Sunday, April 10, 2016

Flowers and aprons

Thought I had better get outside and take a picture of the only pretty thing left blooming in the yard before the next big freeze predicted for last night. Poppy bought and planted this snowball bush several years ago. He did good!

Thankfully, it stayed at 31 degrees instead of the 28 they were calling for. Not sure if that made any difference.

My back is getting better. In fact, I have been doing a few feeding the chickens and walking up to the teeny tiny greenhouse to water the seedlings. Trouble is, after carefully doing any of these things, my lower back burns...actually burns. I have to sit leaning back with a pillow against my lower back and rest for a while.  "Rest" is something I've never been able to do, so this is driving me crazy. I am standing up straighter too. Wednesday will be here soon and maybe the doctor will have answers.

Sitting at the sewing machine did not bother my back at all, so I finished an apron last night. Sewing is relaxing. Standing at the ironing board is the back breakers. I stood long enough to press the finished apron. Making the bias tape took longer so when my back started to burn, I rested. This crap is getting old!

The colors are rather unusual but I kinda like how this apron turned out.

Recently finished this apron too for Henny's Teeny Tiny Apron Shop.

Good gosh! Wish I could say, that's me, modeling the apron. If my back ever gets well...I am going to start exercising. Do you hear me! :)  I've been trying to figure out just when my waistline disappeared. Totally gone, it is. Not even the slightest dent! 

Poppy went to Walmart early this morning to buy a few groceries. He's tired of doing the shopping and I'm tired of him doing it too. I like to do the shopping! Anyhow, turkey season started yesterday so he wanted to hurry back from Walmart and get in the woods. Wouldn't you know it...he got up to the highway and there were two big turkeys crossing the road...headed exactly in the direction where he hunts. He went on to Walmart and bought what was on the list, rushed home, changed clothes and took off for the woods.

Guess I had better get up from here. This chair is definitely not good on my back. Thank you! Hope to be back real soon.



  1. Hope you get some answers this week for that back problem. Your aprons sure are cute. I'm with you on wondering where my waistline got to. I keep hoping I'll find it, but I'm afraid it's gone for good!

  2. It really is sad when your waistline goes. Mine left in the night, just up and left, no goodbye, no forwarding address, just gone!

    Hope your back continues to improve but in the meantime you have to behave you know.

    Cold here too. But fortunately no sign of frost damage despite below freezing temps on numerous nights with more to come. Sigh..... So much to do outside but the weather won't permit. No digging----too wet. No planting out plants that have been ordered and have come. No planting of plants overwintered in the house. No putting out seed because the ground is still too cold. This late spring is getting very OLD.

    Maybe I should do a little spring cleaning in the house now that I have the time? Naw, I don't think so.

  3. Your aprons are lovely. I'm glad you can at least sew, although sewing without ironing is impossible.
    I love the snowball bush. We have one, but it is not in bloom yet and is relegated to a back corner of the garden. I'll have to check on it so that when it blooms I can pick a big bouquet of those pretty pompoms.

  4. Your aprons are wonderful! If your ironing board is adjustable you can iron while sitting down:) Your Snowball Bush is a beauty! :)

  5. Did he get a turkey? My heart says run turkey run, but I'm sure I'd sing a different tune if I was hungry and hoping for something to eat. Your aprons are lovely.

  6. I'm happy to hear that you are feeling a little bit better . . . that's a great sign. I love, love, love that second apron. Yesterday I wrenched my back out and am in a lot of pain. I know exactly how it feels to not be able to do the things that you usually do without any effort at all. Back pain can certain stop you in your tracks. I'm going to start forcing myself to do my back exercise strengths many times a day, even if they hurt. It's the best thing that i've found other than the chiropractor.
    Here's wishing and praying that you get a little bit better each and every day :)

  7. I am thrilled you are feeling better but you should rest up until you have the results back from the doctor (I know I wouldn't be able to sit still either). Love the aprons.

  8. Yep, that's it. The burning sensation really surprised me. Now I know it means "put down that rake!" "No, you can't lift the same amount as your 6'2" husband!"
    You haven't lost your sewing skills - those aprons are really beautiful.

