Thursday, June 12, 2014

Upset Kitty Cats

Dumperoo says he has had it! Hiding under the bed by day and roaming a dark lonely house by night is getting old! Who brought home that young Polar Bear anyway?

Dumperoo is certain that he will never be friends with Eli. Mr. B, on the other hand, says he was here long before Eli and he's not about to give up his spot on the back of the couch...

He may have to climb to higher ground ever now and then...

I keep telling the kitty cats that Eli is the kind of dog that protects little and weak animals, but they are not believing me yet...

Tomorrow Eli will be five months old. We carried him to see Dr. Davis on Tuesday. I asked if Eli was gaining enough weight, that to me he looks a little thin...Dr Davis said, well let me see. He looked at Eli's chart, laughed and said well he has gained a half a pound a day since the end of April so he's doing fine. Sounds like the way I put on weight!

This sweet boy loves to please. He sits, he shakes, and he lays down when told to do so. He is loving his leash and knows that it hangs by the front door where he pulls it off the hook when he needs to go outside. He is getting lots of treats. I appreciate all the great help from you folks out there who have trained dogs.

Been a while since Big Boy posed for a picture, so here we go...

Guess I had better get busy since I want to get some sewing done tonight. I bought a cute new apron pattern. Sometimes that's what it takes to get inspired again. 

Thank you for visiting.

Henny Penny


  1. Eli is just a big fluffball! I hope the cats come round soon.

  2. The kind of post I always love ~ full of wonderful critters :)))
    Pretty kitties, beautiful pup and a very handsome Roo !

    1. Thank you! What would we do without all these sweet animals!

  3. I love Dumparoo's eyes...Tom and Huck in the photo with Mr B...Eli's smile...

    1. Tom and Huck are Luke and Jacob. Grandsons living in Missouri. :) Thanks Cynthia!

  4. Cats can keep up 'disgruntled' for ever!!
    Jane x

  5. Loved seeing all of the animals, the cats are smart enough to handle Eli,each in their own way. He is certainly getting to be more mature, and so BIG! Our dog sniffed out another possum the other night that was on the ground, instead of on our tall fence where she can't jump. I was so glad that I went right out when she gave one bark, because once possum got away, I found a bit of his fur in Lucy's mouth!


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