Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A week's worth

How can it be! a week since my last post! Guess the days are going faster and I'm going slower.

We've had rain rain rain lately. Oh the sun comes out, but just long enough to make things really hot and humid, or trigger a thunderstorm. I can hardly wait for that first cool fall day when you can pull a sweater out from the back of the closet.

Aren't kitty cats funny?
 this is Smokey aka Mokey, Mokey Mae, and Moke Moke . He answers to them all.

and this is where he sits, just outside the front steps, looking real pitiful, like he can't jump over the rocks and monkey grass...

and all the while, I am calling to him. But then let me cross over to help him and he jumps.

Just before dark when I close the chickens up for the night and start back to the house, Smokey meets me and runs, weaving in and out of my steps all the way back to the house.  I've told him again and again that he is going to make me fall. Then I pick him up and we go inside together. He is such a sweetie.

 silly kitty

 Oh friends, the knobs and pulls arrived and we couldn't wait...

It is a good change from the white knobs, so I am content with the old honey oak stained cabinets for a while longer.

and the little red corner. Vic, if you're seeing this, I am still loving the red canisters!

and speaking of red...
We've been without an umbrella all summer. Poppy called me from work one day last week and asked, "do you still want an umbrella for the yard, Food Lion has reduced their's to $26.00...they have red, dark green, and white". How about the red one, I asked. 

Okay, I've hobbled back inside to finish this post. Remember my swing? Oh, I posted about it several times way back in 2013.

It was still pretty new here...

this was early last spring and the jute rope was beginning to show wear. Jute will rot over time.

Poppy swinging last summer.

Anyhow, after walking Eli, I sat down in the swing and said to Poppy, "you really don't think the rope will break if I swing". I do love a swing. No, it will not break, he said. So, I sat down in the swing, walked myself backwards, lifted my feet, and swung forward, feeling the cooling wind hit my face...but on the way back down, the rope on the left side broke, dumping me on the ground. Oh, it must have been a funny sight.

See the row of bricks there at Poppy's feet? That's where I landed. There will be bruises for sure, but I'm okay, nothing broken. :) Poppy has already been on line ordering thirty feet of nylon rope. 

Good grief, what a post! Seems like about one post a week is all I can manage, so there is much to talk about. Thank you for listening. Hope to be back real soon.


Thank you Sandra, for following my blog. I appreciate that so much!


  1. Hi Henny! I'm so sorry you fell! I hope you are okay - I bet you are sore. Please take it easy. I just love cat posts and it is good to see Smokey. You are right about cats being funny. They are so independent but still like to play little games with us. I love the new knobs on the cabinets! It looks very stylish with the change and it looks like they match your kitchen sink faucet. You have a beautiful home inside and out!

  2. Ouch! You landed on bricks? Okay, I know you're tough but just in case I hope you recover rapidly.

  3. Oh, Henny, that was a rough landing. You must really be hurting. I think you need some Smokey love.

  4. HaHa! Well..I had to laugh, firstly about the swing....
    Are you sure! Are you sure! The rope is rotting...?
    And that it has anything to do with weight! AND! l don't
    mean the weight of the swing...HeHe! I'll say no more! Bless!

    It's just gone past seven over here, as soon as l opened up
    the post....Ah! Pussy~cat! Pussy~cat! Lovely! He's a great
    looking fella.. ! And! Yes! Remember...'Dogs have owners..
    Cats have staff'! They train you..NOT the other way round,
    l've loved cats from day one, had one creep into my basket
    the very day l was born, at home, and did so every time mia
    Mama laid me to rest! Loveliest creature on the planet...! :).

    SO..Let's finish with a little song...And talking of swings...

    Swing low, sweet chariot
    Coming for to carry me home
    Swing low, sweet chariot
    Coming for to carry me home
    Coming for to carry me home...
    (l'm sure you all know the rest)..
    Bye! Bye! Mokey...X (=ඒᆽඒ=)

    1. Oh! Mokey..Mokey...You must pop over to New Zealand,
      and say hello to Poppy!x She's lovely...! :).

  5. Oh, Henny! I'm sure glad you didn't break anything in that fall. Of course those bricks are tilted with the edges up for you to land on! I bet that hurt something awful! I hope Poppy is sympathetic and waits on you while you're sore. I was wondering about that swing not long ago when we took some kids to a park and they were swinging. I used to love it, too. But now I'm happy to keep my feet on the ground. I love that red inside the house and out. I generally just love bright colors. Take it easy for a while.

