Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sewing with mama and me

For the first time, there was one bloom on each of the two pear trees we planted about four years ago. :(

A teeny tiny post this morning before daylight.

The darned clock alarmed at 4:15 am and with the time change still so new, well, it felt every bit like 3:15 am. 

Poppy is off to work and I've done the usual straightening up in the house.

Two of the four aprons are finished. I kind of like this old fashioned calico...or do the two fabrics clash?
and this one...

This was a large piece of fabric so I used it all at one sitting.

Aprons need nice roomy pockets, don't you agree? I ran short on bias tape and had to make more for this one. These two will go in Henny's shop. Why does saying that embarrass me?

Mama is on my mind a lot at night in my little sewing room. You see, when mama was sitting at her sewing machine, I was standing there watching her every move. 

Mama never used straight pins to pin the pattern pieces to the fabric, she used, as she called them, case knives. And mama cut the notches in, not out, as the pattern instructs. I watched too as she cut strips of fabric to make bias tape.
This was me in third grade and I vividly remember mama making this dress. The dress was dark brown, the yoke brown and white checks, and the trim, white eyelet. The wide sash was brown checks too. She also made a matching dress for my doll. 

Here I am in first grade. Mama made this dress too...pale yellow with white trim and always, always, the dresses had puffed sleeves and wide sashes, and were starched and ironed to perfection.

I was rarely far from mama's side. Why I remember one time bending over to pick up something off the kitchen floor and when I stood up, was under mama's skirt. She smoothed her skirt down and said, "oh, for goodness sakes"!! I must have been under her feet all the time!

Mama was a jewel, and her name was Jewel.

Bluegrass music is my favorite and it plays at night in the teeny tiny sewing room. My favorite is "Medals for Mothers" by Rhonda Vincent. I'm not good at adding a video like that, so maybe you could check it out on youtube. 

Better get busy. I'm stepping out today. Going to see my sister, Shelby. We are going to a couple of thrift stores, then shop around in Costco and eat lunch there...I can tell you right now that I'm having a large slice of pizza. The largest slice on the pan! period! 

Thank you for visiting. I will be around to catch up with your posts. Gosh, it's hard keeping up now. Poppy's retiring has really thrown a wrench into the works! :) Gotta have something to blame my slackness on. 


Oops! This was supposed to be a teeny tiny post. 


  1. Oh Henny I so enjoyed reading about where you got your love of sewing from. What a special Mama you had. I have two outfits that I can remember from my childhood...a navy blue one with a big white collar and of course the wide navy blue sash. The other was a purple corduroy skirt and vest. I was allowed to pick out the buttons for it and I chose silverish antique looking buttons for it. Both were made by my aunt. I actually still have a couple of the buttons from that vest. I remember all of my dresses having wide sashes, too.

    Your aprons are always. I do not think that the first one clashes at all in the fabrics that you chose. You do such beautiful work.


  2. I also remember some of the dresses my mother made for me. I started sewing, by hand, when I was 5 years old. That love of sewing is still with me. Many years ago I made my own wedding gown.

  3. Both aprons are lovely, Henny. My favorite is the one made in the one large fabric. My Aunt Laura was my "mother" when it came to sewing. She was also my 4-H leader and she taught me to sew - aprons, skirts; all of which I entered in our country fair and I usually won a blue ribbon. I have always cut the notches out. What are casing knives? I hope you enjoy your day out today!

  4. Thanks for sharing such lovely memories and photos Henny! Your Mom sounds like she was a wonderful lady.
    Your aprons are so beautiful, so perfect.
    It is different to have our hubbies home isn't it? Your schedule gets kinda thrown off. But mostly for the good! ;)

  5. No they do not clash. The look perfect together, on that apron.

    And precious photos and memories. Very precious...

  6. Love the aprons, and what a lovely tribute to your Mama. I truly enjoyed reading your childhood memories. My Mama made most of my dresses, too. I remember going to the store and she would let me pick out the flour sacks that I liked. In those days flour came in pretty calico print sacks. Those sacks were turned into very pretty school dresses.

  7. Love seeing the blooms on the pear tree, our neighbor has several but no blooms yet !
    Your aprons are lovely, they remind me of times when housewives truly were housewives. My mum and grandma wore their aprons everyday, sadly I wear mine on occasions.
    You have your mommas talent for sewing, she was a talented lady, and your school dresses were sweet.

  8. The aprons are lovely, I learnt to sew by watching my granny and knitting from my Mother. I used to "help" my Grandfather in the garden, but am sure that I was more of a hindrance than a help. I hope that you enjoyed your day out, it sounds fun.

  9. I felt semi-sick and had a nightmare last night. Went to bed around 7pm woke up around 1:30. Had to be at work at 5:30am so I ended lying half-awake for a few hours. Different schedules and the new time change did affect me this morning.

