Monday, October 8, 2018

My nature post, and a kitty cat

Before getting into my "nature" post, I've got to show you this...

The camera happened to be close by so I snapped this picture of Dumperoo. Have no idea what that is over him, unless there is a little angel hovering there?? :)

Do you know what this is??
"You need to bring your camera and get a picture of this", said Poppy. 

"It is the biggest wasp nest I've ever seen". 

Oh my goodness!! This thing is as big around as a dinner plate, and has what looks like a thousand wasps.  This nest hangs over the edge of the pond so it was hard to get a good shot from underneath where all the wasps are. 

Still no fall-like weather, but the big fall spiders have arrived...

this one, up near the garden, had a huge web and was still busy weaving as I walked underneath.

and another one. This spider saw me...

and hid on the back side of this oak leaf.

Have been meaning to tell you...remember the writing spider on the back screen door?

well, she disappeared, but left this...

My daughter Lynn, who loves spiders, said, "mom, you may want to move that some place else. I don't think you want that many baby spiders on your screen door".  

We woke up to a foggy morning yesterday.

in fact, all the pictures taken yesterday would be good for a scary Halloween post. Maybe I will save the others and recall another horror story of how Poppy used to scare me on Halloween night. Of course, I have already posted about the two scariest times.

Not a very exciting post here, so thank you for stopping by.



  1. That nest is a whopper, we have had a few wasps but once the plums were picked they went elsewhere, thank goodness. I think that it looks like angel wings hovering over Dumperoo. We are getting morning mist creeping down the mountain, it usually means that we are going to have a glorious day. That is a lovely shot of your well, very evocative.

  2. Exciting would be my breakneck speed running down that road away from that spider nest! I'd take your daughter's advice to heart but I would burn it up so no spiders survive.

  3. Your weather looks sort of like ours - foggy. Looks like a heart over the cat. We are getting lots of orb weavers and garden spiders, but having to move them far, far away.

  4. I had a gorgeous spider in my garden a while ago. Don't know what happened to it. That's a big wasp nest. I love bees, but wasps are kind of jerks. Your kitty cat looks just like my Samson. -Jenn

  5. I know spiders have a job...but hanging around me is not one of them..they creep me out. What a wasp nest, I know you know that they can sting more than once. Scary stuff out there. LOL. Cutie cat. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. Wow, that was one big wasps nest. What a great picture of Dumperoo, it looks like an angel.

  7. Wow, I've never seen a wasp nest that big! I'd be scared of all of them getting mad at me for something! We've had a lot of really foggy mornings here lately. Its kind of pretty but I don't really like driving to work in it.

  8. It does look like an angel or a friendly spirit with Dumperoo! I love the way the pond looks with the fog!

  9. I like the spider webs- not the nest thought!
    I love foggy pics too!

  10. What a lovely shot of the morning fog, perfect for Autumn !
    You are much braver than me, standing so close to that wasps nest, I know how aggressive they can turn.
    Love that little cat, such a sweetheart.

  11. I love the spooky fog pictures!
    And the one of sweet angelic Dumperoo.
    Spiders and their webs are part of Fall I guess.
    I always manage to walk right into them.

  12. Wow, that is a whopper of a wasp nest.

    It looks like a flying/whirling heart over Dumperoo.

    Don't like spiders or their webs and am always walking into them.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  13. I prefer the angel to the wasps!
    We are still in the 90s, too. Supposedly cooler this weekend. We'll see.
    Have a blessed week!

  14. Henny- nothing better than a good Fog...just love it. Years back whilst camping in the Snowy Mountains I watched a mist forming across a lake in the mountains - and the mist eventually formed clouds...just beautiful. Regards. KEV.

  15. Your screen door spider reminds me of dear Charlotte. She left her babies behind too! But that wasp nest -- my goodness!!! I hope Poppy got rid of it, sprayed it, squashed it, put it in the pond, etc. Yikes! I do like that little hovering heart over dear Dumper. Probably something about light and camera, but I prefer the angel theory.

