Thursday, April 28, 2016

Out amongst the weeds, and other things

The other little "Popeye" looking bunny house got finished...

Bun Bun and Fiona now each have a small house inside the pen with a fence between them. I could spend the day with these bunnies!

Took a few close up shots of the Iris, so you can't see all the weeds that are taking over the flower beds. I'm still afraid to do a lot of bending over and pulling weeds.

Tuesday, the doctor said, "you need to be careful gardening this summer". He told me to look on line for a new, lightweight, long handled, small end hoe. He says it works good and is easy on the back.

 Are Iris beautiful or what?

Not only did I find the perfect lightweight hoe on line, but the perfect Fiskar's weed puller. I need one of those kneeling rolling things too. So I can garden kneeling down instead of bending from the waist. Sure going to take some getting used to!

The yellow water Iris are beginning to bloom around the pond...

and Bickett came running to catch up...

and last but certainly not least...

Eli! all clean and smelling good with a nice new hair cut for summer.

Guess that's about it! Maybe I can get Poppy on the computer now and show him all these new gardening tools I need...



  1. I hope the new gardening tools that you got help you do your gardening with little stress on your back.
    Your Iris are so lovely. Mine are forming buds now. I'm anxiously waiting for them to open.
    BunBun and Fiona have a great arrangement. Friends but with a bit of separation.

  2. I have that Fiskar weed grabber! It's slower but handy.
    Eli looks gorgeous!

  3. Hi,
    I am happy you have found ways to continue to do the things you love. :-)
    If you are able to show us your tools, I would like that, they may help the rest of us.
    I love BunBun and Fiona's home. Sweet as can be.
    I agree, Iris are so lovely. The detail in each flower amazes me.

  4. That Popeye bunny house is just too cute! The purple and white Iris is beautiful and Eli is beautiful too! Nancy

  5. What a nice post today. Beautiful flowers and animals. Bickett certainly looks like an interesting cat. And how cute are those bunnies. I have two that hang out in our yard every day now. Can they be together at some point? Oh my, Eli, you handsome devil, you. :)

  6. I love those bunnies. Iris are such a beautiful old fashioned flower. I love them in every color but I think I actually love day lilies more. Yes, I believe gardening will be a new experience for you this summer but it's important that you take care of yourself. No doubt Eli is much more comfortable to the summer but I like him better with long hair. That will happen in time. For now he's cool and comfortable.

  7. The gardening tools you mentioned are what my husband uses so that he can do some gardening, we have also raised beds to make it a little easier. Your yellow iris around the pool is amazing such a beautiful colour. Eli is looking very handsome, always makes me smile when I see him.

  8. A weed puller? I'll have to look that up!

  9. Glad you are improving. We all must make adjustments as things change, I guess.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  10. Your bunnies are so cute, if we ever stop our world traveling I'm going to have more critters. I love, love, love your irises.
    Good old Fiskers, we have lots of their tools.

  11. You have a beautiful yard and it takes work to keep it that way. It's hard to take it easy but do what the doctor says.

  12. Eli is spectacular!
    And yes, be careful outside. I weeded my long side bed yesterday and now have a little Ping! in my back to thank for it.

  13. Your irises are looking beautiful. I'm glad you are finding the garden tools that will help you. The bunnies' home is adorable! Very loved bunnies, I can tell!

  14. Your place is so beautiful . . . I love your iris they are gorgeous. Cute bunny house,too :)
    Old habits are hard to break, but listen to your doctor and learn to use your legs more and save your back. Taking care of yourself is the best way to take care of your family, too :)

  15. Great looking bunny house. The irises sure are pretty and Eli looks wonderful.

  16. Iris bloom are so amazing. Because they are common we take them for granted, but, oh, they are really as exotoc an orchids!
    Getting the right tools should help with your back, that and knowing when to stop! I spent a spring and summer that way after my back surgery, having to be very careful and take it slow. It was hard.

  17. You and daddy are two of a kind. He could build a rabbit pen out of anything. Please be careful with your back I do not want you to injury it again. Love you!

  18. Your Iris a beautiful!! Yes get back friendly tools:)

  19. I use my kneeler all the time in the garden! It doesn't roll but it flips over into a bench. Love it and it certainly helps save my back!

  20. I too would like photos of the hoe and weed puller...Sounds good but don't over do, which is very easy for us to do

  21. Your lovely yard is always photo ready. I don't see weeds, but I do see beautiful plants.


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