Friday, January 11, 2019

Still here!

Good gracious friends, due to these four or five days of sunshine and no rain, I may never catch up with blogging again or with visiting and reading posts. But man have I ever made a dent in those ankle deep leaves around the house.

I've taken full advantage of these sunny days, and have actually worn out one of our lifetime guaranteed yard rakes. It broke completely in half.

Thank goodness we had bought two of them many years ago. Neither one of them ever belonged to Poppy. Nope, both rakes were mine and I take full responsibility for wearing it out, and that goes for my back too!

There was a big change in the weather yesterday. Still sunny but downright cold with a  strong blustery wind daddy used to say, "would cut right through you".

Today we cut small trees and shrubs, and long cedar limbs that were beginning to cover the dam, taking up our walking space and making it hard to mow in the summer.

This will give me lots of limbs to add to the natural fence.

and all the leaves raked from here in the front yard...

were added here in the teeny tiny garden.

Looks like our sunny weather is about to end, for a while anyway. North Carolina has snow and freezing rain coming in tomorrow evening. Looks like we will get only rain, but that's okay with me. 

Not a very exciting post here. Though I'd better check in and apologize for not visiting lately. Hope you haven't deleted me just yet. :)



  1. You've been quite busy. While you've been having sunny days ours have been snowy!!
    I look forward to getting outside and working on my natural fence too. :)

  2. diane in northern wisJanuary 11, 2019 at 4:49 PM

    Wow....your place looks just great! What a lot of hard work you've done. Everything is looking ship-shape! You are such hard workers! Maybe you can take a short break now...while it rains or snows in your area! Thanks for all the great pictures!

  3. Gosh you've been busy Henny Penny. Wonderful to see your photos as we sit here sweltering in the heat.

  4. Lord, girl, do you ever rest? LoL I wish I had even a third of your energy...and motivation!

    Grace & Peace,

  5. That photo of Eli with his bear there in the leaves just makes me smile. What a sweet dog. I love seeing him walking with Poppy too. I'm happy to see that you are mulching your garden plot with those leaves, natures organic fertilizer.
    As you chill down, we are warming up. For those of us who love being outside the weather commands our attention.

  6. Wow, Henny no wonder the rake has broken in two, not a leaf in sight in the front yard, I am always in awe of your stamina :)
    The pond path looks inviting, such a pretty view of the pond when you are enjoying your walks.
    I had to smile at your daddy's words, so true !
    Stay warm dear friend,

  7. No pressure to catch up - glad you are enjoying the outdoors and getting other things taken care of...happy New Year!

  8. WOW, Lady! You have been busy! My mother would have said that you were "making hay while the sun shines". Good job, You! How is that back of yours now?

  9. So glad to see the sun too. I am dreading all the cold weather. I am so happy that we are not getting snow but I think they may be calling for freezing rain Sunday morning. I hope not. Don't work to hard and hurt your back!
    Love you bunches!

  10. Hi Henny- good to see you guys getting some chores done before the rain and snow sets in...we are heading for 38Deg C to-day - a little hot to be sitting out in my Workshop doing modelling- preferring the Air-Conditioned Study (LOL).Regards. KEV.

  11. having a pleasant place to live takes a lot of work. You have a very pleasant place to live.

  12. Oh, the sunshine! It looks just beautiful although I know how cold the wind can be, even on a sunny day. Good for you for getting so much done!

  13. Your front yard looks as if you swept it! In fact everything looks great. Your garden all covered with leaves, just waiting for Spring. Just don't work TOO hard!

  14. Glorious sunshine to warm those chilly days. Love the sight of all those leaves. So happy for you that you were able to get out and do all those chores that need to be done.

  15. Wow, you sure got a lot of hard work done;it's no wonder you broke your rake. Our bad weather is headed your way. It started snowing here at 12:30 this afternoon and now at 10:00 we have at least 8 inches with maybe another 6 inches to come before it stops. We live on a hill which was plowed, but the street we have to take to get to ours wasn't plowed yet at 4:00 and my husband had to leave his car in a school parking lot and walk up a steep hill and then back down to get home. We live on a ridge as it goes back down. Some people were stuck on major highways for 6 hours. It's horrible here. I hope that your temperatures are above freezing when it gets there so you do only get rain. It's a good thing you got those leaves taken care of before they get wet. Your yard looks wonderful.

    1. Hey Peg, It sounds bad up there. Poppy's daughter called this morning and said they had 8 inches in O'Fallon Missouri and it was supposed to snow all day. It was sleeting here a little while ago..around 7:30. I hope it stays just rain here. Be careful. Good to hear from you.