  16. We used to get "ghost orbs" in pictures but my mom refused to believe the truth of what they were. They are dust specs reflecting the light of the camera's flash. I told her to get me a picture of them without flash and we would talk.

  17. Wow that wasp nest is enormous. Didn't know what I was looking at at first.
    Great shot of the spider web.

  18. I think I like kitties with angels better than wasps and spiders.

  19. Love the heart shape over dumperoo! Maybe it is an angel. We have been having a lot of big fall spiders everywhere also. Love you bunches!

  20. That is a huge wasp nest...your kitty has a visitor with a heart! :)

  21. I love your foggy morning pics. Not scary at all...just beautiful!

  22. Not a very exciting post..yer joking Missus...! :).
    Pussy~cats..and..and..Spiders..Whey~Hey! :).
    The spirit of the heart is to show that Dumperoo
    is an angel..Bless! 😺

    I've been worried about Charlotte, who lives in a
    pink..(what else)..bird box on the dining room
    window, had'nt seen her for a month, so..l thought
    as she's been there for some four years now, she
    may have passed house spiders only live 3~5yrs,
    but l drew the curtains last night, there she
    was on her web..NO! Not the computer..her web..web..!
    I was pleased to see her, so we chatted, then l closed
    the curtains! Bless! Her hairy legs..! :).

    A few years back l had wasps move into a bird box,
    above the back kitchen door, not many, but they
    became a nuisance, and after a while, l
    covered the bird box with a cloth bag, and took the
    whole thing down to the woods, and mounted it on a
    tree..can't be killing wild life..! :(.

    And finally..l love the photos of your lake/pond...
    l'm still hoping to see a torso floating in it....
    Or..better still a huge Croc...!!!
    ooooooO! Swamp Murders..HeHe! I'm still watching
    Love the bottom photo...ooooooO! Splash! Splash!
    (=ඒᆽඒ=) 😹 😹 (=♡ ᆺ ♡=)

  23. Well, Willie made me laugh! Morbid humour in the morning works, I guess?
    I would move the nest, also, but I'd be afraid of disturbing the babies...Your spider photos turned out really well. We had a wonderfully big spider choose our dining window to weave her web and I tried so hard to get a good photo but couldn't manage it with the tablet.
    Fog is so pretty-- as are the angel heart/wings over Dumperoo...funny you were just discussing his origins, too!

  24. Dumperoo is so cute. He IS slim, not chubby.
    I'm not a spider lover but good for Lynn!
    Have a great day, good Henny.

  25. Very spidery there! But I guess I'd take them over one billion wasps!

  26. That looks like a very scary Halloween photo. The mist coming off the lake. It puts us in the mood for the holiday. Spiders are just wonderful insects. We love to watch them make their webs in the wooded area behind us. It's just an amazing thing to see. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos. Have a wonderful rest of your week.
    World of Animals

  27. Wow! Your photos are awesome and capture the season of fall well. Great posting.

  28. The photos are fantastic.
    Goodness, the wasps! Gulp!!
    I love the angel over your sweet kitty.
    xx oo

  29. My goodness Henny - that wasp nest is huge. Can't imagine one that big. Here in Ohio we get hornet nests...they are huge and made out of mud and such. Generally find them in trees or corners of houses. They are mean and pack quite a punch. Loved the little heart above your kitty. Does make you wonder if Dumperoo has an angel watching over him. Thanks for your lovely post Henny. Have a super day.

  30. Love that last shot especially!

  31. You know how cats look into the air and their eyes move as if they are seeing something? I think you caught a picture of whatever that is! Don't you love thinking that Dumparoo has fairies or angels surrounding him? I do!

  32. We used to get "ghost orbs" in pictures but my mom refused to believe the truth of what they were. They are dust specs reflecting the light of the camera's flash. I told her to get me a picture of them without flash and we would talk.



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