Saturday, December 19, 2015

It may have been a booger!

Good gosh! Are these busy days or what? Guess I won't try to reply to each of your comments that are so special to me. You probably don't have time to be checking back to see anyhow. But Vic, just you wait and see how neatly the Christmas stuff is packed away and labeled this year! :)

New wheelbarrow is on my Christmas list this year. So is Donkey, or baby Alpaca. Oh my goodness! Have you seen a baby Alpaca? Believe me, I am not expecting either of these under the tree. I have a feeling two new shirts are wrapped and under the tree for me. Pretty darn sure about this feeling cause it was me who picked out the shirts, paid for them, and wrapped them. :) 

The cheap bale of hay is for the hen house. New hay will freshen things up and make it warmer for the old hens and the rooster that no longer fly up on the roost at night.

How bout a stroll around the teeny tiny farm...

What's up there? Should we take cover?

what'd ya'll think you saw anyhow?

Looks okay from here.

Oh everything's fine. 


Back to hunting and searching boys.

Better get busy now. Hope you will come back. Thank you for visiting.



  1. Yep, we are all busy but it`s still fun to check in with our friends. Oh that him and his bear.

  2. The little twinkly lights look beautiful on that little tree. You never know the 'real' Santa may leave an alpaca or donkey....

  3. Oh, if we could only all be relaxed like Eli! Eli and his teddy bear makes me chuckle. Will be waiting to see how you organize your ornaments! Good luck on receiving the baby Alpaca and the donkey! Have you been really good for Santa???? Nancy

  4. No fair buying your own gifts! I got a new wheelbarrow once for my birthday, I still use it:)

  5. All your creatures look happy and content, Henny especially Eli!
    I would love a new wheelbarrow for Christmas too.
    Take care and have a good weekend.

  6. Hi good Henny! Aw! The teddy bear love is awesome! I wish you many cups of tea by the fire. God bring you sweet peace over the holidays!

  7. You sound very much like myself. I usually buy my own birthday gifts, as well as Christmas! That's ok! At least I know I will get something I like and want! No returns that way! I love seeing your animals enjoying the day.

    Grace & Peace,

  8. Merry Christmas I will MIA while our company is here so will say it now!!!

  9. Oh Henny things are getting a little over whelming, thank you for your little tour of the farm, it kind of earthed me again :) Your weather looks like ours at the moment, very mild. Lovely post!

  10. I have seen a baby alpaca and aren't they the cutest things!!
    We got an almost new wheelbarrow at an auction. : )
    Always enjoy your photos of the critters.

  11. Ooh Henny you are so fun-loving :)
    I can just see your critters having that barnyard conversation....
    I hope you your wish list fulfilled, at least the donkey, even if you get an I.O.U.

  12. Well you know of course that I will need some documentation of the stacked and labeled boxes. Not that I don't trust you or anything like that :o)

  13. I had to laugh at Eli with his bear outside! And I think all the chickens love scratching around in those leaves!

  14. Hi.. Just found your blog in time for Christmas... Have a merry one..

  15. Hi.. Just found your blog in time for Christmas... Have a merry one..

  16. I think those are wonderful things to have on your Christmas list! Even if all you get are clothes, it never hurts to ask. Eli is so funny with his teddy bear and all those birds. Things are always lively at your place.

  17. Hi,
    I just found your blog over at Faye's.
    How fun! I am looking forward to reading more.
    Merry Christmas,

  18. All your farmhouse pets look so happy and healthy. They sure are lucky to have found a home with you and Poppy.

  19. I have said for a few years that we should just buy our own gifts, wrap them up and put them under the tree, and open them to show the rest of the family on Christmas morning, ha ha! Hope a donkey magically appears under your tree, or a wheelbarrow at least!


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