Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Another Rabbit!

Dear friends,

A brand new bunny rabbit arrived here on Henny Penny Lane late yesterday. She is adorable and has come to live with us. I have fallen in love with her. 

She left behind, the little "Mouse House", her sweet family and kitty cat friends, and flew here to North Carolina all the way from Canada. 

With these hints, I bet you know who sent me this little bundle of joy. That's right, it was Deb at www.justcats-deb.blogspot.com Thank you so much, Deb. I don't know how you ever parted with this bunny. Thank you for picking her out just for me.

We will call her buttons, and she will always have a special place in my heart and on our Christmas tree...♡

Oh, and I really want you to see her cute little carrot overnight bag she brought along. The close-up is a little fuzzy...

A sweet bunny who arrived at a perfect time. I was feeling mighty sad yesterday over the loss of another guinea...killed by an owl. I do have a guinea story for tomorrow.

Thank you friends, for visiting. Thank you Deb.



  1. How sweet....she's perfect !
    I'm so sorry to read you have lost yet another farm member :(

  2. What an adorable bunny. How sweet of Deb to send it too you. Bloggy friends are great! So sorry about your hen.

  3. How lucky you are to have a new bunny for your home. I couldn't put her away after Christmas! She would stay out all year and keep me happy.

  4. Aw, Henny. I'm sorry to hear about your guinea. Geez, that must be awful to lose them like that. I'm so happy the bunny lifted your spirits when she arrived. I think that was meant to be. :) She looks right at home on your tree, doesn't she. Enjoy her and thank you again for writing such real and thoughtful posts on your blog. Hugs, Deb

  5. I'm so sorry about your guinea, but happy about your bunny. She is adorable and so much detail and she looks lovely on your tree :)

  6. SShe is adorable, love her beautiful handstitched coat. So sorry to hear about your guinea.

  7. I just found your blog and it's great. I love the bunny rabbit. What a wonderful gift for Christmas. Your tree is lovely, too. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  8. Oh, what a sweet rabbit and what a sweet person to send her to you.

  9. How cute! I just love the lady bugs on her jacket.

  10. Your new bunny Buttons is so very cute and this one you don't have to feed. : )

  11. Oh I love the bunny! That is adorable! Love you bunches!

  12. Oh, I love that little bun bun!!! So sweet! Love you, mama! From your girl... your troublesome girl... who feels incomplete unless she calls you. Every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. Yes, that girl.

  13. Hi Henny,
    I love your new bunny.
    Our real pet bunnies were so lovey tonight when I cared for them. Rex is our black bunny, he is a love. :-)
    I like the ladybugs on her jacket.
    Merry Christmas,

  14. What sweet bunny :-) Cute as can be !!
    Have a Merry Christmas!!
    Blessings and warmth, Linnie

  15. Buttons is so cute! I am sorry about your poor guinea.
    I love the comments you get from your daughter. So sweet and full of love for you.

  16. Very adorable bunny on your Christmas tree

  17. That rabbit is the cutest little thing!

  18. What a beautiful bunny with the most gorgeous coat, hope your guineas are safe xx


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