  6. I have similar pulls in my kitchen. I love them. Your cat reminds me of our cats - both indoor and outdoor. They walk right under my feet and I am always telling them I'll trip.

  7. Oh Henny...geesh! Don't listen to a man. lol We'd have every bone broken by the time we leave this earth we did.
    SMOKEY!!!!! I was almost afraid to ask why we hadn't seen him for so long. Gosh he reminds me of Audrey so much. And what a life he has. It's the best. I think he and Wilson would get into so much mischief together.
    And your kitchen looks so welcoming. I would love to pop by with an armful of wildflowers and a basket of veggies and settle in for a tea. :) The swing just jogged my memory that we are hanging one here this fall if time allows. We have the spot on the path in the wood-lot, shady and cool in there. The grands will love it. My gran had one on this property and all her grands loved it. Great memories. :)
    Sending a hug, Deb

  8. Red is such a happy colour. That umbrella looks fabulous. I hope you aren't too bruised, those bricks could have caused some nasty cuts. Your Smokey is very sweet. Oh, I forgot.....your kitchen door knobs look great.

  9. Your cabinets look great. We used to have a tire swing in the old oak at the back of our land. My daughter and then her boys loved it. Now I am wondering whatever happened to that swing. We sit in a glider by our pond. It's a spot we love, but I admit the gliding makes me drowsy. That area is fenced to keep our two dogs out. Our boxer/pit loves to take a dip and he would tear up the lily pads for sure. Sometimes I see a cat out there watching the fish swim around. I even saw one take a whack, but I admit I chased him off. We had an indoor cat once who did not use a little box. When he used to cry at the door to go out and do his business. He liked to lay on the peak of our house too. He was a great cat and none have ever come close to having his great personality. Gee, you brought back some good memories with this post. Thank You. Sorry you fell from the swing. Home your bruises don't bother too much, as I am sure they are there.
    xx, Carol

  10. Oh my, I am so sorry you got hurt from the swing. That had to hurt! I love your pet's, and the stories you share about each of them. The new umbrella will add much coziness to your backyard; a cool spot to sit a spell. And the new handles in your kitchen make the perfect touch. Everything looks great.

  11. The kitchen is beautiful. I also have a red colander (Pioneer Woman). I LOVE that cat! He is gorgeous! I love his face.SO sorry you fell, but very glad nothing's broken! We've had lots of rain too, and another tree got struck by lightning...

  12. Oh that cat. We had one named Smokey once. That are so contrary at times. Yes, once one of the cats from down road came to visit and kept trying to trip we took him back down to his house. LOL. Too dangerous, don't like worrying about things under foot. Tell your hubby next swing doesn't go over a brick landing. :) Hope you are not all bruised. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  13. Ow, hate it when I fall, always worry that I'll break something. Love kitties. Miss Kitty is always doing things to drive me crazy.

  14. Glad to hear you are okay and all are doing well. God bless.

  15. Your kitty cat is just precious. That is the only color kitty I can ever remember my grandmother having. She called them "bluies". He's gorgeous!

    I am snickering quietly about the broken rope--if you hadn't fallen I would have laughed-out-loud. That is NOT good to have fallen on those bricks!

    Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. xo Diana

  16. Ouch ouch ouch, I bet you have some ugly bruises from those bricks. Of all the places you could have landed....Anyway, glad you are okay. Some cats are such characters aren't they. Smokey sounds like he has character in spades!

  17. Henny sorry to read about your accident. So thankful nothing was broken. Your smokey kitty is adorable. I had a gray kitty named Smokey. I lost him last fall. He was a very sweet boy. Miss him. Well take care and have a great weekend.

  18. There's not much faith in old rope

  19. Wow, Penny, I'm so glad you didn't get badly hurt, I'm sure you were mighty scared!! Your kitchen looks great, love the new knobs and pulls!

  20. What a fun post, except for the rope swing breaking and you being dropped onto the bricks. Glad you didn't break anything.

    I love Mokey!

