Sunday, December 1, 2019

Thankful for our crowd on Thanksgiving

We had such a good Thanksgiving Day...hope you did too.

Oh wait, let me back up to last Saturday and the "Santa Christmas Bazaar".  Friends, it was the absolute BEST craft event ever! Way too busy to take pictures, but I did get a couple of pictures near the end...
Shelby's jams and jellies, and that's my table behind the stacked jars...
Here, most of Shelby's baked goods had sold.

We both sold lots of goods, in fact, I sold aprons that, well, I thought would never sell and would have to go in the Goodwill box. You just never know. 

So, back to Thanksgiving Day...

It was an extra special day because...
For the first time ever, Poppy's daughter and her family, and both my daughters and their families were here together. That's Andee, me, Poppy, Windy, and Lynn. I decided to bite the bullet, close my eyes and be in the picture. (actually, the sun was blinding). :)

Had to search to find this one...
Hey, does Poppy look proud? This is Windy, Brian, and Grandson Luke. Luke is 15 years old, 6' 2" tall, and plays football!!

more of the group...

On the left, Poppy's daughter and family; center Andee and husband Todd; group on the right, Lynn's family (with three missing).  Actually the two guys in back of Lynn's family are Jason, Lynn's fiance and Jacob, Michaela's boyfriend... and on the far right, well that's Madison, Andee and Todd's daughter. Whew!

Ah, I like this picture...

Daniel was one of those missing from the group picture...that's him with his mom Lynn, and  my Great Granddaughter Addie.

Had to search for this picture too. Thank you Andee.
Daniel, my first grandchild. 

and here's the other big guy missing from Lynn's group...Grandson Joseph. Addie is his daughter.

On the pier, Grandsons Daniel, Joseph, and John. The other guy is Jacob with Michaela. Here's proof that the old pier is still sturdy after all these years. Poppy built the pier in 1996, with no one but me to help. Glad I didn't see those babies hanging over the edge. Looks like Michaela was holding onto them tight. The little boy is Greyson, Addie big brother and my Great Grandson.

Michaela, Addie, and grandson John in the background.

If there is a dog around, he will be found in Madison's arms. Like her mom, she adores dogs. Of course, Weetie was in heaven.

Andee, Todd, and Madison

Excuse me, but did any of you notice the leaves! The leaves! As far as the eye can see! Actually, the leaves are kinda pretty on the ground at's Christmas time when the leaves begin to look ugly. 

and speaking of Christmas, I am excited about decorating now that Thanksgiving has passed.

Here's a little "before" picture of the lonely looking living room fireplace and mantle...
Hope to be back soon with a warm glow with bright and shiny cheerfulness.

But, alas, this morning we have wind and downpours of heavy rain bringing down als0  the remainder of the brown oak leaves.  It's terribly dark and cloudy and gloomy...
a day fit for nothing but snuggling up on the back porch cot.

 of course, some prefer a warm corner inside.

Okay, I've overdone it today. Too many pictures. But remember what I said after the big flop of a post about Vintage Market Days?

So, this is my happy Thanksgiving Day post! Oh wait, one more...

Completely forgot to take a picture of all the Thanksgiving food, but here's load six of the pots and pans to be dried and put away. Worth every dirty dish!! :)



  1. Henny, so glad you had such a huge family turnout and that the sun was shining! Can't imagine that
    many for dinner at my house! Glad the craft show turned out well, I am sure the folks buying the
    aprons will enjoy the look and the use. Here we had dark sky for Thanksgiving, had to wait for 5 days
    for the sun to come out now. Rain ended here early this morn.

  2. I've just switched my PC back on to send an e~mail..
    And look..Wow! What love photos, people, pets..etc..
    I do love families..Especially BIG families..Well in
    Sicily all families are BIG..they go on forever..! :).
    Do l miss them..Yeah! You betcha...! :(.

    And..I'm so pleased the Christmas Bazaar went well..looks
    like a lot of fun to..Well done..! :).

    Think of me tomorrow 6 o'clock, l'm
    gonna be sat here with my lemon tea, going through this
    post again..very carefully..Love it Henny! Love it..! :o).
    🎁💐 🎄✨🎄 🎁💐 🎄✨🎄 🎁💐 🎄✨🎄 🎁💐 🎄✨🎄

  3. Oh Henny what a wonderful family Thanksgiving you had. Loved seeing you!!! I'm getting excited about decorating for Christmas also. I better hurry up or Christmas will be here and gone and I don't want to miss it. Have a lovely Christmas season ~ FlowerLady ~ P.S. I keep thinking about needing aprons when I wash and then dry my hands on my shirt when in the kitchen. ;-)

  4. That was a great post, I'm so glad your craft fair was successful! And especially happy for you to have such a huge family turnout for Thanksgiving. Wonderful!

  5. How wonderful that so many family members were able to come for Thanksgiving! That's what it's all about. I loved seeing all of them, including you. It's great that you and Shelby had a good day at the bazaar. We've got lots of dreariness here, too, with high winds. If these winds reach you, those leaves might blow away so you don't have to worry about raking them. It's been predicted that we'll have gusts up to 45 mph. I hope you have sunshine soon; it makes such a difference in a day. Dreary, cloudy days aren't nearly as much fun.

