Monday, December 9, 2019

The Barn Door

Such a frail little tree. The limbs are almost too weak to hold the lights...
It hurts my heart to cut down a little tree but this one would probably have been crushed anyway.

The family that owns the hundred acres across the path are having the timber cut. The big machinery was brought in last Saturday and the cutting has begun...a constant screaming and grinding of giant teeth and saw blades. It's a sad thing.  

About that shower curtain...Amazing how I can LOVE something one day and then be just sick of it the next. I'm good at that! 

Has it even been a year since I pulled everything out of the teeny tiny hall bathroom, cleaned the room, then painted the walls the palest of pinks and hung that pale pink Toile shower curtain. 

Not sure what style all that was...maybe Victorian, or an attempt at Victorian.

Anyhow, come on in...
in the barn door, that is. Of course it leads into the tub. Probably the closest I will ever get to owning a barn. Maybe I can store hay bales in there.

and I have finally framed and hung this picture of two mules.  Probably the closest I'll ever get to owning two donkeys too. I Love these mules! 

A few years back, on one of our trips to the State Fair, Shelby and I both bought a picture of mules. An older farm woman, (a feature at the fair), who wore overalls and cooked over an open fire, also sat and drew beautiful pictures of  mules. She told stories of growing up on the was a real treat, but for the last couple of years, she has not been there.

The picture hangs a little too high, but I plan to hang something else under it.

Raked and scraped to find a few accessories to go with the new look.

soap in a cheese dish

Guess that's about it.  Wanted to show you that new shower curtain...that started off as a joke. While looking online for a new shower curtain, I found the barn door. I left it pulled up to show Poppy, thinking he would laugh...he loved it!!

Thank you for stopping by. Hope to be back real soon.



  1. Lovely post Henny I enjoyed my visit,I love those pics of the mules xx

  2. Looks great! I think sometimes especially in a small space, you just need to change it up. Makes it fresh feeling. I love your mules!

  3. It all looks very nice and I really like the mule picture.

  4. Such a cute bathroom! I love that mule picture and the shower curtain is perfect.

  5. I have to say that that is the most unique shower curtain I've ever seen! You did a great job on that bathroom. Very pretty.

  6. I love the little tree! The changes in the bathroom look good. The mules are great! Sometimes we just need a change!

  7. Everything in this post is great. I love the barn door shower curtain!

  8. What a great post, Henny! It also makes me sad when trees are cut down. I love the barn door and the mules, for sure! It makes me think of Dolly and her "Mule Skinner Blues."

  9. Are the neighbors planning on selling that property? So sad they are clearing it. All the wildlife that will be displaced. :-(
    I love your shower curtain! But then I have wildlife paneling in my kitchen. :-)

  10. That little tree is sweet. Too bad the neighbours are having all the trees cut down.
    Isn't it nice to change things up a bit? Your barn theme does just that.

  11. Hi Henny- You know Decorating is a fascinating thing about Cottages- there is no right or wrong way of doing things - and what looks right is usually good to leave set up awhile to be enjoyed. Have a great week. KEV.

  12. Now that shower curtain certainly changed things didn't it? I like it very much and the basket, soaps and picture fit perfectly. Sometimes we just need a little change don't we? My husband would never change anything. After all, he says he still has the same haircut he had 45 years ago in high school! I like to shake things up now and then though! :-)
    Your little tree is very sweet but the thought of your neighbors cutting all the timber does make me sad. Lots of trees being cut down around here too and for what? More storage units. Meanwhile all of the wild animals are displaced and people are complaining about them in their neighborhoods. But what else can we expect when we take all of their homes away? Oops. I'm starting to rant. Sorry about that Henny.
    Hope you're having a good week so far.

  13. Well..Here we be...! :). ALL behind..! :(
    Just gone seven over here, still dark, first
    lemon tea of the day..! :o).

    The poor little Christmas tree does look sad,
    reminds me of that song..? Can't mind it now!
    Perhaps you could fill it out with a few things, Strings of tinsel..
    bunches of berries..and a few baubles..! Well!
    You know! :o).

