Saturday, April 25, 2015

Strolling through the yard

Somebody has been under that big Azalea.

Seriously, I did not put that blossom there. I talked Poppy into taking a quick walk, with Eli and me, around the yard to look at the flowers and see how nice the yard looks after my mowing for the last two days!  Funny how you don't realize how badly the yard needs mowing until you get started. It was absolutely snaky looking!

The Gardenia bushes along the back porch look terrible. The unusually cold temperatures this winter and last winter almost killed them. Two years ago the Gardenias were beautiful. Long stems covered in sweet smelling blossoms. I'm wondering if these will ever look good again.

Smokey follows...climbing trees and hiding here and there.

Thinking, "what can I do next?"

This is the first Azalea Poppy and I planted. It is huge now!

Kind of pretty in an unusual way.

Looking at flowers is mighty tiring. Simply wears a fellow out.

And look who slipped out when the front door was left opened this morning.

I've been mowing and working on the garden this week. You must be awfully tired of seeing the yard and the Azaleas. Hopefully, soon there will be something worth seeing in the teeny tiny garden. The yard long beans are up. I need to come up with some kind of sturdy trellis for the beans to climb. 

Thank you for looking in. Hope to be back soon with something new and more interesting. 



  1. Eli has kind of a Carmen Miranda thing going with that azalea blossom. And one of our cats would follow us wherever we went. At the time we lived on a city block full of houses and Ivy would follow us completely around the block and home again, of course investigating everything along the way.

  2. Love your yard pictures, if you're like me spring is when we're out there, come summer it's too hot. What gorgeous ferns.

  3. Your yard is beautiful! I love the fern growing in the last picture. Is it a woods fern or from a store? I have been trying to write a blog all week and I have got it done yet. maybe today since it is raining here. Love you!!

  4. Your place is looking so colorful Henny, those Azaleas simply gorgeous !
    Eli is such a special boy, how do you keep him so white !?
    Smokey is growing, he is such a lucky little kitty to call your place home, all the animals have the Life of Riley :)
    I spy your Iris in bloom, we have the same color, but ours are always the last ones to bloom after all the other colors. .
    Have a wonderful weekend Henny.

  5. The azaleas and those ferns are a real delight, stunning. Eli is looking a little guilty, he has obviously been up to no good.

  6. Leroy is so blindingly white! A good contrast to those brilliant pinks:) I always enjoy a stroll around your yard.

  7. It would be hard to get tired of those azaleas. I've tried to grow them with absolutely no success. Maybe the soil here----they need acidic soil, don't they? Yeas ago I planted several between one wall of the house and the patio both of which are limestone so the runoff would be limey which they wouldn't like at all.

    Guess you can't have every beautiful thing----I'll just have to enjoy yours.

  8. I never get tired of anything anyone wants to share, picture wise.
    We planted a couple of hibiscus last year. The frost killed them. I am sure your flowers will probably recover.
    You may just need to thin them or something.
    I have a brown thumb though, so don't listen to me. Maybe ask your local Ag office. They might know.
    Blessings to you all. ♥

  9. Your yard and plantings are so pretty I never get tired of them. Is Eli on a leash to keep him white? He is such a pretty boy! I love your blooms so keep on about them...those Iris are looking great too!:)

  10. Never tired of those beautiful azaleas! I love to see Eli's gorgeous tail in the first photo and come along on a walk around your pretty spring yard. We had snow in Tuesday but the daffodils are blooming and there are buds on the trees.

  11. Oops, it was the second photo where you could see Eli's tail, all the way down to the ground. It must be a challenge to keep it from picking up all sorts of things.

  12. A well looked after yard takes a lot of work. Your yard looks great.

  13. I just love seeing your kitties, your dog, and all the beautiful flowers around your yard. It's always worth coming to your blog for the latest news and awesome pictures! Keep it up! Love it.

  14. Eli has grown so big! And that tail!
    I love the azaleas.

  15. This time of year it’s all gardening. I pop out whenever I can and do a bit here and there in between other jobs.
    It’s all worth it, your beautiful shrubs prove it.


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