Sunday, October 19, 2014

More about Smokey!

We are having the most beautiful day here in North Carolina! Blue skies, a breeze, leaves falling, and 72 degrees.

I hung some of the old well used quilts on the clothesline today to sun and air out.  Most of these quilts stay on the iron bed on the back porch where they get to feeling damp in rainy weather. The sun warms them right up!

Smokey and the leaves...

Here it is Sunday afternoon. A beautiful Sunday afternoon! I started this post yesterday but ran out of time. Once supper was done and the dishes washed, Poppy was on the computer. Probably a good thing since I needed to read and sew last night anyway.

I love showing you how comfortable Smokey has become with his new home. These pictures are a little fuzzy. They were taken through a window...

Sweet Eli. Smokey was rolling off Eli's back and then playing with his tail. 

Eli say this is his kitten...

That about it for today. Thank you for visiting.



  1. It looks like Smokey has shoved Eli off his bed a little. Oh boy, that is the cutest photo. Give them both a hug for me. Deb

  2. Thanks for giving me my much-needed "kitty fix" for the day. You could just post pictures of Eli and Smokey every day as far as I'm concerned!

  3. They make such a cute pair! How ever do you keep Eli so white and clean???

  4. Smokey and Eli are good friends! I love it.

    Love you

  5. Cute I think they are best friends already:)

  6. Oh how sweet is that, those two! I'd love to have a cat and dog that were such friends.

  7. What and adorable pair they make!

    Beautiful quilts. Did you make them or someone else in your family?

  8. I love how Eli and Smokey are family. That is great.
    Have a blessed week!

  9. They are both adorable together. The quilts are a real delight.

  10. Eli with Smokey is the cutest thing! Eli is so gentle and sweet. What a special dog! Those two might become best friends!
    I just love them.

  11. I just love your stories and pics of Eli and darn cute! Keep 'em coming.


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