  6. What a wonderful bunch of photos. So much happiness and that's always a blessing.

  7. Oh how much I love this post with all the very special pictures! I have so enjoyed seeing you and all of your beautiful family. You are blessed with them all and I feel blessed to see them.

    I had a feeling this would be a successful Christmas Bazaar! Your aprons are all lovely along with the bonnets and dolls. How did the dolls sell? (with the cute little pocket dolls)

    I can appreciate your last picture. It's always a good feeling when the last of the holiday dishes are washed!

  8. Such a lovely post. I enjoyed seeing all the various members of your family. Especially loved seeing you in a few of the pics, looking great ( I like that cute black top you're wearing).
    Now that Thanksgiving is over you can think about Christmas!!

  9. What a lovely Christmas bazaar, all the crafts displayed, and I can surely see why Shelby's jams and jellies sold like hot cakes, so very pretty..
    I love your aprons Henny, I'm sure the buyers will enjoy wearing them as have I.
    A large family turnout for your Thanksgiving, I miss those days, ours is now a smaller affair, but still most enjoyable.
    Seeing pictures of your fur-babies always makes me smile :)

  10. Wow! You did have a crew. And so glad you didn't well at the sale. That makes it just that much more fun.

  11. Look at all at the happy faces! 😊

  12. Sounds like a wonderful day. Sure nice to see all the pictures of your happy family!!
    So glad to hear things went well for you at the craft fair!

  13. I'm happy for your very successful craft show!
    What a wonderful Thanksgiving. I enjoyed all those family pics - and seeing you in one too!

  14. Hi Henny,
    This was great fun to see your family. Thank you for sharing.
    Guess what? We got 12 inches of snow the last few days. We were blessed to have good weather on Thursday and then it went back to blizzard conditions for Friday and Saturday.
    It is lovey looking outside and the wind has settled down and the temps are just right for winter. :-)

  15. I am so happy that all of your family got to come and spend time with you and poppy for thanksgiving. The pictures are wonderful and you can never have to many pictures. I can not wait to see your decorations.Love you bunches

  16. Lots of family makes for a very happy thanksgiving.

  17. Oh, Henny, what a great Thanksgiving you had! Thank you for sharing all of the photos!

  18. I so enjoyed seeing all of these happy family photos. It looks like you fed an army...not many dishes in the sink for that many people. Thank you for sharing your joy with us.
    Also, I was glad to see the bazaar photos. I'm happy to hear that you sold a lot, especially the unexpected sales.
    It's snowing here tonight. Not predicted but not much to do about it is there?
    Have a wonderful Monday.

  19. Hi Henny- So good to see You in a photo with Poppy- along with Your Clan for Thanksgiving. Sounds a great Family you have. Best Wishes. KEV.

  20. I could see Eli wanting a colder place to snooze.

  21. Great job at the craft show and yes, I am right there with you on the dirty dishes (3 Thanksgivings for us).

  22. Henny, love all your pics! And as for the leaves... I love them too. Seems like this year we've had a bumper crop of figs, acorns, and leaves!! And glad the Christmas bazaar went well!

  23. Such a blessing to have your family visit! My parents would have been quite envious.. ❤

  24. I love to see outdoor family photos. So lovely for you to have had everyone at home for Thanksgiving. And I bet you were 'done' the next day. ;-) I love the gatherings but they do me in. lol
    And I see your violets are in bloom just like mine. Every November. :)))
    Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season now. Here comes Christmas.
    Love to all.

  25. What fun for you to have them all there! Loved seeing all the photos! Doesn't look like Christmas there with all those leaves!

  26. Oh you had a wonderful crowd for Thanksgiving!!! Where on earth did you feed them all? We make do, don't we, with our small houses!! Lovely pictures, so nice to see the family all together!

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  28. Beautiful family, beautiful day, Henny. XO Terry

  29. Melba, I love all of your family photos, I wish my girls weren't so against me showing their photos. Nothing is sweeter than family get togethers.
    I love how down to earth you are. We all have sinks filled with dishes and pots and pans, but who among us is brave enough to blog about them. Only you and I love you for it.
    I'm delighted that you had such a great Thanksgiving.
    God bless you!
    Connie :)

  30. My gosh what a wonderful day you all had. I like the ending where you show the dishes to be washed. One we all never hardly see but a big part of the scene for Thanksgiving especially.
    Lovely family you and poppy have and such happy faces.

  31. So happy you had such a gathering of loved ones to make such a special day for all. May the season continue to warm your heart.

  32. Well it certainly looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving on the farm! I loved seeing all of the family had a nice crowd! So glad to hear the craft show was a success...ooh, I would love to get my hands on some of those great looking goodies! Now, on to Christmas...I can't believe it's almost here! Blessings!

  33. HP, I'm so embarrassed to be this behind reading blogs!!! Yikes - but I'm going to read every single one of yours :) to see what's going on. LOVE the pics of all your beautiful family, but Weetie snuggled up in his blanket is so adorable too.


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