Thursday, December 8, 2016

A little visit

Shelby and I met in Wake Forest yesterday to straighten out our money, and transfer her jams and jellies from the trunk of my car to her van. She paid half the rent for the table at the craft bazaar and I gave her the money she made on the jelly, so it's done and done and we're happy. Got to visit a little while too.

There are two Goodwill stores in Wake Forest. We spent a little time in each one and still found time to eat our usual little "happy meal" at McDonald's. Neither of us bought much in Goodwill.  I did find this...

for $1.99. I love carolers. (Thought about you Vicki. Did you finish making the carolers?) These were still in the box...probably cheap but I still love them. Got them standing on the mantle.

Once again, I can't get the decorations to looking right. 

These tall skinny wooden snowmen are from a thrift store too. All three for one dollar. The short fat Santa must go! He needs to be hanging on the tree.

I've added a bright red apron to the little shop today, even though it doesn't look true red in the picture.

Also put this Christmas print apron in the shop.

We have very cold weather coming and by Saturday morning, could windy and 23 degrees. That probably sounds like a warm front coming, to some of you, but it's pretty chilly for North Carolina.

Better get busy. Here it is 3:30 and you know it's dark now by 5:30.

Bunnies sleep in the middle of the day, so I wait until afternoon to feed and water them. Need to get that done. Poppy brought home two big bales of hay, so all the animals have warm beds and plenty to eat. 

and speaking of eating, here's what's cooking for supper tonight...field peas with snaps, corn bread, and fat back frying, for seasoning. 

I still need to boil some cabbage, fry a couple of pork chops, and bake us a sweet potato. That should be plenty.

Take care and thank you for visiting.



  1. Your supper looks delicious! I love your aprons, so colourful. Your Christmas decorations look perfect. Great finds at the thrift shop. It seems everyone is going through a cold spell. We are supposed to be cold and snowy all weekend.
    Take care Henny!

  2. I love carol singers, we don't see them often. Hope you enjoyed your yummy meal xx

  3. Lovely little carolers, and I love the look of the stick snowmen !
    Your talents are never-ending when it comes to making your aprons, simple gorgeous.
    Supper looks delicious, the thought of cabbage, sweet potatoes and pork chops in addition to the peas and cornbread, has got my mouth watering.

  4. diane way up northDecember 8, 2016 at 4:48 PM

    Yum .... I'd like to come and join you two for supper tonight! Love your Christmas festive and the bright red one too! I think your little round santa is cute and also love the tree with the buttons! I used to be big on carolers too....bought a set for everybody in my family and every set included either a cat or dog caroling!!! Take care. Love your blog.

  5. I wish I was eating supper with you! I never did finish my carolers. I am so slack. I love yours. I don't have much luck finding stuff in good will. I love you bunches.

  6. Your supper sounds delicious!! Brings back memories of my Mama, she always used fat-back for seasoning; made the best green beans ever!! No matter how hard I try I can't cook green beans like Mama. And, she made the best biscuits. Thanks for bringing these memories back, how I miss my Mama.

  7. Your supper looks good. I fixed cornbread, pork chops and sweet potatoes this past week, but not all for the same meal. I plan to have cornbread and milk in a few minutes. I didn't eat much dinner tonight and that will top it off. My mom always put bacon grease in green beans and cooked them till they were real soft. I still like my green beans soft, but don't put grease in them any more. Stay warm.

  8. I'd have bought the tall snowmen too. I like them.

  9. I like your carolers.
    I made chicken soup and cornbread earlier this week and tonight we had pork chops and baked yam and cabbage. Interesting coincidence.

  10. I never find anything I like at Goodwill

  11. I like your Carolers! I need to go by the thrift shop one of these days! Your supper looks great! None of which I have ever tasted except for the pork chop and sweet potato:):)

  12. What a lovely find those carollers were a joy. I also loved the stick snowmen, a real delight. As always beautiful aprons, I am sure they won't be in the shop long. Take care.

  13. Ok, now I'm hungry! Love your aprons- they are so cute. You do find some neat items at the thrift stores...I wish there were more around here.

  14. Your dinner looks so good! I could almost hear it sizzling in the pan! The apron is so pretty. I love mine that you made. I sure does get dark early now. It throws me off and I think it's much later than it really is. Have a wonderful, warm weekend.

  15. Oh Penny...your decorations are just perfect! and so are those delightful aprons :0) thank you sweet lady for sharing... mari

  16. Sorry I missed dinner . . . that sounds so good. I love comfort food. As always I love your aprons, they are so lovely . . . you do such pretty work. Great finds for Christmas decorating too. I think your skinny snowmen look wonderful in the window. Happy Holidays and bundle up . . . baby it's cold outside. We are in for a cold spell, too. Just yesterday morning I looked out the kitchen window to see a car in the ditch between the road and the alfalfa field. Some people just don't get the fact that you have to allow more time for traveling and slow down on icy roads.

  17. Supper looks mighty good.
    I love the tall skinny snowmen!!

  18. Wow, that sounds like a feast! I like the carolers. They make me think of Charles Dickens' AChristmas Carol.

  19. I like your carolers and the tall skinny Santas. Right now, at thrift stores here, there's actually not much available. I guess everyone is buying different stuff; hopefully they'll donate all the things they no longer want.
    I think Wake Forest is just such a great name for a town. Treasure the times with your sister ( I know you do) . I think I feel that way because mine live 1500 miles away.

  20. When you mention Wake Forest, I always have this image in my head of you meeting in a glade in the middle of a forest! Makes me chuckle every time. I was reading a book yesterday and they mentioned Wake Forest. That really seemed a bizarre coincidence!

  21. It is so nice to visit your home and enjoy the pretty things that find their way inside. The carolers and the snowmen obviously have not tasted your supper menu, or they would look more like the roly poly Santa! Makes me want to make cornbread and beans, haven't boiled cabbage without corned beef, but I do like it. We have our inside decorating finished, and the outside lights will go up today. I hope your cold weather won't last too long, stay cozy!

  22. How do you use the fatback for seasoning? Do you fry it and then just dump everything in with the beans or do you just use the grease that is rendered out of it? When I cook dried beans I use pork jowl bacon. I buy a big piece, cut it up into smaller chunks and keep it in the freezer and just throw several in with my beans as they are cooking.

    You are so lucky to have your sister close enough to visit easily. Mine is way down in Arkansas and that's a long stretch to go for a short visit. I don't see her nearly often enough! You and Shelby need to take full advantage of being so close.

  23. Oh how my husband would love to sit down to your table for this meal! He is forever describing beans with green beans in them like you have pictured. His Granny made them when he was a child and she's long gone so can't get the recipe from her (and his mom's no cook) so wondering if you might share the recipe some time next year when things are slow enough? I would truly love to surprise him with a pot of them.

  24. I love the carolers! And that food... YUM!!!
    Your oldest child.


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