  9. Love your aprons! They are so pretty. I have back pain once in awhile too so I can understand what you are going through. Hope you keep getting better! Take care and don't do too much!

  10. I love the old fashioned aprons you make. I wish I could sew. I have taken sewing classes and as long as the instructor stood beside me I could do it but once I was home I messed up.
    Please try very hard to take it easy, even when you feel better!!

  11. Glad to hear your back is feeling better and you are able to do a few things now.
    The aprons are very pretty. Great Job.
    It certainly got cold here last night. This morning is was only 14 degrees and nothing is left blooming here.

  12. I love your aprons. They remind me of the ones my grandma wore. So glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and able to do a few things. Be careful not to do too much though.

  13. Glad you're getting a bit better. Love the aprons, particularly the first one, the colors just look so springy.

  14. there are zones for hardiness of plants. some plants are developed for cooler areas and shorter seasons. Your plants have larger blooms and survive in a longer season. It's too bad when abnormal weather knocks them down

  15. I love that pretty apron with it's quirky colors. I need to sit at my sewing machine for awhile. Hope the Dr. has some answers but I am glad to hear you are feeling some better.

    Grace & Peace

  16. I am glad you are feeling a little better and hope your doctor will be of some more help. Your aprons are so pretty! What a nice snowball bush that Poppy planted! Nancy

  17. Hey Henny! Hope you are feeling better so! Your aprons are so cute,especially that satiny trim! I can tell you are getting better because you are getting cranky about your illness.. I hope you do get your answers about your back and I know you will get better soon. Try to be patient sweet girl! XO Terry

  18. Glad the back is coming along! The snowball bush is very pretty, as are your aprons. I know what you mean about Poppy doing the grocery shopping....:)
    I read somewhere that weight loss is more about what you eat (not so much the amount you eat), and only about 20% exercise. I can vouch for that one.

  19. My back is still bothering me as well and it's been over two weeks so I think I have to go to the doc - yuk. Glad to hear you are improving a bit - every little bit helps! Love the snowball bush and I can't believe yours is blooming already - we don't even have a sign of a leaf on the snowball bushes here yet!

  20. Your aprons are beautiful! Hubby and I know how you feel. He's had back and foot problems for several years now, and I tore my left knee last summer. The accident in December didn't help. We are exercising more, and when we do too much, we ache, too.
    Take care and God bless. ^_^

  21. The aprons and the snowball bush compete for the prettiest thing in the post award today! Glad you are doing a few more things that you enjoy, and I know that you are listening to your body. With all the work you usually are doing, I can't believe that your waist isn't 20".

  22. The aprons are very cute, Henny. Do rest. Even though it's boring.
    Turkey shoot! You'll have a roast!

  23. It is good to hear that you are able to do a little bit. I LOVE the apron. It has been ages since I made one. I should make one just for the heck of it.

  24. Hello,
    Best of luck to Poppy ... turkeys are smart. :-) How many has he gotten? I have a friend who got his first turkey last spring.
    Sending Get Well Wishes,

  25. The aprons are beautiful. So neat and perfect. I am glad you are feeling better. Love you!!!
    Your girl.

  26. Glad you are feeling better a little at a time. I have taken to ironing sitting down! Just lower your ironing board to comfortable chair level. I sit mine up behind my sewing chair (which swivels) and I sew a seam, then turn around and iron it without even getting up! I love ironing boards for all kinds of things, I use one in the garage for potting plants sometimes, and use one at the computer or craft table as a portable work station, lowered to chair height. Works great! Try it!

    1. Thank you so much! That is such a great idea. "Far Side" up at the top of the comments had asked if I could iron sitting down. I can't believe I had not even thought about that. I have to sit to comb my hair now because it hurts my back to reach up and comb at the same time. I might pick up another ironing board to use for potting plants too. Thank you!

  27. Beautiful pictures of the flowers. They look bright. Pink apron attracts me lot.Looks beautiful...


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