Friday, December 16, 2016

a little update....

Thank you for the nice comments. 

The old male Guinea has followed me into the enclosed pen every night since that awful owl attack on Monday, which is still unbelievable to me. Guineas are good fliers and roost high up in the trees, like here, from last winter...

so, for a bird to stop flying and then simply walk into an enclosed pen...well, I'm beyond happy.

and here's an update on the baby chicks that hatched the day before Thanksgiving...

this one likes the heat lamp,

all the babies are growing and doing fine.

It is a cold 20 degrees here this morning. At daylight, I've got to bundle up and carry a bucket of warm water out. I'm sure all the drinking water is frozen hard.

Little Penny thanked me for adding hay to all the bunny boxes,

and a tarp wrapped around the north side of the 10' x 10' pen keeps that cold wind from blowing through.

How did folks manage before tarps came along! It sure pays to keep a couple on hand. We buy the dark brown or camouflage that blends in with the landscape. Nothing any uglier than those bright blue tarps that folks around here use. Seriously, it's common to see one on somebody's front porch, covering up a pile of junk. Oops!

and speaking of those high blustery winds we got all day yesterday, well, folks around here have me to thank for that! yep, remember how I raked leaves for an hour, hauled off three sheet loads, and got one tiny section of the yard clean. It never fails. I rake, the wind picks up! that big wind blew enough leaves to completely cover the clear spot. :(

and who am I to talk about ugly! This old tarp was stored in the shed but sure came in handy to make a warm spot for the newly hatched chicks. We need to put that unused doghouse on craigslist, and get rid of the barrel.

and before I go...
Poppy laughed and said, take a look in the laundry room, must have been a crumb left those kitty dishes stacked to be washed.

Hope to be back soon.



  1. Well, Henny, I enjoyed my visit to your place, once again! I feel like you and I are soul sisters! LoL You know, my mama's folks come from NC & VA! HeHe! Wouldn't that be a hoot!

    Grace & Peace,

  2. I am glad the the guinea is following you into the pen to be safe. The baby chicks are adorable. Bickett is so sweet looking in the dish for a crumb. Cats are so curious.
    Love you bunches!

  3. I hope the rest of the flock stays safe.

  4. I'm glad that the male guinea is staying safe. The chicks are adorable! I'd like a spot by the heat lamp too. Stay warm and cozy.

  5. The chicks look healthy and happy, I hope your male Guinea does well.

  6. So many wonderful critters at your teeny tiny farm, Henny - hope you have a very merry Christmas!

  7. Your animals all look very cosy. Little Penny is very cute. Love the last photo of Bickett!

  8. A joy as always to visit, amazing how the guinea follows you in at night. Those little chicks are really growing. Take care.

  9. I'm so happy to see that the little chicks are healthy and enjoying life with their mama. Unbelievable how those leaves made their way right back to your raked bare spot. Maybe another wind will come along and send them on their way again. You and all your critters stay warm now, hear?

  10. I was hoping you would post some bunny pics soon. Penny is so cute.
    I'm glad the male guinea has the sense to follow you into safety.
    Stay as warm and cozy as possible.

  11. The barrel and the doghouse might be used to shelter the fowls or rabbits. I'm always reluctant to let something leave because surely there will be a purpose for it.

    Merry Christmas.

  12. Cold's all relative. I've been having highs of minus 20 c(minus 4 F) Some of the smaller critters need to have good housing. Cattle and horses can stay out.

  13. I was thinking on the same lines as Gail, the igloo kennel could be repurposed into possibly shelter for the rabbits or fowl?
    I love reading your farm stories, you are one of the most hard working ladies I know, always a list to be ticked-off and one if the most caring momma's to man and beast alike.
    Thank you for sharing your busy but delightful corner of the world.

  14. I am glad to hear your male Guinea is following you!! It does seem strange...but he is probably afraid for his life since he is all alone.:)

  15. 20 degrees is cold for those critters living outside! Good thing you are taking good care of them.

  16. The worms and other little bugs will be happy if you leave the leaves there. Let nature take care of them for you. :)
    People would probably have used hides before tarps came along, I think?
    Have a wonderful, safe, Blessed weekend. ^_^

  17. Oh, I love that last picture . . . cats can be so comical :) You know I have never thought about the way the blue traps look and how the brown ones blend in with the surroundings. I'm glad you said that. When ours need replacing, I'll be thinking brown . . . it just makes good sense.

  18. Henny, wondering if that old dog house wouldn't come in handy for the chicks if hay was added and a warming light? Seems it would block the wind for at least one of your variety of animals or fowl?

  19. He sniffed it out for sure! Cats are such funny creatures. Have a great weekend~


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