Friday, December 13, 2013

Playing in the snow, 1940's

Busy wiping the dust off a few things on the table in the hall this morning, I noticed how cold Shelby, Jackie, and I looked out playing in the snow.

Shelby, sitting on the sled, seemed to be the only one having fun!  I remember how bundled up mama had me.  I don't think my arms would bend.  Believe me, I was never the fat child that I appear to be in this picture!  I also remember that green knit hat with the ball on top.  The ties were shaped like a beaver's tail.

Our house, in the background, is where we lived first in Robbins.  That would have been in the mid or late 1940's.  We moved from this house to Summerville, South Carolina.   

This is the house where Jackie's little friend Diane lived next door...

Jackie was such a sweet looking boy...with that worried look of his.  He looks like a little Dutch boy here...

We were living here when Shelby and I each got a Betsy Wetsy doll and a wooden doll cradle for Christmas.
Then we moved and I started school, first grade, in Summerville...

We moved back to Robbins as I was going into third grade...

I hung around the sewing machine watching mama make this dress.  The fabric was a combination of brown, with brown and white checks, trimmed in white eyelet lace.  I remember mama taking the leftover scraps of cloth and making my doll a matching dress.

Mama had the patience of Job!  She never tired of cleaning, cooking and taking care of us.  If she did, It never showed.  She worried over our hands getting wet and cold when we played in the snow.   She was continuously calling us in to warm our hands and feet...putting our gloves, socks and shoes on the heater to dry.  With every snow, mama made snow cream for us to enjoy.  It was soooo delicious!!!  With sugar, cream, and vanilla flavoring!  

It was when we were living in this first house in Robbins that daddy came home one night with a fishing plug hooked through his chin.  Daddy used to fish a lot.  The plug had gotten hung on something.  Daddy was pulling and jerking on the rod when the plug came loose, flew back and hooked him in the chin.  It was a big plug too!  One of those with three hooks on front and three hooks on the back!  I can still see that plug dangling from daddy's chin and the blood!  I remember the fear and excitement in the house, and daddy going to see the doctor that night.

Okay, enough of this.  I am sure this is interesting only to thank you for sticking around.

Henny Penny

A note about my third grade picture...what a horrible looking ear I have showing in the picture.  Actually my ear was fine and normal. :) All of my school pictures were accidentally ripped into shreds many years ago and to make matters worse, I had scotch taped them back together.  I carried a couple of the pictures to have them restored and this was the best they could do. 


  1. Well I enjoyed it! It is always fun to read about what other people remember from their childhood:)

    1. Thank you. I too love to read other's childhood memories!

  2. You just made my night. I was just telling Frank that I wish Aunt Melba would write in her blog I need something good to read. I love that you told a little about daddy in your stories. I love the story about Paw Paw catching a plug in his chin and I caught my daddy in the chin with a hook of some kind when we lived in Charlotte.

    Love you!!

    1. Thank you Vicki. I didn't know you hooked your daddy with a fishing plug! I can just hear him! Nothing like taking a bunch of youngins fishing! :) I hope I told the story of Daddy right. Was he trying to pull the plug loose and it flew back? For some reason that's what I remember. Is that how your daddy said it happened? Love you Vicki. Henny

    2. My daddy and I were out on a boat possible the boat paw paw built us on lake Wylie and I was getting board because I was not getting a bite and I kept throwing my line in and out of the lake util I caught my daddy on the chin. He was cussing a little under his breath and gritting his teeth the way he would do when he was mad. LOL. Did you get the picture I sent you in your email?
      Love you!

    3. I can just see you whipping your line in and out of the water. :) I didn't know Daddy built you all a boat! That sounds like him though, doesn't it? I just checked email. Thank you so much for the picture! Love you too!!!


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