Sunday, April 26, 2015

A little cooking, a little posting

Down behind the at the teeny tiny farm.

Not much need in starting this post with supper cooking and cornbread baking in the oven. Oh well, I'll get a word in here and there. Are collards good to eat this time of the year? My Mother would say "no"! She was probably right. Mama thought collards were best eaten in cold weather. Collards are not fit to eat until after a frost, she would say.

Anyhow, the collards in Food Lion looked good to me so I bought a bunch. Like Mama used to do, I cut off a piece of pork ribs and cooked it in the pressure cooker. Then used the broth and fat from the ribs to cook the collards in the same pot.

Might as well go on and make this a fall meal, after all it is feeling more like fall than spring these days.

So here we have fordhook lima beans, collards, ribs, cornbread, and that huge sweet potato in the foil came from Shelby and Jimmy's farm and is big enough for the both of us.

I  write about the teeny tiny garden and the teeny tiny house so now you see I cook teeny tiny meals...if only I were teeny tiny!

The sun decided to come out late this afternoon and must have felt good to the guineas who have been out in the cold rain all day.

Supper is finished and the dishes washed. I've walked Eli, shut the guineas up and fed corn to the ducks. Oh, and while playing with Eli in the goat lot, a hawk swooped down right there in front of us and almost grabbed a guinea. Quite a close call!

Look, I'm as tall as Big Boy!

Eli says, we're pretty worn out now. Thank you for stopping by and we will be back very soon.



  1. It's looking very pretty behind the shed. We only have buds on our trees right now but the lilacs are getting close to blooming. I raked for hours again today clearing a path to the back of our 2 acres. I have some plans for that spot. Dinner looks good but I'd have to pass on the ribs. I'll take seconds of everything else, though. :) Hi Eli - you darling dog. Hugs, Deb

  2. I know what you mean when you say there seems to be less time to catch up on posts now that we spend more time outside. I never get tired of seeing your shrubs and flowers! I have never tasted collards... do they taste anything like steamed spinach? I'm glad the hawk didn't get one of your guinea hens!

  3. Our collards have sent out new leaves this Spring, as they try to go to seed. I think they taste the best now, they are at their most tender. I just pick a leaf or flower shoot and eat it right out there in the garden. That pork is making my mouth water:)

  4. Your supper certainly looks good, I must admit I have never come across collards before it looks a little like what we would call spring greens.

  5. That looks yummy! I love a good meal like that! I think you can eat collards any time you want! Love you!

  6. I have never tasted collard greens, I don't think we have them in the store. I have not eaten Fordhook Lima Beans either. The rest of your supper looks really yummy! :)

  7. Not crazy about collard greens, but ribs are delicious no matter what the weather. My grandmother always had guinea fowl and they were mean, are yours better tempered?

  8. Eli's expression makes me smile. I have seen that look many times on Keeper's face LOL. I bet Eli went after the hawk that tried to get the guinea. Keeper is the only dog we have ever had that watches the sky! DH and I both have noticed how he is always looking up at anything flying to see what it is and what its doing. He really dislikes the buzzards a lot for some reason. He will run and bark bark bark when he sees them. LOL. on another note: I almost got my hair up like you do yours! It was a decent attempt I felt :O)...

  9. Your dinner looks so delicious. I've always loved collard greens and we actually enjoy them all year long. I love corn bread and baked sweet potatoes, too with a couple of pats of butter... yum... :)

  10. That must have been a hungry hawk to try to snatch a guinea near you and a big dog like Eli. Glad he didn't catch it!


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