Tuesday, December 10, 2013

More Decorating

This is another cold, rainy, day.  Just miserable outside.  In fact, when I went out to open the chicken house door this morning, I had to be careful to keep from sliding in the mud.  That problem was quickly solved with two heaping wheelbarrow loads of leaves! :)

Actually, there is not much to post.  This I do know...as long as there is a cat in the house there will always be a little something to post about!

Wanting something different this year, I thought one of those big grapevine wreaths with lights added, would look pretty.   Maybe hang it from that old cupboard on the front porch.  So, I bring one of the brittle old wreaths inside to work on...Curious cats appeared from outta nowhere!

When we moved here in 1989, the property was covered in wild grapevines.  Poppy took the time to make two really big grapevine wreaths from all that we pulled out of the trees.  These wreaths have been used on the front porch for twenty four years!   These wreaths have been covered with live cedar twigs, berries, and pine cones again and again, year after year.  Decorated, washed with the hose, and moved from place to place. 

Decorating is fun.  But the thing I have the most trouble with is the tree.  No matter how I try, how much I add or take away...the tree never looks right...especially in a photograph.  Everything looks a little off???

The problem may be, this is not a live tree!  Poppy and I used to always chop down a cedar for Christmas.  Then we worried about the trees we were killing for a mere two weeks pleasure!

A scrappy looking wreath...

Suppose you can guess who added this last bit of decor...  :)

Thank you for stopping by. 

Henny Penny

Decorations are subject to change without prior notice! :)


  1. I love your Christmas decorations! I wish we had a log cabin but I am happy with my home. It will be paid off before May!! Yay!! Then we are going to do some remodeling on it. I have been busy making Christmas crafts I might write about that today.

    Love you!!

    1. Hey! I was just reading your post and left you a comment. I have not made the first Christmas craft! Oh my goodness! Having a home "paid for" as young as you and Frankie are!!! You should be so proud! Love, Henny

  2. The grapevine wreath is really nice. I'm surprised to know that they will last that long! I have several that I have made and am finding it difficult to find places for all of them. Just a month or so ago I pulled down the virginia creeper off the south side of the house to keep it off of the roof. I always leave it on until the leaves start to fall off since it turns such a pretty reddish color and looks so nice against the limestone. Such wonderful long strings I just couldn't bring myself to stuff it in a garbage can and pay to have the city haul it away. So I made a nice wreath (it has a really interesting texture to it and is much finer in texture than grapevines) out of it and now have no place to hang it other than in the garage with all the others. Maybe a good place would be on the fence around the herb garden---hadn't thought about that as a spot for it.

    That deer definitely needed a Santa hat!

    1. Thank you! We have Virginia creeper growing around here. You must be good at making wreaths. I just can't make one that looks right. The wreaths would be beautiful around your herb garden! The two big grapevine wreaths I use are old and dull looking and are beginning to break easily. Glad you left a comment!

  3. Hey! It's Rudolph!!
    I made some vine wreaths last year from vines in the garden...I hope they last as long as yours do!
    Jane x

  4. Rudolph! Poppy will be pleased to hear that! Of course, if I tell him you called his deer Rudolph, he may add a red nose! Henny Penny

  5. Great looking wreaths. I have a Grapevine one hanging next to the door they last forever! I took the Thanksgiving decorations off of it..does that count..maybe tomorrow. I need a hat on our Deer Mount! I love the look of you home it looks warm and cozy:)

    1. Thank you. We could use a little more room!

  6. Dear Henny,
    It's always a woman's option to change the décor on a whim. Your cornbread in the cast iron skillet sounds so good. I will have to try that.

    I like the little vegetables too, they're tender and especially sweet.

    Stay warm. We're into artic temps here. Seems like we just finished up with that, and here we are......again.

    With love,

  7. Hey Jen,

    The weather is cold here now, 23 degrees, which is pretty cold for NC. Now, the weatherman says we will have warm weather for Christmas.



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