Sunday, April 19, 2020

Windy Days

I've been back in the much neglected, teeny tiny sewing room. It's about time!!

also opened the door to the much neglected "Henny's Bonnet Shop" and, oh my goodness! Why, the sewing room is full of little aprons and bonnets that need to be added, like these in the picture.

I'm working on several small clothespin dolls too.

My heart has just not been into sewing, so mostly I've been standing and staring out the window, wanting to garden; wanting warm sunny days; wanting this Corona virus to go away, this black cloud hanging over all of us. 

We had frost three times last week, and the 'WIND' !!

But about my little shop...since there will be no craft shows any time soon, I could at least add what I've made to the shop.

Easter has come and gone.  This little Easter Egg apron and bonnet set should have been displayed in my shop...

Guess I'm not much of a shop keeper. :)

Friday afternoon, wearing my black fitted homemade face mask and a pair of rubber gloves, I made a trip to Walmart for a handful of groceries and to pick up a prescription for Poppy.

Keeping my distance, as best I could, from other shoppers, made my way back to the gardening center...
and bought four bell pepper plants, two eggplants, 
three tomato plants, and a sweet basil. A good start for the garden. Supposedly, we have rain coming in tonight and rain again tomorrow.

Poppy made these pictures of the giant azalea...
one of the first things we planted here thirty years ago.
It has been extra pretty this spring.

That's about it for now. Sure appreciate your visit. Hopefully, I'll get all the new bonnets and girls aprons added to the shop.



  1. You will! You'll do it. Just rest, Henny. Just do fun things.

  2. Hi Henny...I'm glad to see you are keeping busy. I'm sure sewing is good therapy during these trying times. I, too, am getting very tired of all this social distancing. I really miss seeing family and friends. I know it's what we have to do, though and thank God I live on some property where I can move around.We are a bit early for planting but I have lettuce and peppers started in pots in the house (unless Cora decides to eat them) and look forward to buying some tomato plants soon. We can't put them in the ground for another month, though.It's so weird how everything in our lives has been put on hold.Shows you just how much control we really have. I've been baking, keeping at the grounds clean=up and will be building a garden shed soon. Just waiting for the wood to be delivered. There's another thing...everything takes so long to receive now. Gary put an order in to Home Depot and it took three days to get it only to have the tool he ordered break in ten minutes. And there was no running back to the store for another one. But it is what it is. I hope you have a sunny week ahead and especially that you are feeling better these days. I know how you work so hard outside this time of year and you need to feel your best. Hope all the critters, dogs and cats are doing great.Sending love to all.

  3. Our azaleas are especially pretty this year too. Do you have an etsy shop?

    1. Thank you Angela. No, I don't have an Etsy shop. I've been thinking about one lately. Just not sure I'm smart enough to know how to set it up. Maybe I will go read about it. :)

  4. Hi Henny- So nice to visit your place- lots to look at and enjoy. Yes, there must come a time when the pandemic is finished- we're all looking forward to that. I cannot drive for six weeks which will be until the end of May- in the mean time a Social Worker- Helper is taking Chris grocery shopping. Best Wishes. KEV. (Australia).

  5. I am sorry about the frost and the wind. We are in the Pacific N.W. in the Willamette Valley, so it's kind of mild here. Your bonnets are so cute. We are do our part in staying home. We are thankfully living out in the country so we can exercise and garden as much as we'd like. Stay safe and hang in there, Kathi

  6. I love all the things you sew! I watched a funny video about a woman sewing a face mask and she managed to sew her fingers and other hilarious disasters. That is me when I try to sew ( although I've never sewn a finger).
    That's quite the wind you show in your little video. I hope the coming week brings you sunshine and no wind.

  7. Your bonnets & aprons are so cute dear Henny Penny. Our garden centres are closed & Oh how I long to go visit them. Your azalea is just stunning - such a pretty colour. xx

  8. My goodness, that video does give a taste of all the wind you have been having. It is hard to do much outside with that kind of wind. It is good to see your sewing room again. I understand how you have to be in the mood to get into sewing though and I have not been in the mood lately either. I need to get in the mood though because I need to make us some masks to wear to the grocery store. Your aprons and bonnets sure do look good and I always love those clothespin dolls!