    Your little barn looks lovely, just like my
    downstairs 'loo' it has character..And, l
    do like the 'barn door'..Lovely! :).
    And the picture of the mules is lovely to..
    Quite unique that..plain and nice! :).

    Must get on..still dark, pop back to bed for
    half an hour, with a second lemon tea..of my lemon tea first thing..with
    honey of course.."Onwards and Upwards"..
    ๐ŸŽ„ ๐ŸฆŒ ๐ŸŽ ⛄ ๐ŸŽ„ ๐ŸฆŒ ๐ŸŽ ⛄ ๐ŸŽ„ ๐ŸฆŒ ๐ŸŽ ⛄

  14. Ah! Ah! Suddenly remember that song...
    The Little Christmas Tree...

  15. What an interesting shower curtain! You've decorated that room nicely, and I'm sure you're enjoying the change.

    Your little tree is sweet. How awful to have to see and hear trees being cut down.

    May your Christmas be lovely and peaceful there in your sweet home sweet home. ~ FlowerLady

  16. I love your Charlie Brown christmas tree! And the barn door shower curtain- thought it was a real one at first.

  17. The mules are lovely! What a treat the mule-artist at the State Fair must be-- I want to meet her!
    That sweet little tree is all its own magic, for sure, and it will delight many visitors stopping by. The cutting down of awful. We live where there's not much in the way of nature spaces to get to without a car. But just the other side of our neighbourhood, they had the oldest and tallest trees lining the street and I would deliberately choose this route to visit with those trees. One day I found all the trees were gone and I almost cried on the spot. I still miss those trees! Trees are friends. Your decorating ideas are fun, Melba: the cheese dish for soap is my favourite. And the curtain is funny, you should leave it up : D Blessings to your home!

  18. Oh my I love the barn door shower curtain simple changes sometimes mean the most. I love the mule picture also. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! Love you bunches!

  19. Definitely some whimsy in the bathroom! how cute and who would have thought a "soft" barn door
    could be delivered straight to the home. Lovely small indoor tree, put to better use for now than
    just watch it get crushed in the lumbering. Too many trees cut here too. But the worst is all the
    dead standing Ash trees that must be removed sooner or later.

  20. I love the latch on your bathroom closet door and your mule picture. I recognize your Navajo rug as we have one of the same design! I hate when they clear cut the piney woods. It always looks so sad and violated and here anyway it takes years for anything to cover the scars. I’m glad you rescued one little guy and gave him a joyful purpose for Christmas.

  21. Oh I love that barn door shower curtain. I love all your decor for that matter.

  22. Wonderful idea! I love it. I've long been wanting to make shutters to cover my glass doors on our new house as well as our last one. Barn doors on the shower! I'm just mad I didn't think of it first...

  23. Oh I love your shower curtain it is perfect! Your tree looks fragile butlovely!

  24. A western style bathroom! Love it! The handle on the barn doors on your curtain look 3D, it's fascinating.

  25. Now Henny that is the best shower curtain I have ever seen - what a great idea. I hope you are getting in the Christmas spirit. At least you saved the little tree to be enjoyed for a bit instead of letting it be crushed. Have a delightful day. Hugs!

  26. Oh I like your little lighted tree!
    Very unique shower curtain. I like it!!

  27. I love that shower curtain! It seems to go perfect in that bathroom!

  28. I love that little tree! The lights spiraling up to the top is a perfect touch. It looks so delicate and light------it's beautiful.

  29. I LOVE your barn door shower curtain!!! It's totally me lol! And the mules are so well drawn! How lovely. And gosh what a shame about timber being cut...that is a very sad thing.

  30. Not sure I'd be able to tolerate the grinding and screaming.
    Our 10 acres are highly wooded and we want to protect our little piece of loveliness.

  31. I love your tree...and your bath at least has a theme.

  32. That's such a lovely pic of your cabin at the end! That shower curtain - oh my!!! I do like rustic, but not in the bathroom, haha!


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