Sunday, September 29, 2019

Old Timey

My sister Shelby and I met in Wake Forest on Friday...First, she had three heaping grocery bags of freshly cut okra to give me...three heaping grocery bags!! My friend Nellie was tickled to death to get two of the bags. 

Secondly, Cousin Patty had sent more boxes of stuff for Shelby to go through, keep what she wanted, then deliver the rest to lucky me. :)

Think I've mentioned before that Cousin Patty and her husband Mike sold their beautiful home on the lake and have down-sized since moving into a smaller place. That's why Patty gave me the beautiful old pie safe and the old cupboard.

This time items were smaller, but special...

This is not just an old worn out apron with a hole in the center; probably from drying her hands, this apron was worn by our Aunt Berlie. 

Some of my first blogging posts were written about Aunt Berlie. I adored her.  I looked forward to the weekends that mama could drive me to her house to spend a couple of nights. (This was in the early 1950's)

Aunt Berlie would say to me, "Melby, I bought us a new puzzle to put together". Oh, we would get to working on a puzzle and stay up way too late. Why, I remember it being 11:00 one Saturday night when Aunt Berlie looked up at the clock. We had to hurry and get to bed. We were going to Sunday School the next morning. 

Mama had packed my Sunday dress, my Gigi Perreau hat with the ribbon in the back, my black patent leather shoes, and little white gloves even. I can just see Aunt Berlie smiling as we walked in the the church door. She was glad to show me off, and I loved every minute of it. Of course, Aunt Berlie didn't drive, so she called on a neighbor to take us to the church.

Back to the apron. Patty had attached this note...
which I plan to keep on the apron. I want to make a pattern from this old apron and make some like it. The old aprons looked comfortable, didn't they?

This old oblong tablecloth didn't fit our new round table, so I cut it down and made a square cloth, with enough left over for a dish towel. And just look at this old tablecloth...

it doesn't fit our table either but I would never cut it.

and this picture is perfect for the small space over the ironing board in the teeny tiny sewing room...

this too from Patty......

There used to be kittens around the old barn and outhouses at Aunt Berlie's. She would say, "you can have them all if you can catch them, but be careful, they will scratch you".

Back when I was collecting old granite ware...never mind the dust on the pantry shelves...
I could not resist bringing home old 'slop jars' (top shelf far left), also a reminder of nights with Aunt Berlie. 

Aunt Berlie lived alone in a big house. There was an outside toilet, but we dared not go out after dark. A slop jar was kept just under the bed, in case we had to go during the night. 

Why, folks had been known to disappear going to the toilet late at night. There was an old tale back then in that part of the country of a woman who's husband went to the outhouse during the night and never returned. Scary stuff. 

No doubt, my love of old fashioned things came from Aunt Berlie. Things like a little fenced-in garden with a gate that hooked. Aunt Berlie had one. I remember going inside with her, to pick a few green beans, and closing the gate behind me. 

Aunt Berlie reminds me of the English Fairy Tale, "The Teeny Tiny Woman".

I've surely talked your ears off, but posting this has made me want to get back in the sewing room. It's been  months now since I finished the new sewing table skirt and chair seat cover...have I even shown you?

Green is not a favorite color of mine but there was enough pink in this that I kinda like it.

Thank you friends, well if you're still around. :) Hope I haven't frightened you away.



  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this post in words and pictures!!
    Have a wonderful week ~ Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. A sweet sentimental post. It's so wonderful you have your aunties things. I enjoy your blog very much,but I'm a bit dissapointed that there were no gratuitous Eli photos today!! Love me some fuzzy white puppy.

  3. This is a great of my favorites ever! I really wish you had told us more. Things like, "...I remember going inside with her, to pick a few green beans, and closing the gate behind me." Oh my, that could well be me going into the garden with my grandmother. I also love seeing pictures inside your beautiful log home, especially the sewing room. That last picture is oh-so-grand!

  4. Oh my goodness how I love this post! It reminds me so much of the days I spent with my Grandmother. I'd give anything if I had one of her old aprons. Thank you for sharing all this and bringing me back such fond memories.

  5. Cool post. I was enjoying the old stories of the poor people who disappeared on the way to the little house! That would scare anybody, especially me when I was a kid. Maybe they were designed to encourage us to use the pot before we went to bed and remember it was there for our use during the night, ha ha. I remember the slops on the stair landing when my grandma and gramps lives here where I am now. Thanks!

  6. What a sweet post! I love your memories of staying with your aunt, especially the part about her being proud to show you off at church. Such treasures passed down to you, with great sentimental value.

  7. I loved this post Henny, it stirred so many memories of growing up and shadowing my grandmother. We would go inside her garden to pick rhubarb for Sunday lunch, and it was all so neatly laid out, with little fences between the rows, and the sweetest little gate that kept it all neat and tidy.
    There is nothing like those seeds of love that were planted at a young age.
    I love all of your utilitarian pieces, jugs and pots, and even the old slop jars or "po's" as we used to call them :)
    Love the apron, and seeing that little well-worn hole, makes it even all the more special.
    Your sewing table and chair is just lovely, it looks so cozy in your sewing room.
    Thank you for sharing, I'm smiling as I think of your pretties.

  8. I used to do puzzles with my granny.
    Wonderful post and loved all the pictures.

  9. That long narrow picture is called a yard long. My grandmother had one that I puzzled over many times. A pretty lady standing in a forest setting with a beautiful drapey, gold dress and what looked to me like a big chain wrapped around her forehead. I thought to myself that that must have been really uncomfortable for her but she didn't seem to mind smiling like she did. Surely it must have been a headband of some sort but it looked like a really heavy chain to me. I wish I had it now.