    It looks like you have a great start for you garden. I hope Mother Nature lets you get it in the ground soon. And Henny, that azalea is just gorgeous! I also love that it is a good memory for you of when you first moved out there.

    Please take good care of yourself and Poppy too. These are not easy times but know you have many friends that care about you! xxx

  9. I enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful things you're sewing. You are so talented. I found a fabric shop online that I plan to order some material from tomorrow. I desperately need some new dresses but have been unable to sew for awhile because of my back. It's to the point where I can't put it off any longer so I'll make some and just take my time with it.
    No planting here for several weeks yet. The rule of thumb is Mother's Day because of the chance of freezing temperatures. We did get out the lawn furniture yesterday though so progress is being made.

  10. Ah! Love the little video..think l shall
    be looking at that a few more times during
    the course of the day..! :).

    The bonnets and aprons are all lovely, and
    so they should be..would'nt
    wear a drab bonnet..! Always nice seeing the
    old movies being made and all the ladies wearing

    And..the Azalea is really is, the colour,
    and the size of it..Lovely! :).

    Well, just gone seven over here, suns up, in all it's
    glory, another nice day, except for last Saturday, it's
    been sunshine none stop..and..forecast for rest of the
    week..! :).

    Best get on..Time for another lemon tea before breakfast,
    off to the supermarket tomorrow, only my third trip out,
    in four weeks, still, plenty to do around the mansion!
    And..l'm not one for getting bored.."Onwards and Upwards".

    1. Thank you Willie. I should have made the video a little longer. The wind was blowing like crazy...30 mph the weatherman said. Couldn't keep my hair out of my eyes long enough to do any gardening. :) You are always so cheerful and upbeat. Thank you!

  11. Your bonnets and aprons are so pretty. This covid-19 cloud will pass and you will once again be able to go to your markets and people will come to your beautiful stall and be enamoured with all your pretties. The people will smile at your sweet bonnets and aprons. Your azalea is amazing. My goodness is must be a vision splendid in real life. Hopefully you have a pleasant week and enjoy a little stitching.

  12. What a joy to visit and admire your skill with the bonnets and aprons. The azalea is so pretty, what a delight. Take care sweet Lady and stay safe.

  13. Good morning! I like what Kim wrote a few comments above. Very beautifully said. Very encouraging. I'm feeling like you and I don't meant to? I know I have to be patient and hold onto the faith that this is for the best, although I don't understand it. But God knows why and that should be enough. The bonnets and all your sewing is real pretty. I like Willie's comment, "Wouldn't wear a drab bonnet!" That got me to smile. I've been meaning to mend a sock...never done it, always wanted to. I have a friend who showed how she does it and it looks simple enough but I'm sure it won't be. Nevertheless, I should stop being so lazy and give it a try. You've been doing face masks? My mom keeps saying we will have to because we'll be forced to wear them to step out. Thanks for the post and a look at those beautiful azaleas, Melba. God bless you and your home!

    1. Thank you Pilar. Kim's comment is beautiful. I did make two black fabric masks. Poppy's doesn't fit just right, but I like mine. I've also made each of us a mask from a bandanna. I'm not good at making them. My daughter Lynn has made 70 some. She put one in the mail to Poppy today. Hopefully, it will fit him good.

  14. Your sewing is such perfection! The bushes were a delight to my eyes too-seems growing things is a balm for everyone's soul these days. We've had cold weather too, so looking out windows is about all I can do too! Here's hoping and praying for better weather and better news in the world. Love ya.

  15. Just seeing your colorful fabrics, Henny, is a lift. I did buy some parsley plants 2 weeks ago. They are
    black swallowtail butterfly food. I try to raise them when I find the caterpillars in the summer. I hope you
    show off the clothes pin dolls when they are finished. We had 25 degrees here 3 days ago and it naturally
    killed of the pink magnolia flowers. It does every year! and we really need a color boost this year.

