Friday, March 24, 2017

Back to spring again!

We have had fierce winds lately. Cleaning up around the teeny tiny greenhouse the other day, I happened to see this little bird's nest dangling from a limb high up in a tree, barely hanging on.

The winds did not give up, but blew until the little nest broke lose and fell to the ground. 

The sweet little nest has a bit of Eli's hair woven in. I'm wondering if it was built this year, it looks fresh and clean. Poor little bird...all that work. Does it look like a hummingbird's nest?

Looking through the woods at the long legged tower. I had planned to move that tall lanky thing without mentioning it to Poppy, but wow, is it ever heavy, and awkward!!  

I can just see myself lifting that heavy thing and then losing my balance and crashing into something!

So, to balance things out a little, I've moved this old arbor up to the playhouse. All it needs is a pretty vine, one that will grow in the shade. The entrance!

You know, I mentioned how Poppy is working more in the yard now. The first of the week he helped get the compost bin back in shape.

This compost bin was once two raised beds, back before we fenced in a garden spot. It was hard keeping the chickens out of the compost, so I built that nice looking top one day, all by myself. :)

For months we've been emptying kitchen scraps, cardboard, grass clipping, and old straw to the compost bin without ever turning it. It was a mess!

Then, by cracky! on Wednesday Poppy tilled the whole garden! All this help, folks!!! Why, I don't know how to act!

and today, the first pitiful looking little plants. These are six "stir-fry broccoli" plants. Poppy is working today, so I set out the plants.

Today was simply beautiful and the weather people talk like we may be done with winter this time. 

I found the cute bunnies in the little Salvation Army Thrift Store yesterday. Only .49 cents each.

Oh my, and I found the cutest new apron pattern and two pretty pieces of Walmart. I've cut out one apron and can hardly wait to get it finished and show you.

Thank you looking in today.



  1. It's good that you are getting help in the garden now, just when the seasonal action is picking up.
    It will be a while before we get our garden ready to plant. We are still suffering frequent cold rain.

  2. How nice that Poppy is giving you a hand with the garden.
    Our compost gets ignored and is a mess too. But eventually my DH digs down far enough and he made a sort of screen to put over the wheelbarrow to keep the not yet composted lumps separate from the usable stuff. In the end he makes it work.

  3. Oh dear lady...I'm enjoying spring through your posts. How fun to have so much help :-)... Thank you so much for sharing...

  4. We have two regular compost bins that sit on legs and can be turned easily...well, can be turned easily by my husband. They produce some wonderful rich soil for us to add to the garden and raised beds.

    I'm glad Poppy is helping you with all of the outside work. Maybe he's been reading your blog? ~wink~

    I'm surely glad that you realized how heavy those beams were and didn't throw your back out trying to move them. The trellis will look beautiful when it has a vine or whatever you choose. I know it will be beautiful because you have such good taste when it comes to things like this.

    And a new apron pattern? Oh my! I can hardly wait to see the finished product! the way...I ironed the cover-all apron that you made me. It was SO easy to iron! I love that apron so much...especially when I am cleaning.


  5. That is definitely not a hummer nest. Hummer nests are very tiny and delicate. If the nest has junk in it like leaves it's last year. this one looks clean and is probably this spring. Interesting.

  6. It sure does look like spring there. I love looking at everything including the terracotta pots. And your little green-house is so cute. I can't wait to get mine up again. If you were here you would see that that will be awhile off. I am watching the snow fall as I type this.:-( Enjoy your weekend. Annie says "hi" Hugs, Deb

  7. Everything looks so tidy! Glad Poppy is helping you out. I bought a cute rabbit at the thrift store today, a china one. The compost looks good! The rain is pouring down now, although it was somewhat decent during the daylight hours. So much to do, I don't know where to start.

  8. It has been so windy!! I am tired of the wind but I guess it is March. I want a compost bin I kinda of started one once but I was not successful. We planted some broccoli and cabbages and a potato patch the other day. Do not try to lift that heavy tall contraption by yourself. Remember your back! Love the sweet little bunnies. Can not wait to see the new apron.
    Love you!