  16. It looks like Eli is helping his Poppy work! I just love that picture of Eli and his teddy bear - he is just the sweetest dog! My goodness you sure did clean up those leaves. I hope your back is okay! Maybe you can take a break if cold weather is coming. We have sure had that cold weather here in Missouri - snow all day and more tonight and tomorrow. We are supposed to get 6-8 inches so we are staying home this weekend for sure! Take care Henny!

    1. Hey Bonnie, can you believe Eli still carries that bear around. He loves that bear! I thought about you this morning when Windy called (Poppy's daughter) from O'Fallon to tell us about the snow. Bet it's deep up there now! Be careful, and safe!

  17. I really don't know how you manage to rake all those leaves. But, my-oh-my it surely does look nice after you clean up an area. Up on our hill, we just let the wind blow the leaves away. I am really not sure where they all go, but go they do.

  18. Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!
    Oh! Lets have some leaf jokes.....
    I used to make loads of money clearing leaves from lawns.
    I was raking it in...

    How does an Elephant get down from a tree? It sits on a
    leaf and waits till autumn....
    ( don't get down off an get
    down off a duck)..

    Someone handed me an information sheet etched on something
    that had fallen off a tree. I think it was a leaflet..

    Surprised to see a tree in autumn walk away from his forest.
    He was absent without leaves..

    Leaves are normally good at dangerous activities. They often
    go out on a limb..

    I saw a leaf that was in the shape of a chicken. Apparently
    it’s from a poul~tree..

    There ya go....
    Ta~Da~~🎢🎢🎢🎢~~TaDa...! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜ƒ

    1. I was just many songs there are
      about leaves...Usual The Falling Leaves..
      But there is one by Simon and Garfunkel from 1966..
      called..Leaves That Are Green..You can listen to it

      The final verse goes like this....
      🎢🎢 Hello, hello, hello, good-bye,
      Good-bye, good-bye, good-bye,
      That's all there is.
      And the leaves that are green turned to brown,
      And they wither with the wind,
      And they crumble in your hand...! 🎢🎢
      Yeah! Nice!

  19. I love sunny days too. Glad you got to enjoy some of those.

  20. Busy woman! It's all that yard work that keeps you young! (or makes us feel old). -Jenn

  21. Wow, you are putting me to shame with all your hard work. What an amazing job you have got done. A joy to see Eli, enjoying the sun.

  22. I am debating whether I need groceries. Just rain, right?

  23. Wow!!! You sure have been a busy, busy girl. I have been running non-stop workwise and am working on taxes. UGH....At least I have my 1099s out! I would like to break MY rake over someone's head about now! lol xo Diana

  24. Here in Spartanburg, we have apparently be spared by the snow gods. This time.

  25. I always enjoy reading about what you are doing. so much.

  26. Dear Sweet Friend, I am sorry but I laughed until I almost P-my-P. I want to buy a rake that has your seal of approval, lifetime guarantee. These companies that put that guarantee on their rake had never meant a strong gritty woman like you. I think of you as being a little package of Dynamite. You would have made a great pioneer woman . . . I have thought that I would too, but you're stronger than I am. Tell me, what women do you know that will get out and rake knee high leaves all day long for four days? The number is very small. I tell people that our little place is my gym membership. Working out side in the fresh air on a sunny day is heaven . . .better than any treadmill, LOL.
    Wishing you more sunshiny days.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  27. Hope your lifetime warranty on your rake is honored. Fair is fair! It was a cold rainy day here today and soooo gloomy. I sat in my chair most of the day knitting hats and reading and thinking about the nice hike we got in yesterday before the rain came. These days really make you appreciate the sunny ones, don’t they?

  28. You have been busy, the yard looks great, you work so hard at it:)

  29. Goodness gracious!!! I know I'm put to shame... The results are worth it, though, a clean place always looks more welcoming. Glad for the sunshine you finally got, fingers-crossed the weather is not too terrible with the storm headed your way. Blessings!

  30. Good to see you pop in Mel. Hope the sun keeps peeking in on you.

  31. I am happy to see your awesome photos.
    have a great day

  32. What fabulous photographs.
    Hope your incoming weather will not be too bad.

    All the best Jan

  33. That's one garden chore I detest....raking. I rake out the flower beds but that's it - the rest gets mulched with the mower. I give you a lot of credit for raking up all those leaves, my gosh!!

  34. It all looks great and I know you are glad to get things raked up and cleared! Hope the weather is nice where you are at this moment! Stay warm!

  35. Hi, HP! Your place is looking so tidy! I'm glad you got outside for some healthy raking and clearing before the COLD came on. We are also now hunkered down inside, going BRRRR. I will ever think of you as the Leaf Warrior now!

  36. It looks fantastic!
    I like the idea of the natural fence.
    Stay cozy.. can you believe it, we have no snow! A very strange winter!


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