    Love your new knobs also, they're just right.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  21. Glad you were not hurt. I think lots of people uses chain instead of rope on their swings:)

  22. Great score on the umbrella! And the new knobs really look good with those cabinets. Gives your kitchen a homey country feel. And Smokey is a hoot. The games cats play! We used to have one who would climb onto the garage roof and then cry pitifully until my son got out the ladder and "rescued" him. One day said son wasn't home and I heard Rascal howling from the roof. I went outside and looked up at him. He looked down at me. Then I told him no one was home to get rescue him so he'd have to get down himself. A few minutes later, sure enough, there he was at the back door asking to come in. Cats!

  23. Everything, inside and out, is looking mighty nice on Henny Penny Lane. Red was the perfect choice for the umbrella, and the cabinet hardware is a great look. Your kitchen is beautiful! Ouch, for sure! Hopefully, you are already stepping higher and feeling better. Take care, Henny!

  24. diane in northern wisAugust 16, 2018 at 4:17 PM

    Henny, you certainly have an entertaining blog! First off I love your little gray one tickles my fancy.....oh your new knobs and handles look just great! Love your new red umbrella too! Oops...sorry about the swing....sure glad you didn't break anything falling. I bet your hubby felt kind of bad when you fell. Things are looking great at your house. Have a great weekend!

  25. I love a swing too and Ken is going to put one up just like yours at the new house. Sorry yours broke though. That must have hurt. I like your knobs and pulls. Something how a little thing changes things up.

  26. Oh, Henny, ouch!!! I'm so sorry about the broken rope! I hope those bruises go away soon :( Your smoky gray kitty cat is so pretty, and how sweet that he meets you and comes inside each day like that. I'd love a kitty cat! But I'm allergic. We will make it though August, HP! We will! Soon we will be pulling out those sweaters and enjoying the next 8 months.

  27. Cats are so fun! I miss ours since he went to live with our daughter when she got married. (He was really hers...)
    Sorry to tell you that your swing fiasco made me laugh, but I'm glad you're ok!
    The new hardware and the umbrella look great!

  28. Your kitchen hardware looks great.
    You sure must have jarred your body when the swing dumped you off. Hope you're not too bruised.

  29. love seeing pictures of your cute kitchen and your pretty summery and green yard! I grew up with a swing pretty identical to that one, and spent many happy hours just 'a swingin away. Darn!!--I hate that it broke and you fell though! Hope you are not too sore and sure glad nothing broken. Love these pictures of Smokey-he is IDENTICAL to our Smokey, truly! How old is your boy? our Smokey is 17. He's been with me forever, love him so much.

  30. I forgot to ask---did you ever find out what the flowers were at the churchyard picture?

  31. Love those pulls and knobs they make a wonderful difference to your kitchen. Sorry to hear abut your fall, hope you don't bruise too badly.

  32. You're so nice, Henny.
    I'm so sorry your swinging ended in a dump onto the bricks! Ouch!
    I love your new knobs! They look so cozy and your cabinets are so homey.
    Yes, the kitties are treasures. We find our Timothy so irresistible. We scoop him up constantly and tell him how best, best, best he is.

  33. The new hardware in your kitchen looks very nice and make a good change. I'm glad you weren't hurt and can laugh about your swing dumping you on the bricks! It could have been quite painful if you had landed wrong.

  34. Smokey is such a sweetheart! I'm really sorry to hear about the rope on the swing breaking and dumping you on the ground...especially there near the bricks!

    I have been enjoying canning season and wearing your sweet back wrap aprons!

  35. You’re cabinet hardware looks great!!! And I meant to tell you that I love the view from your kitchen window! Fabulous!

    I hope you aren’t too bruised. It sounds like your tumble was quite painful. I felt it as soon as I saw the bricks! LOL

    Don’t feel bad about being behind on posts. I’m way behind on my blogs and I don’t like it one bit! That’s going to end very soon!

    Take care,

  36. I am behind looking at your blog (have had a hard time writing for my own blog, come to think of it), which annoys me because it is one of my favorites. I am happy for you that you have been able to upgrade your kitchen, and it is lovely indeed! I hope it continues to please you for many years to come.

  37. I was scrolling through blogs and I found yours love the sweet kitty but I love to swing too! my husband made a beautiful swing between two trees and every time I get on he says test the rope it has been there a while. I hope you are not hurt and get back on your swing soon.

  38. Sweet post dear friend :) I always enjoy visiting your blog . . . love the red umbrella and the swing. Everyone needs to sit on a swing and enjoy the memories of childhood again.
    Have a sweet week.
    Connie :)

  39. I'm sorry you got bruised, but I did giggle a little picturing the whole incident!


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