  10. Oh I love that apron and it is my very favorite one that I've seen. I love the two patterns of material together.
    Your mom sounds wonderful and so very patient. That is a blessing.
    Hope you had a fabulous day with Shelby.
    I'm having trouble with the time change too. I usually get up at 6:15 but haven't been waking up till 7:00.

  11. This is a sweet post, Henny. It's always nice to think about our mom. You certainly became a beautiful seamstress. I am looking so forward to blooms on our fruit trees. We are still digging out from a two-day snow-storm. Deb

  12. I really like it when you post pics from the past. And when you reminisce about your mom. My mom sewed all my dresses too and although I don't sew I have her treadle machine and think of her so often when I notice it sitting there in the corner of the diningroom. I was the only girl for 11 years so I never had to wear hand-me-downs.
    Don't we all hate Daylight Saving time and how it messes us up for weeks!!

  13. My mom, and I made almost all my school clothes till I was through high school...I don't remember if she bothered with notches, but I did cut them out for a while. Then I discovered it was so much easier to cut the off and just snip into the fabric where they are...once for one notch, twice for two notches, etc. I never thought of using knives, though...and now, a lot of times I use the rotary cutter to cut out anything I make. I do love the aprons you made...

  14. I love your title, "Sewing with Mama and me." When I sew, my mom is always with me, for, like you, I was would often stand and watch when she was sewing. Your latest aprons are SO nice. When you make bias strips, do you use a Clover Tape Maker. Several years ago, I bought a set with several sizes, which I consider one of my best investments.

  15. Your relationship with your mother sounds very much like mine. We were always together. These are the most precious photos and memories of the dresses she made. I know your sewing room is a place of comfort for you. Hope you and your sis had a great day. We were "bad" and shared a pizza today too! lol

  16. Such a beautiful flower!! are those magnolias?

    Please visit:

  17. I think the two colors on your apron do not clash and it is lovely. My Mom could sew beautifully too. She is in heaven and I really miss talking to her and asking advice! That is much too early for me to arise! Nancy

  18. diane in northern wisMarch 16, 2017 at 7:03 PM

    Henny your posts are so sweet. I always look forward to finding a new one at night when I check on my computer! Love all your new aprons with the roomy pockets....and aren't the flowers on your pear tree beautiful! I bought my daughter a pear tree and they just planted it last it'll take awhile I'm sure, if ever! I love the pictures of you as a little girl, and the stories of your Jewel Mama. Thanks for the always great posts!!!

  19. Henny, girl, I love both aprons! I learned so many wonderful skills from my Mama because I was always underfoot. My mother made all of my clothes as well as my siblings clothing. Until she got a sewing machine, sometime in the late '60s, she made them all by hand. I remember her working so hard on an Easter dress, for me, when I was 4 or 5 years old. It was pale yellow with and over skirt made from dotted swiss. Do you remember dotted swiss? I have been fortunate enough to always have a machine but I did make my daughter a pale yellow dress by hand. I think that is the only thing I have made entirely with needle and thread! I hope you enjoyed your visit with your sister and got the biggest slice of pizza!

    Grace & Peace,

  20. Your relationship with your mother sounds lovely. Mine suffered from too many siblings. i was Mama to one of my little brothers.
    Your aprons are pretty, and so expertly made.

  21. Your mother does sound like a Jewel. I found it funny that Poppy got up at 4:15 to go to work...that sure doesn't sound like retirement to me Henny! Hope you and Shelby had a great shopping day today. Your apron turned out great. Calico...that's a word I haven't heard in a long time.

  22. Pear trees in bloom are so delicate and springy looking! Love those childhood pictures! What a cutie you were! Did you enjoy your trip out to shop and eat?? HOpe so! Did you find anything good at the thrift stores?

  23. Lovely aprons, I think the fabrics work well together. I often think back to the dresses my mother made for me, I can see them so vividly. I hope your shopping trip was a success!

  24. Hello,
    I always love it when you share stories about your mom.
    I am sure you had a great time today. ;-) Let us know if you were up to any shenanigans. LOL!

    Love, Carla

  25. First, congratulations on retirement- I can't wait for Mark to finally say it's time! Love your memories. My mama sewed for my sister and I, and even though we are 15 months apart, she always made us matching clothes. We didn't care. She was a fabulous sewer. I can hem and repair and that's about it. I used to sew when my daughter was little, but gave up when she became a teenager and she wanted "cooler" clothes. Have a great Saturday!

  26. Those blooms escaped the frost you had...good to see them! Your aprons are lovely, I think those two calicos look just fine together! :)

  27. I love the stories about your mama. Because they remind me of mine! She sewed all our clothes, even coats, and she always cut the notches in not out on pattern. So of course, I always do, too! Love your pretty aprons.

  28. Mama, I love seeing those pictures and hearing those stories about Grandma. I love you so! You are the best mama in the world. I loved seeing you yesterday. Love ~your oldest child

  29. I love your aprons, I think the fabrics go quite well together. The dresses your mother made for you were wonderful. My mother also used to make some of my clothes when I was a little girl, I have fond memories of that. Enjoy your week!

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