  16. Such pretty bonnets and love the aprons. I enjoyed your video and it's been windy here the last two days but today is nothing but rain. Big beautiful azalea in your yard. Mine has a few opening flowers but not many. The other azaleas of mine are withering out except a few pink and red.
    Love eggplant and will need to get a couple. The seedlings I started are on the back porch. Well it's more of a plant holding area. I don't care, anything to keep them alive til I plant them.

  17. Oh my, I certainly understand wanting to be outside this time of year. Yesterday was nice here - yay. I got so much done. It felt so good to get my hands dirty. You will get to very soon, I'm sure:-) In the meantime, just look at that gorgeous azalea! Wow what a show. Oh, and I heard the first hummer yesterday - didn't see it but heard it. Are your feeders ready? Many blessings.

  18. Hello,
    We are to have strong storms today. Hang on!!
    Eggplant is one of my favorite. :-)

  19. Dear Henny ~ you do such lovely work and those little dolls will be adorable! My wind chimes are singing today. I worked outside on a path, made forward progress and that was it for outside work today. I'm praying we will see some light at the end of this pandemic tunnel soon. I've not left the property for 41 days. Love your azaleas. God's continued blessings on the two of you ~ FlowerLady

  20. Your azaleas are gorgeous! We have one camellia that started blooming in December and is still going. Can you believe it? It is my favorite one, too, light pink and very dense blossoms. Oh that wind! We are getting it, too. And again today. Your little plants looks so healthy and wonderful and I hope you get to get your hands in the dirt and put some of them out later this week. Take care!

  21. Oh, Henny we have had the same weather! But you have beauty all around you and we are still pretty dismal here on the Island. I love your sewing finishes and your wips are looking good also. I have so many wips that I have lost interest in.💖

  22. You azaleas are so big and beautiful.
    Our weather is just CRAZY!! Never know what each day will bring. Pretty sunshine today to enjoy.
    What pretty colors in the Easter egg apron!!

  23. Your weather is certainly volatile. Frost this late makes it hard to garden. It has been fairly warm and dry here, but we have some much needed rain coming in the next few days. We need it to wash all of the pollen out of the air!
    Your sewing should keep you busy for a while. You make such lovely things. I have a project going that I can do a bit at a time on. It has been interrupted for making masks. I can pick it up again when it's raining.
    It seems we keep busy even if it's hard to say what we have actually done.

  24. Love all your sewing items, Henny....they all look so nice, and I can't wait to see your dolls when they're all done. What a beautiful bush you planted all those years ago and I loved the video, listening to the lovely wind chimes as the tops of the trees sway back and forth. Good choices in those plants you bought...can't wait to see your garden growing!

  25. I bet those little dolls are going to be so cute! I like the bonnets too.
    It's been so windy here too. Your flowering bushes are looking so pretty!

  26. Your weather seems close to ours lately, one day 80 degrees hot, the next we had frost and a freeze, not good for those early spring plantings.
    You are not able to sell your beautiful aprons and bonnets at the craft shows, but soon, when everything reopens, look at all the inventory on hand you will have.
    I'm chomping at the bit to buy some annuals :)
    Stay well dear one,

  27. The bright colors of your fabrics are so appealing.

  28. Your sewing is just beautiful! I love the fabric you choose. Everything looks so feminine. And that azalea! She's a doozie! It has been windy. I need to get outside today and get some fresh air.

  29. Good to hear you are sewing a bit! :)

  30. The eggs on the apron look like Ukrainian hand-painted Easter eggs.

  31. Oh, that Easter apron is so get so much done. Both inside and outside. It sounds like we have been getting the same weather. We will have a real warm day and the next it will feel like the wind is off an iceberg. And it is so hard for Roger to understand why the restaurants are closed. He is so anxious to be able to go out again for breakfast.

  32. Oh! My, your bonnets and aprons are soooo cute. Aprons I wear are similar to yours but have ties. I am a dress only person so aprons are a must for protection. I like the long, full edwardian styles some have ruffles like the "Henny Penny" apron i saw in a previous post. I love my bonnet for gardening, great sun protection, although it does restrict side viewing a bit. lol Clothes pin aprons are great to, a must have for washing day. Stay safe Grace.


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