Sunday, November 8, 2015


And the leaves keep falling...

with still a bit of color here and there.

The weatherman said early this morning, if you've got any leaves to rake up, you had better get it done today, we've got more rain coming in tomorrow. Yeah right!  Ten of us couldn't get all these leaves raked today. Seriously! We are supposed to get another inch of rain tomorrow.

Yep, leaves as far as the eye can see...
Remember the little red brick path that leads to the shed?

and leaves down to the pond and on the pond...

Here I am going on and on about the leaves and you probably can't wait to hear all about the craft show.  :)   So, at the craft show on Friday, I made a whopping five dollars. But wait, that's okay. The two hairdressers, the Avon lady, the Tupperware lady, Frances, who makes wreaths, and I, ordered pizzas for lunch (there went my five dollars). We ate and talked and laughed. I actually enjoyed myself. It was a good day out, a good change.

(more leaves this evening, at the edge of dark)

Saturday the craft show was a little better. We had a few customers come in out of the pouring rain and look around. I did sell an apron and a bonnet, a couple of dolls, and a bag holder. The afternoon was dead, absolutely dead! Not even one shopper came in off the street. So, I packed up and came home at 3:00. It gets dark early now and I had chickens to shut up.

Oh, and remember the doll dressed in green, the doll I was hoping someone would take a liking to and buy...that is the item that sold on Friday...$5.00.

and leaves on the picnic table...
Good gosh! is there more up there?

I know Smokey, I feel the same.

and sweetie pie watching me as I back out and drive away. I'll be back.

Thank you for your friendship.



  1. Sounds like you had a good time, sales or no sales. We've got rain too. I use our lawn mower to blow the leaves away, hate raking, my back screams at me.

  2. The good time was worth doing the show then :O)... Its been raining a lot here, we needed it really bad. Now do we need a bazillion inches in one night.. well that does make for some flooding.. But I can't bring myself to say one single bad word as we are in drought so much of the time.
    I love the leaves... They just seem so right this time of year :O)... Think of all the lovely mulch you can make with them! :O)

  3. Ooh dear Henny, I do hope that Poppy has one of those pieces of equipment that you attach to your mower and it mulches the leaves, raking all those leaves would take forever !
    I admit to enjoying the leaves, beautiful autumn colors and gets one in the mood for spiced candles, pumpkin bread, and thinking about winter months ahead.
    Do you have a web site where you sell your gorgeous crafts ?

  4. I gave up on the leaves here. Just too many. My goodness, can that Smokey get any more handsome? He is just gorgeous. I know a little grey girl here that would go for him. lol I had to really look to see Sweetie Pie. So cute.

  5. We have a ton of leaves also! I am sorry you did not do better on your craft sale but it sounds like you had a good time. I love sweetie pie peeping out watching you leave. How sweet.
    Love you

  6. I knew someone would love that green doll! Uffda you have leaves for sure! Looks like weeks of leaves to me...:(

  7. I know that the leaves probably have to be raked up or they'd form a problem mat but they do look pretty now. Too bad you didn't make more sales at the craft fair but I'm glad you at least had a good time..

  8. That's some pile of leaves. Yes, you need help to rake all these leaves.

  9. Glad you enjoyed yourself at the craft fair. :)
    Well, if you don't have to worry about slipping on the leaves, the good thing is they will compost. And a mower will help you blow them out of the way.
    Have a blessed week!

  10. Hi! OH, MY! Do you really rake up all those leaves?? Looks like an overwhelming task to me! Glad you sold your green doll! Sounds like you had a fun day to me! Nancy

  11. That sure is a lot of leaves. Maybe they will blow away. ? : )
    Though you didn't sell a whole lot of things, it sounds as if it were a good day anyway.
    A pizza day is always good!

  12. We had the tail end of storm Abigail here and she not only removed most of the leaves from the trees, she also blew them over the mountain. I am glad that you enjoyed yourself at the craft fair, I have done some where i barely covered my costs and others where I almost sold out, it is a lucky dip every time.

  13. Oh my goodness, I thought we had a lot of leaves but it is nothing compared to you!
    Have a great day.

  14. Wow, that is one heck of a lot of leaves!
    I'm glad Friday was an enjoyable day at the sale, and that at least you made enough for pizza! It's always a nice feeling when something you have been dragging back and forth 'forever' finally finds the right person:) I hope you didn't have to pay for your spot, because that is a whole lot of hours to spend with not a lot of return. Three in the afternoon is a good time to end a craft fair in my opinion:)

  15. I for one liked your green doll and am glad that someone else did too! Glad that you sold a few items. That was good.

    I used to mow a suburban corner lot lawn and had a mulcher blade on my power mower, which nicely minced up the leaves. It took several times to get up all the leaves from our two oak trees, but it was worth doing and was good fertilizer for the grass. This of course in Minnesota which is a different place than where you live. One year before I had the mulcher mower blade, I raked up 70 large plastic yard bags of leaves to be taken away by the trash hauler. That was way too much work for me to want to do anymore.

    Shirley H.

  16. Well maybe Friday's $5 was worth the lunch, company and conversation. You have to figure all those in when counting out your profits. How nice that the green dressed doll sold. There is always a green customer out there somewhere, it just sometimes takes awhile to find them.

    Those are SOME leaves I'll say. I thought my yard was covered up but yours beats mine by a mile.

  17. Wow, you do have a lot of leaves to rake! That is a yard chore I enjoy, maybe because the weather is always cooler and it's a great excuse to be outside. Oh, and such good exercise, too! I'm glad you enjoyed the craft show after all -- AND sent the green doll off to a good home.

  18. Mulch and moisture...a pretty good formula.

  19. It's good that you sold a few items, but it's great that you had fun!
    What we're hearing here now is that you shouldn't rake your leaves, but I don't thing that means on lawns. We do rake the lawn and the pathways and put the leaves on the planting beds as mulch. But your leaves are daunting!

  20. Such a shame that you did not do well, monetary wise at the show but at least you had a good time with friends. I don't think I have ever seen so many leaves, that must takes hours to rake up, wow!


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