Friday, March 31, 2017

After the rain

Another project has been added to my 'to do' list... a little herb garden right outside the front door. 

One was started here a few years ago, but the monkey grass and weeds took over, so I gave up and covered the entire bed with pine straw. That big patch of Rosemary survived.

These pictures are nothing special...I just walked outside to have a look after the rain...

With the pollen washed away, things look fresh and clean, and green again, except for the dirt along the bottom of the well.

We woke up to wind and a much needed rain this morning.

We may have the biggest wishing well in the county! Maybe in the state! Just hope we don't have well problems any time soon. 

Coming home from town earlier I noticed that even the mud puddles on the dirt road are covered in yellow pollen.

our puny little cherry tree has white blossoms.

and Smokey, unconcerned about it all. This was yesterday, before the rain.

Hope to work on the herb garden tomorrow. Lying awake last night, I planned it out and decided on the herbs I want.

Need to work on the new apron a bit, so I will say goodnight...



  1. I'm excited for you that you get to have a herb garden and close to the door so you can nip out and cut whatever you need. I have no idea what Monkey grass is but no doubt it's invasive.
    We're finally getting some nicer weather and I'm full of ideas too. Like you I lie awake and plan!!!

  2. For the first time in years I've had allergies for 3 days. I guess the pollen has spread here too. Your wishing well is pretty and goes well with your property.

  3. An Herb garden by the front door will be so nice. Will look forward to seeing what you plante. Nancy

  4. :-) You make me smile. Laying awake planning the herb garden. You sound like me. ;-)
    Spring is peeking here in Wisconsin. So excited to get outside.
    I love the photo of Smokey.

  5. I keep my kitchen herbs in an old wheelbarrow, this way I can contain them, The Lemon Balm and Mint are in the ground, and have taken over !
    Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley, are a good start.
    Your Smokey cat has grown into the most beautiful boy .....
    Your place always looks so neat and tidy, you must work in the garden everyday.

  6. I know many women who plant herbs in pots, cut out the bottoms and place them in the garden to keep them contained. :) It is getting green there!!

  7. Rosemary, one of my fav herbs. Love the smell and I love cooking with it. Hoping your herbs do better and hope the monkey grass don't take over again.

  8. You do have fun with your place. There are always neat things to do.

  9. The rain was wonderful! Finally the mountain pond is running over. Your place looks wonderful...lush and green! Rosemary is also my favorite herb. My big patch is needing a bit of thinning, but that's one job I'll not mind, at all.

  10. I hope your herb garden turns out well! Love your photos!

  11. Good Morning and Happy April. Nothing smells better than fresh herbs! Smokey sure looks content! We went searching for a small rosemary plant yesterday. John likes to put a twig of either rosemary or citronella on his straw hat to keep the mosquitoes away. You certainly have a lovely home and property. Thank you for sharing the pictures.

  12. Everything looks good after a nice rain doesn't it? Cleaner and fresher and just .........newer. I love your pretty wishing well!

  13. I'm surprised Smokey doesn't have a coating of yellow - when the pollen would begin at home, our old black cat Satchel took on a shade of green.
    And rosemary! My favorite of all (except maybe lavender) - I could have a whole bed of rosemary.

  14. I don't think I've ever seen a wishing well in person

  15. My herbs suffered from the heavy rain but are still soldiering on, I do grow the softer ones in pots and move them under cover in the winter. It doesn't get very cold here but the rain is incessant for much of the winter. The cherry blossom is pretty, I haven't even looked at my trees yet. tut tut.

  16. Thanks for stopping in on my blog. I responded to your comment but I hit delete (trying to be proactive and clean up some of my e-mails). I'm not sure if it went through. Sorry. Happy painting on your bathroom when you get started, getting started is definitely the hardest part.

    I was always amazed at the amount of pollen you would have down your way. Each year in Florida my car would get a thick coating of yellow. I felt bad for people with allergies. I don't think we get it quite as heavy here. Smokey is a sweetie! I had to laugh at planning your garden out while in bed. That's where I do my best thinking too. I think a person can conquer the world when they're in bed thinking instead of sleeping haha!! Enjoy your weekend.

  17. The joy of a herb garden - rather a lovely thing to plan in your head when you can't sleep. I hope you drifted off on a waft of imagined lavender.

  18. Refreshing rain for you, too much rain for us. I want to get out and garden too.

  19. diane in northern wisApril 1, 2017 at 5:52 PM

    I love all the pictures that you take around your house and yard. everything looks beautiful and it's hardly even Spring yet! Those white blossoms are lovely by your well. Smokey has turned into such a beautiful cat. Can't wait to see what you plant in your herb garden! Glad you got some nice rain and things are budding out! Thanks for the blog post!

  20. I can not wait to see your herb garden. I need some ideas for a better her garden. I love how it looks and smells after a good rain! Does the cherry tree have cherries on it?
    Love you bunches

  21. Hi Henny, your gardens look lovely. Wonderful to see all the beautiful blossoms on your trees. Smokey is a sweetheart!
    Have a good day.


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