Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Poppy, me, and the Chickens

I had started this post over a week ago.

Talking about arrowheads and Indians in a previous post reminded me of something that happened back in the early 1980's.

One Halloween night there was a dance at the Holiday Inn.  This was back when Poppy and I were dating!   Everyone went in costume.  There was a contest for the best costume and a $50.00 prize.  Poppy and I actually did not enter the contest...we just enjoyed dancing and was on the dance floor most of the night.  Around closing time the announcer came on and said, would the cowboy and his Indian maiden please come up...that would be Poppy and me...we won the prize... What a fun night that was!!  :)

Being Henny Penny...I have somewhat to say about chickens!! 

What a ragged bunch of chickens we have here!   It is moulting season and the chickens, especially the older hens, look just awful!   Moulting has affected their egg laying too.   A month or so ago I was gathering 10 to 12 eggs a day.  Now it's 2 to 4. 

During moulting, the chickens lose their old feathers, usually  in late summer or early fall, and then grow new ones.  Our older hens, like Annie (far right in above picture), actually mope around like they feel bad.  Feathers are everywhere!!!

"Big Boy" sporting only one tail feather...Probably a good thing he and his hens can't see themselves in a mirror! :0

Keeps me busy cleaning out waterers and feed bowls around here!  Natural apple cider vinegar added to the chicken's water is supposed to give them a boost, make them feel better, and start laying again, so I'm taking the jug out with me this morning.  It amazes me how much water chickens drink!!

This Walking Stick bug was crawling on the bedroom floor this morning.   Have no idea how he got to the bedroom but is now outside again!!!

So, I have missed you all!!  Thank you for visiting.  I hope to have bunches to talk about and will be back soon.

Henny Penny


  1. Dear Henny Penn! Is that you and Poppy? Wow, you are gorgeous! I bet you still are.. you remind me a little of my own mother. Those are pretty neat costumes. It is always interesting to see your posts. I had chickens as a teenager, domineckers (spelling) mainly and a few silkies, but I don't remember them moulting, I am sure that they did. They were happy as all get out till I left them when I got out of school. Big mistake to leave them...for sure. I know my Dad loved our 2 roosters, but they were mean as snakes, all the time pecking at everyone and everything, just big goofballs. I love the banties, that's probably what I will have if ever I get to have more. You make my day with your posts!

    I am sure sorry about Joe. He sounded like he loved life and it sounds like a wonderful celebration of his life was held.

  2. Sorry I forgot to sign the post! Terry

    1. Hey Terry,

      Thank you! I love the bantams too. I went to feed the three bantams a few days ago and my little white bantam hen was dead. She was cute as a button. I have no idea what happened. I would like to have a few more, and maybe a silkie or two. Take care.


  3. Mama, I love this of you and Poppy! You were and are so beautiful! I love you bigger than the whole wide world. Thank you for teaching me so much, for reading to me, for taking care of me. You are the best!! XOXO Lynn


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