  9. I'm so glad that Poppy is helping you in the yard. He doesn't want you to hurt your back again, either. We save bird nests we find and put them in our Christmas tree. I have a few ceramic birds that fit in the little nests. Maybe you can save this one and look at the thrift stores for a bird to go in it. That arbor will be gorgeous with a pretty vine on it. Enjoy your spring weather. I hope the winds die down.

  10. I like your new 'entrance'! I think many ivies do well in shade. Or perhaps some wild vine will take root?
    So glad you had some help. Enjoy your weather!

  11. Your yard looks so tidy. Best wishes with the broccoli plants. So sad about the little bird nest blowing down. I look forward to you sharing the new apron. What cute bunnies and a great price - I love thrift stores!
    Blessings to you this weekend.

  12. What is Poppy's favorite pie???????

    I'd say, he is due one, wouldn't you???????


    Luna Crone

  13. And I'm glad you didn't try to move that thing!!!!!

    Good grief!

    Lose your balance, fall, it fall on top of you, you be "out of action" for the rest of the Spring! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! "Auntie Luna" says Nooooooooooo!!!!! ,-)

  14. I'm always trying to do things like that too. I get part way done and then have to ask Ken for help. : )
    Looks like you're getting lots done in your yard.
    We can't plant anything here until after Memorial Day.
    Love those cute little bunnies.
    Hard to tell just how small the nest is but I know hummingbirds nests are REALLY TINY.

  15. I found a similar looking nest last week in my garden and wondered what type of bird built it. I thought about it being a hummingbird, but when I've seen photos of their nests they seem to include quite a bit of lichen.
    I am envious of your nice big compost bin. Every year I think I will find a spot to put one and, so far, it hasn't happened.
    Wonderful that Poppy is helping you out in the gardening chores.
    Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog.

  16. Best of luck to you on your garden. Looks like you have a really good start on things. Lovely little bunnies you found and perfect for Easter displays or for your garden. I love seeing bird nests. It is quite amazing how much work they put into them. So sad the wind blew the nest down. Have a great weekend.

  17. Your yards always look so beautiful Henny. Glad you have a Poppy to help now.
    Have a good weekend.

  18. Hi Henny! I can't wait to see your new apron. I'm getting the itch to go thrifting. How cute!
    You are a worker bee out in the garden. Don't pull a muscle or tweak your back!

  19. The winds have been fierce here, too! I have long wanted to find a hummingbirds' nest, but with no luck. I have read that the nest is about the size of a walnut. I can only imagine how small the young birds must be. The arbor is the perfect entrance to your gardening area. Happy weekend, and happy spring!

  20. Isn't this weather wonderful? The dogwoods sure think so -- they are so pretty now. Lacy and elegant. Nice that you have help with the big jobs now. Maybe you won't have to work quite so hard!

  21. Your arbor near the tall skinny entry into the playhouse will look beautiful covered with a flowering vine. Do you have any likely candidates picked out for it?

    What a good looking compost bin. It must be easy to get stuff in and out of as well as to turn. Mine is just a three sectioned frame with the sides made out of chicken wire. The front of each of the sections can be taken out of the base but I usually just go in from the open top to do the turning. Not so easy since the sides are about three feet high. We had a nice warm day today and I just turned the one that I put kitchen waste into so I remember now how awkward it can be. It hardly ever happens so it takes stuff in there about 18 months to morph into something usable. But yours should work perfectly especially with the top that you made. It must be gratifying, and much quicker, to be able to build stuff like that yourself rather than have to wait for someone else, no matter how willing, to get around to doing it for you.

    How nice it must be to have Poppy doing some of the work around there that you usually took care of. Two working in tandem can get so much more accomplished.

  22. Everything is looking so nice and like spring! Great that you are getting some help! Be careful and don't hurt your back again. Love the little bird nest. Poor little bird. Nancy

  23. We don't "do" a compost bin but the neighbors do and they have skunks! You made a nice looking cover! I think you need some other boards going across that tower...and hang garden stuff up...and maybe a vine can grow there too. :)


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