Wednesday, April 8, 2015

My bronze kitty, and Poppy

Popping in to say hello. I may not be on the computer very long...we have a thunderstorm coming. Not one of favorite things, as you all know. Thank goodness, Poppy is home.

My rare and unusual little Smokey. I just love this kitty cat and so glad he found us...

He looks almost like a bronze sculpture of a cat, don't you think?

On a funnier note...Yesterday, before our company arrived, I was busy in the kitchen. Poppy was sitting at the bar talking to me. Here's how he looked when I turned from the stove to look at him...

He said, you know, I can see really good looking far away wearing your glasses, and really good close up wearing my glasses. Why can't I just wear both pairs until I can get my bifocals? Good grief! You're more than welcome to borrow my glasses. Keep them as long as you need to. : )

It sounds like the storm may miss us. Anyway, I'm getting off the computer for now. We're fixing to settle down with a bowl of ice of my favorite things. : )

Thank you for visiting. Hope to be back soon.



  1. Wonderful pictures of Smokey. Love the bifocals----what a good idea! Ice cream is so good. Lately we have been eating a variety called Orange Scream. It's a Kroger brand ice cream so you all probably don't have those down there. It's just the best stuff. Vanilla ice cream with orange sherbet swirled into it. Tastes just like a Dreamsickle---remember those? One of my favorites.

  2. Love the DIY bifocals! If they are going to be a first pair when the real ones come, just watch your steps. I have had mine for probably 15 years, and in still have to be careful. Smokey is so elegant, he does look like a bronze statue, maybe an old Egyptian cat? Your friend, Vic, really brought back memories with her orange Dreamsickle reference! I used my milk money at school to buy them, only a nickel. We could use your rain, had about 8 minutes of a downpour last night, and we need so much more!

  3. Poppy is so funny! I think Smokey is a beautiful cat! Guess what me and Frank have eaten ice cream for the last 2 nights. Yummy!
    Love You!

  4. I guess that's how bifocals came to be in the first place!
    I think eating ice cream is a great way to ride out a thunderstorm.

  5. Looks like Poppy has the should call him old four eyes:)

  6. I think Poppy had a great idea... lol. I actually used to do something similar when I would go to the movies to see something in 3D. I couldn't see without my prescription glasses, but I had to use the 3D glasses, too so I ended up wearing both... :)

    A bowl of ice cream sounds wonderful right about now. I usually keep some in the freezer when the weather gets warmer, so I'll have to go out and get some soon... :)

  7. Poppy made me smile with his diy bifocals. He does need to be careful once he has got them they do take some getting used to. Smokey looks adorable.

  8. As I child I was told that thunder was the sound made when the Angels were moving their furniture about !

  9. I think Poppy could start a trend!
    Jane x

  10. At first I thought Poppy was like me and forgot he had one pair on already before adding the next! I often am looking for my glasses while having them in my hair a' top my head. Hope you get the rain, but not the pain of that thunderstorm.

  11. And that's why blogs are so great. We can capture those sweet and silly moments.

  12. Smoky is a handsome boy, for sure. He sure knows how to pose for the camera!

  13. Your Smokey boy has grown into a handsome cat. he looks like he enjoys being photographed !
    Poppy made me smile, I have a habit of popping on my reader specs especially at drive-in's ....I put them over my sunglasses and sometimes forget they are still there when I go inside the stores ;)
    Pobody's nerfect !

  14. Chicks are always fun.

    thanks for stopping by to visit


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