    I love the material that you used for the table skirt----- such a nice floral but not garish as so many are. It looks like it might be polished cotton. Do they even make that kind of material any more??

  10. Touring your charming home is always a delightful experience. It's like stepping back into a time in life where there is more time spent enjoying simple pleasures. Before computers and media devices were the rage. Everything looks perfect and your home is so warm and cozy. I'm sure when people come to visit they hate it when it's time to leave :)

  11. Pretty sewing table skirt and matching chair seat. I don't think you showed pics of those before. I enjoyed your reminiscences; they brought back lots of old memories. It was kind of your cousin Patty to pass along the things she no longer had room for. I'm sure you'll treasure them.

  12. Henny, this was a wonderful post and I enjoyed reading the words that show just how much you loved your Aunt and will cherish her beloved possessions. The memorie of each are what make them so special. Your words made me remember my Grandma and how much I loved being with her and spending special time together.

  13. Hi Henny- just love your Country Cottage - and hearing about your Aunt...a very special person. Best Wishes. KEV.

  14. Your posts always remind me of my way back days as a child on our little farm in Oregon. Back then we had an outhouse too, and we did go out there after dark and it was a long way from the house. We never went alone.
    In many ways your simple life on your teeny tiny farm is still like my life was way back then. While I would never want to go back to those days, your posts remind me of the good parts of those days long ago.

  15. Absolutely fabulous post Henny..Wonderful read..!
    And..memories of the old days, which are far better
    than to~days..Days...! :(.
    And..of course the older you are the better the memories!

    And..l like to see jars of preserves, l don't make any,
    anymore, but my daughter does, jams, chutneys, pickles,
    and wins prizes at it..! :).

    I must comment on the ironing board..LOVE IT..and the that to..goodness! "Granny where are
    And! And! The picture of the kittens..what can one say...
    Kittens..cats..all playing together..Lovely! Bless!x

    Well best get on..meeting a Blogging friend for coffee
    later, over in the next town, l've been following his
    Blog for some years now..and finally we're meeting up,
    he's an ex naval captain, same age, so we should get
    on just fine..! :).

    As l said..Great post..will be back later for another
    read and look through..and probably a few times after
    that..I do enjoy the Blogs l follow..! Heaven..! :o).
    。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆

  16. Your sweet memories of your Aunt Berlie brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing.

  17. What a perfectly lovely post. It made me smile to hear of the many happy memories you have of your aunt.

  18. What a sweet hearing about your Auntie..and lucky you to get the vintage apron with such memories in your mind of time together. Too me back to visiting some of my Aunties and my Grandma. Thank you. :0) Love your little sewing room and home. The new skirt and chair are very pretty..

  19. Willie has a good eye! The iron is a very cool antique. Aunt Berlie sounds wonderful, I'm glad you shared your stories about her with us. Was she your mother's sister or your grandmother's? Her holey apron is special and I would treasure it, too. I love the skirt and seat cover, Henny! I myself enjoy green very much, so maybe that's why. Happy wishes!

  20. Hi Henny...what a nice post. I love hearing the old stories of cherished memories with loved ones. I had a memorable aunt too but no one was as special as my gran. The old apron with the hole in it made me laugh. I have a hat of my grandmothers that has holes bigger than my fist.I love it. Lol Nice to see many photos of inside your country home. Sending love to all.xo

  21. Hearing about your Aunt Berlie reminds me of my Aunt Clara. He has tons of old stuff including an outhouse and a slop jar at the bottom of the steps. Later on they got inside plumbing. Loved seeing all of your old timey things...everything I love and also have many of these items. Your sewing table is adorable and have also been wanting to make one for my sewing table once we get our farmhouse built!

  22. Oh I enjoyed every moment of your recollections! Your Aunt Berlie sounds as though she was a real gem. I remember you telling me you weren't find of green when we emailed about an apron.I love that floral pattern, it's beautiful.

  23. Touring around your beautiful home is always a delight. So much to looks at, admire and enjoy.

  24. Henny what precious memories of your Aunt Bertie...I am sure that apron will be a treasured possession. Your slop pots made me smile. My Grandma had one under her bed too. Our old outhouse like everyone else has been torn down. There is a lot to say for more modern facilities :)! Your skirt and chair pad are gorgeous. I love the blend of pink and green. Was so much fun to visit you friend today. Hugs!

  25. That's a lovely fabric in your curtain. And the picture of the kitties!! That's so adorable. Your stories of Your Aunt Berlie are precious. Have you written them down? What a wonderful treasure for generations to come.

  26. What wonderful memories of your sweet Aunt! I enjoyed hearing about her!

  27. Aunt Berlie was very special. I love her apron. The photos are awesome and you have some real treasures. Glad you have wonderful memories of your aunt.

  28. How wonderful to have such special memories of Aunt Berlie. Also special to have some of her treasures which are sure to bring a smile to your face. It is looking very cozy at your house.

  29. Hello Henny - yes I'm still here with a big smile on my face! I've loved the little peek into your life, love your cat too!
    Wren x

  30. I have some family heirlooms that mean a lot to me, and I like your stories about Aunt Berlie and your visits to her house. Do not go outside in the dark to the outhouse, scary stuff. How fun to do a puzzle with her on your visits.

  31. Hi Henny Penny :) I'm not frightened by you, but disappearing on the way to the outhouse is very frightening! I love your pantry shelves, they have such a country feel about them! Lovely tribute to your Aunt, the table cloth and dish cloth are both so pretty! The aprons of old time do indeed look a lot more comfy than the ones we have today!

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