I'm still knee deep in the white stuff! :) We are having nice weather but it will take another month or so to melt all of the snow.

  16. To sit on your lovely porch looking at all those pretty flowering shrubs would sprinkle a little cheer to your day. Springtime is beginning to flourish at your lovely place. I do hope the drugs help your sciatica. Hoping too, that you can have the MRI very soon. Take care.

  17. So sorry to read of your back pain dear Henny & hoping the medication helps you. Everything is looking lovely with flowers coming to life. I am so pleased to read they have planted across the road - the pines will grow fast!

  18. I've been thinking of you and worried about you with your back problems. I'm glad you have some meds for it. I take that same prescription and I'm sure you know to take it with food to protect your stomach. Everything looks just beautiful around your place! Please don't overdo working but I know you love it. Thinking of you always!

  19. Nice to see all your trees in leaf and flowers blooming.

  20. I suspected the clear cut was a tree harvest and there would be replanting. Good to know it's happening all ready.
    The azaleas in your neck of the woods are lovely. I am thrilled for spring too, and was able to get out and crawl around in the garden for the first time in a month, being plagued with sciatic too. I am hoping that my back condition is improving. Gardening is something I NEED to do.

  21. It's looking just gorgeous there! We are having signs of Spring, but nothing like this.
    I hope those pine trees grow fast! That was a lot of planting.

  22. Hi Henny,
    Oh that last photo. I just want to snuggle that kitty.
    I love seeing your home and yard.
    And I am so happy about the pine trees.
    Love, Carla

  23. Oh, I just knew things would be lovely now at Henny Penny Lane. How I would love to come over for that promised cup of tea! I hope your back continues to get better. Thankfully mine has.

  24. Such a joy to visit and see the beautiful signs of Spring all around. Nice to see the planting going on, Pine does grow very quickly. Stay safe and well.

  25. That is fantastic news about the replanting! Trees are everything. I'm intrigued by the notion of a wild azalea since it's not likely to ever occur up this way, it seems so magical. I too like a longer grass, though I understand it makes a great hiding place for the kind of critters you don't want lurking about...but the look is so lush and green-- and we wait so long for it, too, right? Spring is on its way here, yes, it's slow going but you're right that this madness hit us at the right season. Thankfully, we have something to look forward to. I hope your back feels better soon and let's you have some peace of mind. Many blessings to you and your home!

  26. We haven't reached spring color in Michigan yet. So I doubly enjoyed your sneak preview!

  27. Glad to hear from you and thanks for sharing all the lovely growing going on down there.

    I suffer Sciatic issues due to lower spine distances narrowing. I'll tell you that you will get some relief if you do some exercises for it that can be found on the internet. AND, let me caution you to the use of Ibuprofen. High doses for extended use can harm your kidneys. Terry did and also has HBP and now is in Stage Three Kidney Disease.
    Stay Well.
    xx, Carol

  28. Spring looks beautiful out your way. Things greening up nicely.
    That's great news about all those pine trees getting planting. Like you say pines grow pretty fast.
    We had that storm pass through last night!

  29. Beautiful, beautiful spring! And I am like you...."don't you dare mow down my little blossoms in the grass!" Have a wonderful Easter!

  30. Your blooming world is gorgeous dear friend! I'm sorry about the winds coming and I'm sure it probably does have something to do with the logging across the road. How wonderful that they did come out and plant more trees. It must be backbreaking work indeed! I hope your back gets to feeling better too! Enjoy all those spring blooms, they made my heart happy to see them! Our blooms are another couple of weeks out at least here. I do look forward to them!

  31. I hope the medicine will work for your pain-I'm glad you can do things but I'm sure the pain is not fun to live with. Your gardens are beautiful-I feel like I've had a nice walk!

  32. What a beautifully Spring Farm.. :) So great they are replanting the pines..yay.. Thank you for brightening my day...looking for bright everyone. Know I can always count on your and your posts..Gratitude for bloggers..Prayers for our World!

  33. Ah friend your spring shots are beautiful...isn't this time of the year the best?? Even in the midst of a pandemic we can see how God's hand works growing hope within us and knowing that in time all will work out. Your last shot of that kitty had me smiling...go ahead and scratch that belly...I would for sure. So glad to see they are planting pines to replace what they logged out. Take care and may your painful back find some ease with the meds. Hugs!

  34. A friend and I call ibuprofen the miracle drug. Hope it continues to help. Yeah for the replanting.

  35. Hi, HP! I'm so so sorry about your back pain! I was told the same thing, when I had tooth/sinus pain: 600 mg of Ibuprofen every 4 hours. Boy, it sure did help! I'm so sorry your procedure has been delayed. It's very hard to do yard work, or any physical work, with that back pain :(

    It is pretty out there. I don't remember an April so lovely as this. Wind, yes. But lots of gorgeous days too! I agree about letting the green stuff grow. It looks so lush and Victorian! They didn't mow quite as much back then.


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